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Achilles Tires Review – Must Read Before Buying


About –Achilles tires Review

Upon researching the company, we have established an Achilles Tires Review. Achilles Tires are made in Indonesia by PT Multistrada Arah Sarana (MASA). This automotive tire company was first created in 1991, just as Indonesian business and industry expanded and upgraded. 

By 1994, the firm had begun manufacturing replacement tires for automobiles, and each year, the number of units sold increased rapidly. MASA started its search for technical help with Pirelli’s international company in the early 90s. It reached a deal similar to Continental in the late 90s and early 2000s.

MASA’s manufacturing complex has undergone significant growth over the years, and it now spans ten hectares of structures situated on 61 hectares of land in East Cikarang. This location is approximately one hour’s drive from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. 

Accreditation to ISO 9001-2000 and SNI 19-17025-2000 was received as recognition for the company’s consistent observance of international quality standards, supervised by a tried and tested professional management team.

MASA tires are used daily on practically every continent and in dozens of countries; their quality is regarded as a benchmark among competitors in the business.

Why buy Achilles tires? Achilles tires review

Achilles tires review

Achilles produces tires suitable for warm weather conditions. The levels of traction and grip are both slightly improved, and the stopping distances are a few feet shorter than they are when driving in icy conditions. Achilles tires are worthy of your consideration if you are in the market for a set of summer-specific tires.

Original Equipment Status has been awarded to Achilles tires by numerous automobile manufacturers. Some of the most well-known automobile manufacturers globally, including Hyundai, Mitsubishi, and Daihatsu, install Achilles tires on the automobiles that roll off their manufacturing lines.

The confidence that automotive manufacturers have placed in Achilles as a tire producer is a piece of evidence that this company is creating high-quality goods that customers are willing to risk their money. When clients come to me with questions regarding new tires, one of the brands that come up most frequently is Achilles. 

Achilles is a company that has been there for a while, in contrast to other so-called manufacturers that have only recently emerged and import goods from China. They are a tire manufacturer based in Indonesia. The corporation is the most significant tire maker in its nation and possesses factories dispersed across 460 acres of land. 

In other words, it is a legitimate business that handles its manufacturing and its research and development in-house. They had formerly collaborated with Continental and Pirelli; however, at this point, they operate entirely independently.

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As was mentioned in the Achilles tires review, drivers of compact automobiles, sedans, and coupes are the most likely candidates to go with this tire. The asymmetrical tread pattern provides for increased stability and precise steering, both of which are highly valued by drivers of sports cars. This tire has what you need if enhanced control is something you’re looking for in a tire.

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Performance and Pricing

Every Achilles tire, apart from the winter model, performs at its peak in dry circumstances. The levels of traction and grip are both slightly improved, and the stopping distances are a few feet shorter than they are when driving in icy conditions. These tires perform relatively well in dry weather, where they shine.

During the Achilles tires review, we experienced the price of Achilles tires is significantly lower than that of their premium equivalents. It’s possible that the tire’s overall performance on the road and the quality of the materials used to make it won’t be quite as good. 

Despite this, many people would be willing to make the sacrifices listed above for a lower price. Premium tires are typically priced three to four times higher than Achilles tires. That is a difference that can matter to certain people, particularly when it comes to larger wheels.


Tires manufactured by PT. Multistrada Sarana, TBK is covered by a “Limited Tire Warranty,” which is a replacement with a new similar tire (maximum) for any tires with Manufacturer faults throughout the Warranty Period (5 years)

Various Offerings of Achilles Tires – Achilles Tires Review

ATR Sport 2

ATR Sport 2

Since the ATR Sport 2 boasts a “magnificent triangle compound,” one would assume it is high quality. The tire pleasantly surprises dry roads with its superb traction and gripping ability. You can put some power down on these tires, making it easy to turn corners. Additionally, the stopping distances are very reasonable, and the steadiness at high speeds is impressive.

The tire performs admirably even when used on wet pavement. Although it suffers a little more in hefty rain, it is still perfectly safe to use. Because it is a summer tire, it cannot be used in conditions that involve freezing temperatures, snow, or ice.

