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[Latest] – 5 Best iMusthav® Ladies’ Hair Removal Devices Review


iMusthav® is an international leader in female hair removal devices. History back to 2020, iMusthav launched a completely new range of ladies’ hair removal devices. This new range offers the best in class in terms of performance, quality, and reliability and every device in the range comes with an 18K gold-plated hypoallergenic head.

So how good is this new product line, is it really worth it, let’s explore together through the 5 Best iMusthav® Ladies’ Hair Removal Devices Review article below.

Overview of iMusthav®


iMusthav® is an international brand that sells hair removal devices for women, their products are designed in the UK. Ever since the first product was launched, iMusthav® has received a lot of love from customers, they receive a lot of praise and their hair removal products really make customers happy. Currently, iMusthav® products are popular all over the world, especially loved by users from North American and European users.

In terms of product quality, you can rest assured when using iMusthav® hair removal devices. iMusthav® product designers are also product experiencers, so their products are not only designed to meet marketing specifications, but also satisfy real users. the. With a true passion for the products they design, they always want their products to be “Perfect” before reaching the customer.

“Perfect” to them means best-in-class performance along with reliability and value for money. iMusthav® is always improving its products to be elegant, beautiful, but still performance is a priority.

Right in this iMusthav® Review you will find top quality products that are hard to find in other brands.

Top 5 best iMusthav® ladies’ hair removal devices

DermaRazor (MV500)

DermaRazor (MV500)

In 2020, iMusthav has launched a brand new range of female hair removal devices. First of all, the DermaRazor (MV500) is the world’s first Dermaplane electric razor.

A first mover, pioneering the technologically advanced combination of dermaplaning with an electric razor. The electric razor removes unwanted hair whilst the dermaplane simultaneously removes stubble and exfoliates for perfectly smooth skin. Designed for total body hair removal the DermaRazor comes with a skin guard for sensitive areas and combs for the bikini area.

Since its launch, the product has received a lot of positive feedback and is highly appreciated from the Beauty influences.

DermaRazor (MV500) Review Videos by Popular Influencers:

Buy the iMusthav DermaRazor now on:

Amazon US: MV500 

Amazon UK: MV500 

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Dual Function Brow and Facial Hair Remover (MV400)

Another unique product introduced by iMusthav is the Dual Function Brow and Facial Hair Remover (MV400). It has powerful twin motors that power a precision “pencil tip” eyebrow remover at one end of the device and a mini facial hair remover at the other. Each tool has its own 360-degree LED light frame to ensure no hairs are missed. With a compact and convenient design with just a lipstick, you can completely put your device in your bag and carry it around easily.

Everything you need for facial hair removal is packed into the lovely Dual Function Brow and Facial Hair Remover, moreover, the MV400 is rechargeable so you can use it many times without worrying about running out of battery.

Because of its convenience, small but martial, iMusthav MV400 received a lot of love from customers as well as famous reviewers. If you want to see the review and refer to the iMusthav MV400 product first, these videos below are for you:

Buy the iMusthav Dual Function Brow and Facial Hair Remover now on:

Amazon US: MV400 

Amazon UK: MV400 

Professional Facial Hair Remover (MV300)

The brother of MV400, Professional Facial Hair Remover (MV300) is also a facial hair removal device that is loved by many women. Not only because of the lovely compact design but also because the capacity and quality of the MV300 is too good.

With a large twin ring floating head, this rechargeable unit can remove unwanted facial hair in half the time and the 360-degree LED illuminated bezel ensures no blind spots for perfect results every time.

Any customer who experienced the MV300 must be surprised. The hair removal effect that this machine brings is really great. That has helped Professional Facial Hair Remover (MV300) receive a lot of positive reviews from customers as well as famous beauty influencers.

Review and recommendation by popular influencers:

Buy the iMusthav Professional Facial Hair Remover now on:

Amazon US: MV300 

Amazon UK: MV300 

The Mini-Series: Mini Facial Hair Remover (MV200) and Mini Eyebrow Remover (MV100)   

All hair removal devices in iMusthav’s MV product line have a compact design. However, you will be surprised by the design and performance of the Mini-Series: Mini Facial Hair Remover (MV200) and Mini Eyebrow Remover (MV100). If you see these 2 devices for the first time, many people will mistake it to be just a lipstick in your lover’s bag.

Mini Facial Hair Remover (MV200)

Either of these two devices can easily fit into a small clutch bag. For people on the go who need the confidence to look perfect anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Both models still maintain the same high performance and 360-degree LED illumination.

It’s really unexpected, with such a compact and pocket-friendly design, the MV200 and MV100 have great hair removal effects.

Both devices have received very good reviews from customers

Review and recommendation by popular influencers for Mini Facial Hair Remover (MV200):

Buy the iMusthav Mini Facial Hair Remover now on:

Amazon US: MV200 

Amazon UK: MV200 

And review and recommendation by popular influencers for Mini Eyebrow Remover (MV100):

Buy the iMusthav Mini EyeBrow Remover now on:

Amazon US: MV100 

Amazon UK: MV100 

iMusthav® Review

Since launching a brand new range of female hair removal devices, iMusthav has received rave reviews from customers. Here are the customer reviews when buying and experiencing iMusthav products from Amazone:

Mrs Fehrenbach: “Easy to use, so gentle and perfect finish, and it’s rechargeable too. I would recommend it” – iMusthav Review

Ashley: “Highly recommend this, its great for touch ups when you don’t have time to go to the salon” –  iMusthav Review.

Jilly: “Great product, I have sensitive skin but have no problems using this facial hair remover, gentle but works perfectly” – iMusthav Review.

Shara: “I received this as a gift and am absolutely in love with it. It’s easy to use and does what it says on the box. Looking to buy this as gifts for friends and family.” – iMusthav Review.

Christine: “I bought this to trim away those very fine eyebrow hairs that are difficult to tweeze away. It’s perfect! So simple to use and also perfect for nose hair! Didn’t even realise it was an issue before I got this but as I was looking for things to trim I found out!” – iMusthav Review.

iMusthav® Contact

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact iMusthav® in the following ways:

Telephone / Whatsapp: 852-5575-0035

Email: [email protected] 


In addition, you can also visit iMusthav’s social networking sites to refer to good content.

iMusthav® Facebook

iMusthav® Instagram

iMusthav® Twitter

iMusthav® Youtube

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