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Apple will integrate 5G technology for low-cost iPhone models

iphone mini 12 front

According to Nikkei news agency, in the new products of 2022, Apple Inc will remove the iPhone Mini model and integrate 5G technology into the cheapest phone model.

Nikkei reports that Apple will start selling a 5G version of the low-cost iPhone SE model in the first half of 2022. This device will be equipped with an A15 processor and X60 modem chip from Qualcomm Inc.
Telecom companies have spent billions of dollars to upgrade their networks to 5G to speed up Internet access.

However, analysts are skeptical about the technology’s application to consumers, and say it is many years away from reaping the true benefits of this technology.
Meanwhile, demand for the iPhone Mini has declined as iPhone 12 Mini sales in the US accounted for only 5% of its total new phone sales in the first half of January. Apple did not respond to requests for comment.

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