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Apple AirPods Pro vs AirPods 2: Which are the best choice for you 2021


Currently, AirPods headphones become one of the best Bluetooth headphones, providing a good user experience. In particular, the pair of AirPods 2 and the high-end version of AirPods Pro – Which is the product for you.

Overview on Apple AirPods Pro vs AirPods 2

AirPods headphones currently have the best sales in the global market – The first product for the wireless headset line to grow worldwide. Recently, Apple technology corporation has officially introduced high-end AirPods Max headphones with a “head-cap” design – The product costs up to $550 as well as for 20 hours of continuous use, integrated. state-of-the-art technology and noise cancellation

Newly launched Apple headset products often cause mixed opinions, especially in terms of price, one side accepts the price and thinks that Apple-created products will have a much higher price than other products. competitors in the same segment – On the other side, a part thinks that Apple’s headphones and products are too high for users. However, the facts have proven that all projects and products of Apple when launched on the market have developed and achieved high sales worldwide.

2021 – The AirPods have now become globally famous, appreciated for their sound quality as well as for connection stability. 

Headphone design

Let’s talk about the AirPods Pro product line – The product is manufactured in the form of in-ear (in-ear), while the AirPods 2 headset is designed by Apple in the form of earbuds (out-of-ear). system. So, what is the difference between these two types of headphones?

When holding in hand Apple’s headphones designed in the form of in-ear – AirPods Pro product, the headset has been upgraded and has better soundproofing, tighter than the 2nd generation AirPods. However, before buying a headset, you should check the size of the headset that is suitable for your ears, avoiding bad cases, affecting your health.

To ensure the safety of users as well as product quality, Apple technology corporation has been extremely careful when updating the earphone tightness test software in the Bluetooth control section of iOS 13.2 version. When the user turns on the test mode, the software will play a piece of music, then the built-in microphone will record the sound and analyze it to help you choose the right eartip size or not.

About the disadvantage of the in-ear headphone design on AirPods Pro products – That is, you have to insert the silicone deep into the ear canal, for some people, this is an uncomfortable feeling and causes discomfort. problems such as skin irritation for some users. In addition, some people with ear defects also find it difficult to experience the product well.

For AirPods 2 headphones – This is an upgraded version of the best headset model on the market when the AirPods product line was launched. The product has some differences but if you just look at it, it will be difficult for you to distinguish the 2 versions. The design of AirPods 2 remains the same from the first version, you will not need to care about what size of headphones you are wearing, whether it is sealed or not.

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The operation is also simpler than the Pro product – The feeling of wearing is extremely comfortable due to the ear canal design and the unobstructed external environment like eartips like the AirPods Pro version. However, with this design, there are also disadvantages that are difficult to overcome and cause inconvenience to users.

About the downside on AirPods 2 – The first is that the sound insulation is still poor because the sound can easily flow inside. In addition, it is also noted that the sound from the headset leaks out when you are talking or listening to music – This will be dangerous and does not ensure privacy for users.

The second problem that has been reflected on AirPods 2 is that the design of this headset line is not tight with the earphones, making the sound detailed, the bass bands lack the necessary power and not hit deep. This is really a weakness that is hard to eliminate on AirPods 2 with competitors

Features of two famous headphone models

The AirPods Pro model is determined to be a more advanced version than the AirPods 2 product, so Apple has integrated more modern technologies, providing a better experience as well as perfect sound.

Active noise cancellation technology on AirPods Pro

Injoy review phote for AirPods Pro

This is an outstanding technology and is loved by many people on the AirPods Pro version – The technology requires a high degree of tightness of the headphones, so only the Pro series offers the best experience, while the design of AirPods 2 is very difficult for Apple to integrate this modern technology. The soundproofing ability of the AirPods Pro headset is extremely perfect thanks to its tight design and impressive user experience.

