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Amazon continues to stop providing facial recognition technology to police

Amazon Ai technology

American technology and e-commerce corporation Amazon announced that it will continue to stop providing facial recognition software to the police force.

However, Amazon still allows customers to use the software to find victims of human trafficking.

In June 2020, Amazon decided to stop providing the software for a year, amid a wave of protests across the US that culminated against the police use of force against people of color after. the death of George Floyd in Minnesota.

Amazon expressed hope that the US Congress will introduce regulations to ensure that facial recognition technology is used appropriately. However, so far, the US legislature has not passed any bill related to this technology.

In a statement, Nathan Freed Wessler, deputy project director at the nonprofit American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), welcomed Amazon’s decision and called on the federal government. and state governments ban law enforcement agencies from using facial recognition software.

Wessler emphasized that facial recognition technology threatens the privacy of the black community and leads to unjust arrests. Some other activists say Amazon needs to completely stop providing this software to the police.

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