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Facebook launches special news site Facebook News in Australia

news site Facebook News in Australia

Facebook on August 4 launched a special news page Facebook News in Australia, testing for a small group of domestic users, with most of the news content from popular newspapers and publications.

The launch of Facebook’s own news site is said to be in response to Australia’s new Media Law, which came into effect this year.

This law, with its content mainly related to the Mandatory Bargaining Code between digital platforms and news media organizations proposed by the Australian Government, has created a major confrontation between “the guy”. tech giant Facebook and the Australian Government.

In February of this year, Facebook suddenly blocked the display of all information pages originating from Australia, causing a strong response from the community, publishers…

The case was later resolved. and since then, Facebook has, in turn, reached information-sharing agreements with a range of Australian publishers and news outlets, including Seven West Media, Nine Entertainment Group, the owner of The Newspapers. Australian Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Herald Sun, Guardian Australia, and most recently signed contracts with News Corp, Australia Community Media, and a number of smaller publishers such as Solstice Media, Private Media, and Schwartz Media.

The plan to launch the Facebook News page was revealed by this world’s largest social platform in May 2021. In addition, at the same time, Facebook announced the creation of a news fund worth AUD 15 million ($10.8 million), which will be used to invest in journalism that is of public interest and support. for local journalism, fostering innovation in digital newsrooms, helping to increase the economic sustainability of newsrooms.

Facebook Australia’s director of news partnerships, Andrew Hunter, said the investment will help newsrooms and independent journalists increase their capacity to produce high-value news that is recognized by the Australian public. care.

This investment will also support smaller digital publishers and local newsrooms as they develop new products and strategies, to expand their reach and increase revenue. The support is divided into two funds: the Sustainable Development Newsroom Fund and the Press Fund for the Public Interest.

The Sustainability Newsroom Fund will be allocated AUD 2.5 million ($1.8 million) annually over three years, with grants of up to AUD 250,000 ($180,000) for local newsrooms. media and first digital publications. Funding flows to innovative and revenue-generating projects, such as building subscriptions and news subscriptions.

The Public Interest Journalism Fund will also be allocated AUD 2.5 million annually over three years, providing grants of up to AUD 120,000 ($86,400) to small local publishers and publishers. independent journalism, to fund news projects of value to the public interest, and to encourage media diversity.

Mr. Hunter emphasized that Facebook is especially focused on how these two funds can support communities that are having difficulty accessing information, such as Indigenous Australians, communities of people with disabilities. specialty (LGBTQI+), youth and women’s issues, rural issues, and local journalism.

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