Active noise cancellation technology on the AirPods headset model uses 2 microphones, one facing out and one located near the ear canal. Both microphones will work together – The main task is to capture external sounds so that the Apple H1 processor equipped on the AirPods Pro wireless headset produces a reflection wave that will cancel out the noise. unwanted noise and help users have the ultimate audio experience, without affecting the outside noises

Technology on AirPods when you can hear outside sounds but can still hear music

inojyreivew - Technology on AirPods when you can hear outside sounds but can still hear music

This is an interesting technology and Apple integrated into the AirPods Pro headset product – Specifically, if you are going to coffee with friends, you want to relax with music but do not want to miss the work. having fun with friends or being lazy to take off your headphones. You just need to switch to Transparency Mode on the AirPods Pro headset, immediately the microphones on the AirPods Pro headset model will capture sound from the outside environment and play it back to your headphones, you will be able to listen to it. See what your friends are saying, while listening to your favorite music

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EQ technology automatically matches the music on your AirPods

AirPods Pro headphones have a lot of interesting technologies, and automatic EQ technology that is compatible with the music is one of them, specifically – There will be a Microphone located near the ear canal of AirPods Pro that will have an important task. Capture the sound of your tracks and automatically adjust the Equalizer to best suit the track. Feel like you are listening in a high-quality theater, the sound will be infinitely more vibrant and emotional.

Features to help check tightness on high-end AirPods Pro line of headphones

AirPods Pro - injoyreview

When Apple updated the iOS 13.2 operating system, which is now iOS 14 – Apple has integrated into the BlueTooth section on the iPhone the tightness test feature when wearing AirPods Pro headphones. This technology will make it easy for you to choose the right size of eartips and how to wear it correctly, tight to integrate and experience many other technologies such as active noise cancellation.

For AirPods 2 – The same functions as the first version and will not have the same technologies and features as above, if you love new technologies and provide a perfect experience – AirPods will be for you. friend

How to control the two headphones

The AirPods 2 wireless headset is built with a motion sensor by the manufacturer. That is, when you control the headset to listen to music, you only need to tap twice on the top of the headset – The operation is extremely simple and easy to do. This is also an advantage of AirPods 2 before the Pro version as well as other competitors

Meanwhile, the way to control AirPods Pro is somewhat more complicated, when using and wanting the product to be at your disposal, you will have to put your finger in the concave position near the tail of the headset, then Squeeze the headset to control. It may not be familiar at first, but after 5 minutes of use, you will quickly control the headset.

A girl with airpod - injoyreview

In addition, AirPods Pro is also integrated with force sensing technology for users to easily control the product. With the force sensing technology integrated on the AirPods Pro model, you will easily manipulate many operations such as skipping songs, reversing songs, switching to noise canceling mode, etc.

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If you are new and using Apple’s AirPods for the first time – We recommend using AirPods 2 because the control operation is quick, uncomplicated and extremely convenient

Battery life of two models of Apple headphones

Both models of Apple’s headphones are the 2nd and 3rd versions since the AirPods 1 version was released in 2016, so the battery life is longer and higher. According to the manufacturer’s published data, both versions have similar battery life – 5 hours of continuous use and only one charge. However, AirPods Pro headphones will drain the battery faster if the user activates noise cancellation or listens to ambient sounds. As for the charging box, both of Apple’s headphones have impressive parameters, users can use 24 hours continuously and give you 3 days of use.

Sound quality on AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro

Sound quality is an interesting point and attracts users, so Apple is also very focused on product quality. About Bass- Accordingly, the AirPods Pro headset has a stronger and more impressive Bass sound quality than the AirPods 2 headset. According to the assessment, the sound quality is deeper, more powerful and rounder than the headset version. Predecessor. This is the strength that AirPods Pro have before AirPods 2. In addition, the design of the Pro model is also more impressive for users, designed in an in-ear design with active noise cancellation technology, providing the most perfect experience.

About the Mid sound – The AirPods Pro headset model has a warmer, thicker quality than the AirPods 2 headset product. When listening to a track, the sound from AirPods Pro is better appreciated when expressing clear and detailed sound. Some disadvantages of the AirPods 2 model, such as the harsh glare when hitting the high notes, are refined and handled well by the manufacturer on the Pro model. Compare with other headset models on the market, AirPods Pro also impressive, many comparisons show that the sound quality is better than other headset products in the same segment.

The Treble range of the AirPods Pro headset model is weaker than AirPods 2 – Specifically, the AirPods 2 version of the headset has a brighter but sharper sound range, while the AirPods Pro version gives a smooth and detailed sound quality. pretty good

To choose Apple headphones that specialize in listening to music, we recommend using AirPods Pro, but the AirPods 2 model is a good choice if you don’t have too much money.

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