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[Updated 2023]-The best Bfree cup Review


Have you ever struggled with your period every month? You don’t feel confident when going out, doing activities, and having fun with a regular tampon that slips easily, spills easily, and gives an uncomfortable feeling? If you are looking for a soft love that can accompany you during your period, bfree cup will be a really great choice.

Bfree cup is a friend who can protect your little girl in the most tender way, imagine you won’t have to be constantly on the lookout for others to find out about your period, free to do what you like, even comfortable when going to sleep. It’s really amazing beyond imagination

Have a fact that all women deserve to be free at every moment of the month and deserve to feel confident about themselves in every second. Turn your period into a wonderful experience, a sacred thing that needs to be protected and cherished with the utmost care. All that Bfree cup does is want to find a way to open up a pink world for all women in their miserable menstrual period, making it lighter, less miserable.

Bfree cup review here will provide you a full detail for your best decision from bfree sizing, how to insert free cup, bfree cup coupon codes, bfree cup discount codes and bfree special offers, this antibacterial menstrual cup,…….

1.Overview of Bfree cup

Bfree cup review will introduce to you a product, a world-class brand of sanitary napkins. Not only focusing on profits, but Bfree cup has grown higher than that. This is really an international organization, a social organization that works for the common good and works for the health of the weak.

Not only selling products, bfree cup review also learn that Bfree cup brand also focuses on sex education, social equality education, and feminist activities in the world, especially in African countries – where women have many disadvantages. disadvantaged.

Bfree cup review see that Bfree cup products focus on environmentally friendly materials, product quality, and say no to bubble bags. Providing women with the best solution for menstruation, turning the discomforts of this period into a world of joy, self-expression, freedom to do what you like.

Moreover, the training sessions of Bfree cup review found that Bfree cup even teach men to love their women, know how to take care of their lovers and wives during menstruation.

Therefore, the menstrual cup product made by Bfree cup has all the factors to protect girls during this period. If with normal tampons, you have to work hard to check and throw it in the trash every day, now you can safely play with bfree cup all day, bfree cup will ensure the quality and time of using scissors. up to 10 years. Save money, goodbye worry. Bfree cup review really highly recommend that products.

2.Your Bfree cup Promotions & Discounts

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    3.Your Bfree cup Featured Products

    bfree cup review

    As bfree cup review can search and learned, The bfree cup has numerous elements that make it distinct since it was developed from the ground up, going back to fundamental principles to establish its form rather than modifying existing designs. We discovered several persistent basic issues in their fundamental design and function after spending time researching the real macro and microscopic structure of a silicone menstruation cup.

    The high frequency of reported leaks, difficulties breaking the seal inside the body, and challenges in long-term sanitary maintenance were some of the evident issues to our engineers. Bfree cup review know that cups were becoming very smelly. Our team recognized the critical issue of keeping a menstrual cup sterile, which inspired and motivated us to develop and fund our solution.

    1.Bfree cup menstrual cup parts

    There are 6 parts that you should know about Bfree cap that Bfree cup review found for you:

    • Lips that don’t leak. The top petal, inspired by nature, offers a superior seal to avoid leakage.
    • Internal organization. Interior ribs aid in the breaking of the seal for simple removal.
    • Durable rim. The upper rim region has been reinforced to improve opening pressures and ensure that the cup opens correctly every time it is placed.
    • There are no holes. Because of the superior design, no difficult-to-clean holes are required to break the suction.
    • Excellent grip. The bfree cup can be removed with ease thanks to intuitive finger grips.
    • Stem with a round shape. Easy insertion and removal with a spherical, grippable stem
    bfree cup review

    bfree cup review

    2.Earth-friendly and antibacterial materials

    Bfree cup review found really earth-friendly and antibacterial materials in Bfree cup products. Bfree cup review highly appreciates the factors that are free of chemicals, free of plastic, reusable product, reusable packaging, also antibacterial materials

    bfree cup review also realizes that all processes of Bfree cup serve society, not harming anything. Bfree cup review see that is a green future of the world. Use your menstrual cup with peace of mind when you can do your little part in the safety of the world. Bree cup review also affirms that it is also your safety, the key is that ingredients that do not harm nature are definitely very good for your sensitive area.

    • Nature simulation. Many of the problems bfree review know that scientists encounter are addressed in nature. Our material scientists reached a watershed point when they studied natural anti-fouling surfaces. Bfree cup review realized many plants, insects, and mammals have surfaces that show the so-called lotus effect, in which the superhydrophobic surface inhibits biofilm development and is therefore classified as physically antibacterial.

    Bfree cup review were emphatic that no chemical microbicides of any kind could be used in the production process since the vaginal biome is a thriving biome of beneficial bacteria. Nothing in a period product’s components should interfere with this. The task now was to replicate what happened naturally in nature in our laboratory, as scientists had done so many times before.

