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Amazon lets customers try online video game service Luna


On June 14, Amazon allowed all members of the Amazon Prime utility service in the US to try the Luna online gaming service on the cloud computing platform.

Since late last year, the Luna service has remained in invite-only mode as Amazon revamped the platform for quality video game streaming over the Internet.

However, during the product launch within the “Prime Days” event scheduled to take place on June 21-22, Amazon invited Amazon Prime customers to try Luna for free.

Accordingly, Prime members can access games on Amazon Luna without being invited and can try this service for free for 7 days to experience action, adventure, shooting games. gun, role playing, racing and classic games.

In addition, Amazon is also offering deep discounts on devices that are on sale, including the Luna controller for video games.

Luna is set up on Amazon’s famous AWS cloud computing platform. The service uses a controller to connect directly to the games in the Amazon Web Services data center store, thereby playing games online on the Fire TV app as well as personal computers and a console. smartphone line number.

The starting preferential price for users of this new service is about 6 USD/month.

The launch of Amazon’s online gaming service Luna is seen as a move to compete with two other technology giants, Google and Microsoft.

Last week, Microsoft announced that the company was developing software and an input device that would allow users to experience Xbox video games on an Internet-connected TV without the need for a console.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic is being considered as a “good business” time for video game companies when the number of people using the Internet for entertainment increases.

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The total amount of money U.S. consumers spend on video games so far this year has reached $24 billion, up 17% year-on-year, according to US market research firm NPD.

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