Apple plans to return to the in-person working model from September

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Apple technology group of the US is facing employee resistance before the plan to return to the face-to-face working model from September after more than a year of applying remote work due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

According to technology information site Verge, the iPhone maker is facing a dilemma, similar to many other companies that are also looking to return to normal operations after implementing restrictions to prevent pandemic.

Apple has urged employees to return to a three-day-a-week face-to-face working pattern, interspersed with remote working, from September. However, at least 80 employees have signed a joint letter calling for flexible working for employees who have been working remotely for more than a year.

In the letter, these employees evaluated the effective form of remote working, helping them better balance between work and life, ensuring to reduce the risk of disease transmission as well as creating favorable conditions for those who need to work. staff with special circumstances. The letter expresses the employee’s desire to continue to implement the applicable remote working regime.

Like many technology companies and other businesses, Apple has allowed employees to work from home or from the locations of their offices since the US began implementing social distancing measures to prevent epidemic last year.

Currently, other technology “giants” such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft are applying a parallel working mode that combines face-to-face and remote forms, while some companies like Twitter allow employees to work from home. indefinitely away.

Apple has not yet officially responded to the above request of employees. In 2017, Apple opened a new multi-billion dollar office, designed to look like a spaceship called “Apple Park“, in order to add more working space for employees next to the first headquarters named One Infinite Loop.

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