    • Silicone that is physically antibacterial
      • Bfree cup review know it was not an easy task. It would not have been possible without our team of engineers, material scientists, and physicists working together. The effort was rewarded. It was discovered how to make silicone with a renewing slippery surface. This technology would be included into the cup’s design, as well as other enhancements to the menstrual cup’s design. Developing the world’s most comfortable, dependable menstrual cup, as well as designing and extensively implementing testing on the dependability of this revolutionary bfree technology, was the start of the fun.
    • Slough it off

    Cleaning results on normal PDMS (silicone) and bfree PDMS after 1 hour, 24 hours, and 7 days (silicone). Untreated silicone retained blood stain after only an hour of cleaning with a wipe. Even after blood has crusted on for 7 days, the bfree treated silicone efficiently eliminates blood stains. At all time periods, the superhydrophobic surface was effective.

    • Wipe it off

    Results of a cleaning experiment utilizing an extra jet of water to help clean at the same time intervals as the wiping alone trial. The Bfree silicone eliminates blood stains after seven days, whereas the basic silicone became dirty after a week and would have required full sterilization to be deemed sanitary.

    3. Bfree cup sizing

    Bfree cup review found for you 3 choices that you should care about. Bfree cup has 3 sizes of menstrual cup: Bfree cup zero, bfree cup one, bfree cup two.

    With bfree cup zero, its length is 4.4 cm and can hold 10ml. It will so flexible and fit to yours.

    With bfree cup one, its length is 4.8 cm and can hold 15ml.

    With bfree cup two, its length is 5.3 cm and can hold 25 cm

    Hope that you can choose the best suitable size for you from Bfree cup review.

    4.Another Bfree cup products that you should interest in:

    bfree cup review

    bfree cup review

    bfree cup review

    4.Your Bfree cup Review

    The feedback from consumers that Bfree cup review found on most of today’s information networks is one of the most important criteria for Bfree cup evaluation to determine the real worth of a product. All of this and more can be found in our Bfree cup review. The Bfree cup review has thoroughly examined and selected these qualities in order to provide you with an overview of the authenticity of what the founder claimed as well as the truth once a client has made a purchase.

    The Bfree cup review rates these goods as a good value for money product that works as claimed and improves people’s quality of life. All of the reviews are 5 stars, therefore you may have complete faith in the system:


    Would never go back to tampons!

    This review is for anyone who has been nervous to try a cup. I was skeptical for YEARS! I tried the Diva cup originally and always could feel it when it was in. I switched to the B Free Cup and it was life changing. One thing I will say is you can’t give up after your first try. It took me almost 4 periods to feel comfortable inserting and taking it out. I am a very queasy person so if you are too – there is hope you will overcome it and change how you view menstruation!!


    Great product

    Great cups! They look and feel so clean all the time! The two size options are great and leakage even after a LONG nights sleep is pretty much non existent! I started to get leaks all the time with my last cup (the Diva) which was what I converted to from pads and tampons many years ago and I was so fed up with it. The additional sizes are helpful to reduce leakage and increase wear time.
    Initially the silicone felt a bit thicker or stiffer than my aged diva but wearing it once it is more malleable already and super comfy! I highly recommend the BFree!

    Faith Mutavi

    we need a 20ml cup for more period bliss

    Since my first experience with the bfree cup, my relationship with menstrual blood has been revolutionized. Owing to the nature of my work, i travel often to remote rural areas where during my periods where access to basic sanitation is limited. I would always be anxious once the time to change my tampons neared.

    I would have to walk around with soiled pads or tampons in my bag. After discovering the bfree cup, I enjoyed my fieldwork more and travelling without the anxiety. No leaks. No odor. No pad burns/friction. Exciting colours. No colouration. A girl empowered to be whole and free 😉

    I first got bfree cup No 1, worked perfectly for me, though i had to change on my heavy day. So i figured that i need a larger cup that can go a whole day without a change break. I then ordered Cup 2, the Tangerine one, very cheerful colour. I struggled to insert it.

    The punch down fold works but unravels before i can perfectly position the cup, so i had leaks. I tried again and still found it rather more difficult to handle than cup 1. The material feels more bulky/tough and does not fold easily. It left me sore from all the failed attempts to insert, release the fold and ensure proper positioning.

    Would it be an ideal to get an in between cup, say 20 ml? Moulded as close to cup 1 material and pliability. That extra 5ml is what majority of us need to get a stress free full day!
    Thank you for bringing the bfree cup to the children of the world. We appreciate your innovation and continued research for better experiences. Fly high!

    Amy M

    VERY Pleased!