Learned in Achilles tires review that to improve this tire’s steering response and stability, Achille’s went with a tread compound made of silica, which included a solid center rib and an offset tread block design. All three components also give high-speed handling characteristics, which you would anticipate from a performance tire of any price point, regardless of whether it is inexpensive.

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  • Cost-effective
  • Good traction in the corners
  • For the price, this tire’s tread life is excellent.


  • Noisy

Achilles ATR K

Achilles ATR K

Excellent mileage for the dollar is what you get with the ATR-K Economist, which you don’t typically get with tires in this class. It has an all-season tread compound, which has a low rolling resistance and reduces the number of times you have to stop at the petrol station.

Achilles has outfitted the ATR-K with a symmetrical tread pattern. One that has two ribs in the center to provide increased stability and reaction when steering at faster speeds. This tire’s high strength is used by large shoulder blocks surrounding the tread, increasing the tire’s cornering grip.

In the performance ratings for the Achilles ATR-K Economist, you will quickly note that individuals comment about the tire “sticking” to the road. It would be best to keep this traction thing in mind as you read these ratings. They like the increased traction they get, the improved fuel economy, and the more aesthetically pleasing appearance it gives their vehicle. 

The good news is that the Achilles tires review showed this tire is compatible with a wide range of passenger and sports vehicles, including Hondas, Audis, BMWs, and more. It is also quite reasonably priced, making it suitable for both luxurious automobiles and automobiles with a greater focus on the economy.


  • Longer-than-normal tread life
  • High quality on a tight budget
  • The tire’s noise level is lower than other tires in its class.


  • Traction is less on snow
  • Skids in winters/cold weather

Desert Hawk – UHP

Desert Hawk – UHP

This tire boasts a superior design and cutting-edge technology, which enable it to provide outstanding traction in any environment and a ride that is both pleasant and virtually noiseless. We have discovered in Achilles tires review, that when this tire is mounted on the car’s underside, nodding asleep won’t be a problem at all for the passengers inside.

This tire has a silica-enhanced tread compound and a directional tread design, which work together to provide exceptional cornering grip, braking power, and traction on dry ground. This tire’s indestructible center rib keeps it stable at higher speeds and helps it respond quickly to steering input, which is one of the tire’s strengths. 

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In tandem with its outstanding performance, the Achilles Desert Hawk UHP’s affordability is frequently the first thing customers compliment about the product. Compared to other tires, this one is relatively inexpensive, yet it has an exceptionally extended tread life and superior handling. Drivers of SUVs and trucks that want good traction in wet and dry situations will find this premium tire an outstanding choice.


  • Excellent turning grip and dry traction.
  • Available for a reasonable cost
  • Steering that responds quickly and precisely


  • Tired of the same old, same old
  • This tire isn’t the ideal to use in the winter.

Achilles Multivan

Achilles Multivan

The Achilles Multivan is a tire with a competitive price point that is designed for use on commercial vehicles. It is built to withstand the heat and humidity of summer on highway terrain and other comparable environments. 

This tire performs exceptionally well in the traction department throughout the summer. When the brakes are applied at high speeds, a tread design that is both vast and broad contains the sipes that are necessary to bring your car to a complete stop. Additionally, the unique siping pattern on this tire helps its traction on dry asphalt surfaces.

Additional bites were found during Achilles tires review on the shoulder blocks that surround the tread region. Because of the bites, the tire can keep a sufficient amount of contact with the road even when the vehicle turns, which contributes to a more secure driving experience. 

Because it has a larger tread area, this tire’s contact with the road is optimized, and it distributes the forces of braking, cornering, and accelerating more evenly. It helps prevent irregular treadwear and contributes to the Minivan’s success in a category (tread life) that most competitors usually struggle with comparatively.


  • a long-lasting tire treads
  • Excellent dry-surface traction and grip
  • Steering responsiveness was excellent.


  • In the heat of the summer, the material degrades rapidly.

Contact –Achilles Tires Review

We’ve discovered in the Achilles Tires review, that there are about 80 nations in which the Achilles tires are available, and many of them are highly sought-after high-performance options. It is the company’s dedication to excellence. Contact them today if you’re interested in acquiring an Achilles tire. They don’t cut shortcuts.

ADDRESS: 15791 Rockfield Blvd, Ste B, Irvine, California, 92618, United States

PHONE: (949) 445-1370


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