    I’m a nurse and a first-time cup user, and this has been an extremely positive experience.
    The instructions are simple and easy to follow, the cup is soft, sturdy, and comfortable, and the company even sent a hand written thank you card with my order!

    The insertion and removal were awkward at first, but it got easier after the first few tries. I love that this is a more environmentally friendly choice. I also love that the company is charity-minded, and I plan on buying a bigger cup (I ordered the smallest one) for my heavier flow days.

    I waited for a company to make an antimicrobial cup because I know how easy it is to get an infection- and I’m not comfortable using one that’s not.
    I Highly recommend this product and this company! I could not be happier!!


    Incredible! Game changer!

    I previously used the Diva Cup before trying the BFree cup. While I loved the Diva cup, I love the BFree cup even more. Not going to lie, although I already had experience using a menstrual cup the BFree cup still took me a couple of cycles to really get the hang of (removal was a bit challenging at first), but once I did there was no going back. The BFree cup is easy to insert and clean (not having to boil the cup is a HUGE plus!).

    I love the discrete packaging that it comes in and I love that its sustainable and reusable. Saves me tons and money and the environment (a win win). If you’re thinking about trying the BFree, don’t think, just do! Also, if you have any questions/concerns the BFree staff is SUPER helpful and very timely in their responses.


    This cup is actually life changing.

    I only used one different cup before of a different brand, and felt I had lots of issues due to leaking and dislodging. However the BFree cup I have now is completely leak free. It takes time getting adjusted to the completely new style, however I absolutely love this cup and the new shape means I forget I’m even using it! I recommend this cup to everyone I know. For those environmentally concerned, it makes you feel less guilty about sending pads to landfill too – bonus!


    Best Cup Ever

    So, I had only used Diva cup before, but this was MILES better. I can’t describe how soft it is , the edge is so gentle and comfortable. I bought a pack with 2 different sizes and can now get through my entire period without using a liner.
    Plus it came in the sweetest little package, complete with a personal, hand-written note. Perfect.

    Jessica Perry

    Amazing! Must buy!

    I love everything about this cup and this company. I have been using an alternate menstrual cup for about a year and it was never perfect, I always had a hard time with it. I ordered the size 0 and 1 because I was unsure about sizing. They also included a third size for me to try with a personalized handwritten note which was so sweet and kind of them (you can tell they really care about their customers).

    I am 21, have an average flow (heavy for two days lighter at the start and end), and an average sized cervix. The 1 is my goldielocks cup, the 0 was a bit small for my heavy days, it filled up too quickly. However, it is nice for my lightest days. I also love everything this company stands for.

    Sustainability is their number one priority, and their goal to help young girls and women all around the world is amazing and admirable. Also love that it gave me the ability to shop with a local, Canadian brand. Buy yours now, you won’t regret it!


    Close to perfect

    I have been using menstrual cups for over a decade and have tried a lot of different brands, shapes and sizes. So far this is my favorite. It’s comfortable, opens easily, and the anti-bacterial aspect gives great peace of mind. However I do have 2 small complaints. Firstly, I wish the bulb on the bottom wasn’t hollow. They make such big deal out of having removed the hard-to-clean little holes around the rim and then put a hard-to-clean little hole on the bottom.

    Why? Secondly, there’s a really big jump in both length and width between the 15ml cup and the 25ml cup. I have a fairly high cervix and therefore have the option of pushing the 25ml cup up pretty high, so I can make do with that one on my heavier days and switch to the 15ml on my lightest days, but I imagine the 25ml cup would be too long for many while the 15ml cup would never hold enough for a heavier day.

    I think a 20ml cup would have been a lot of people’s favorite size and I know I would purchase it if it existed. Overall this cup does fall just short of perfection in my opinion, but the pros outweigh the cons for me and I will definitely keep using them.


    Great product, amazing customer service

    Bought size two and had issues with leaking. Customer service was quick to respond with helpful tips. They even replaced it for a size three which I am currently using with success. Love the feel of the silicone, easy to insert, and the dimple near the base is really ergonomic and makes it easy to remove. A little learning curve from using the diva cup but so far super happy with the product and company.

    Belle M. 

    Hello, this was my first experience with a menstrual cup. I have previously used tampons and pads. I like lots of things about using a cup, but I think I’m still on the learning curve as far as placement and confidence.
    My last period I wore the menstrual cup to work 3 days in a row – on each occasion I couldn’t ignore the feeling of internal pressure. It felt sort of like when a tampon is full and needs to be changed?

    It didn’t hurt but I was very aware of it throughout the day. I also experienced leaking every time I used the bathroom, unsure if this is due to placement or size or muscles shifting but I felt like i needed a liner or backup layer of protection. Will try again this upcoming period and see how it goes!


    I have gone through a couple cycles, and have not been able to use the cup. I took the quiz it recommended #2 and I should have gone with a #1. I have used other brands and wanted something much cleaner for my body as I get my period every two weeks.
    I LOVE the reusable panty liners!! And love the idea behind the company and what they do, along with how soft they are.
    I would recommend, but double check your body not just the quiz 🙂


    Amazing material

    I really like that the material is made to be antibacterial, which definitely puts my mind at ease.
    The design is very pretty but my only qualm is that the little bally at the end makes in entirely too long and it uncomfortably sticks out at the end, especially since it is textured with little nubs.
    It irritated the opening of my vagina. Luckily the base of the cup is quite thick so I was able to cut it off with scissors on both sizes that I got.
    My cervix is… pretty far up sometimes and I feel like I have to stick my whole hand up in there with previous cups.

    Sherry R. 

    Going to be brutally honest here and a bit TMI.
    Inserting the cup for the first time was awkward and difficult. But! After that first time it wasn’t bad.
    Wearing the cup was surprisingly comfortable. Could feel minor pressure in my area, but not uncomfortable.
    Removing the cup was at first, difficult and messy.

    I thankfully did it the first time in the shower, so when the cup popped out, fell, and splashed a ridiculous amount of blood everywhere I was at least in the bathtub and could scrub away the murder scene quickly. It did get better/easier after that, but that first time was a doozy.


    I originally got size 1 and size 2 (size 2 recommended by quiz). In practice, I only used size 2 and still had some leaks during my period (never used cup before). Should have gotten size 3??

    My only complaint is the hole in the bulbous bottom of the cup makes it hard to push the cup upwards, as my finger regularly gets stuck in the hole. Otherwise, I really like the cup and the design, feels solid and anti-microbial proteries allows a lazy person like me feel motivated to be eco friendly.


    Awesome cup! I was previously using the Athena cup from Amazon, but returned it as I had such a hard time taking it out. The smaller cup size didn’t work for me due to anatomy and a heavier flow, but the larger size was perfect! Zero leakage and didn’t feel it at all..

    The ball shaped tip made it so much easier to grip and pull out. I liked the firmer material as well. It was a bit of a learning curve getting it in, but it feels more secure than a softer cup if that makes sense. I’m so happy that I can take this camping /travelling since it’s no boil!! The quest for the perfect cup is finally over. Love the inclusive education efforts to help end period poverty as well!

    Bfree cup review hope that reviews here will helpful for you.

    5.Are Bfree cup worth it?

    With honest Bfree cup review from customers and Injoy Review’s feelings, we consider Bfree cup to be a product you should try with factors such as high quality, exquisite beauty, utilitarian function and the best service.

    And especially, in this Bfree cup review, we also find great promotions and Bfree cup discount codes when you buy any product at Bfree cup review and buy stuff buy coupon codes of our Bfree cup review

    This is one of the attractions that Bfree cup review see is doing so well. They want to thank their familiar customers and welcome new customers for the first time with meaningful gifts.

    6.Where to buy Bfree cup products?

    You can easily find Bfree cup review products on their website at:

    Or check the Bfrre cup flexbook touch review on with many coupons and discounts before shopping at Typecase

    Another nice feature at Bfree cup is the instant auto-reply and support feature.

    7.Your Bfree cup FAQ

    Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, to every country. Due to the contents of our products and COVID international orders may experience additional shipping delays until further notice. 

    Do you accept returns?

    No, for health/safety reasons and the additional threat of COVID we are not able to accept returns. If you would like to “return” please contact customer care for assistance.

    How fast is processing/ shipping?

    All purchases are processed and dispatched within 1-3 business days after receipt. We now offer shipping to any nation where Canada Post ships packages. We are unable to give certain delivery date estimates to our overseas customers due to the nature of international shipping, particularly under Covid-19 limitations.

    Customers in Canada may anticipate their delivery in 1-5 business days and monitor it using the tracking code supplied. International orders may only be monitored if a tracked delivery option is chosen; hence, free worldwide shipping is not trackable.

    Do you offer discounts?

    Yes! Be sure to subscribe to our email list for discounts and other Heaux Inc. updates and follow us on Tiktok, YouTube and Instagram for even more! Shipping is always free on continental US orders over $60

    I am an influencer and I would like to promote your products

    We do not do collaborations at this time but be sure to tag us in your videos and pictures of your order, so we can share your post!

    By those FAQ, Heaux Cosmetic review hopes you are all clear about some problems that you can struggle in.

    Do they work?

    If you use as directed, 100% yes

    8.Contact Bfree cup

    If you have any problems with this product, please contact some places that Heaux Cosmetics review already found there:

    | the antibacterial menstrual cup |

    [email protected]

    +1 (866) 522-2729

    Bfree cup facebook

    Bfree cup Instagram

    Bfree cup Youtube

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