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Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Review After 2 Weeks

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 

I am a Galaxy Tab S7 user for 1 year now. The experience of the machine is quite good, from the screen quality, hardware configuration, software interface to the keyboard cover. However, the sum total of everything is still at a “fair” level, if you want to use a laptop instead of a laptop for office work needs

When Tab S8 Ultra was released I was extremely excited, looking forward to the device every day because I wanted to try the super large screen to see if it was “better” as advertised by Samsung. The first impression is that the machine is too big for me, especially because I’m used to the 11-inch Tab S7.

Comes with the device is a genuine Samsung keyboard and leather case. This type is included for those who pre-order, so it is quite profitable, its price Samsung is keeping at 7 million cheats.

This machine is suitable for watching movies and playing games because its screen is really big. However, for those who love compactness, it seems that this is not an optimal choice.

Sharp 14.6-inch screen

With Tab S8 Ultra, the screen of the machine is larger than the laptop model I am using, so surfing the web, composing documents or editing images are all very comfortable. Text is clearly displayed, especially with the resolution raised to close to 3K. Vibrant, clear color quality comes with deep, high-contrast blacks thanks to the Super AMOLED panel and smoothness from the 120Hz refresh rate.

Screen multitasking is also a strength of Tab S8 when I can use 2 browser windows right next to each other, besides still being able to open more Instagram or Youtube at the same time with a reasonable and comfortable display layout.

Powerful, smooth Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

Hands on Tab S8 Ultra

Samsung’s software this year has not changed much, but in return, the hardware configuration is clearly more attentive. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip is super high-performance, providing a much smoother experience.

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Applications open quickly, animations between frames are smoother, applications are heavy. Besides, when I use it to browse the web, the PC version is quieter and less laggy.

The fact that the 3 Tab S8 series all use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, the downclock does not have too much of an impact on performance for common tasks. Besides, it also helps the device to be cooler, limiting overheating like on phone models.

Other features that can replace Laptop

The first is the ability to browse the web. As mentioned above, because of the powerful chip, browsing the PC version is much smoother. Websites are heavy but load faster, with less lag, scrolling up and down is perfectly smooth.

Word processing work is also better handled. It’s not clear why the old Tab S7 often encountered the problem of not being able to type on the web version of Google Docs, but with the Tab S8 Ultra, it was gone. This very article, I am typing directly on Google Docs with Chrome browser.

Some websites are made for computers and are extremely heavy, such as Figma, which has also become more stable this year. On the Tab S7, I could not access and use Figma web, as it kept reloading, even restarting the browser.

However, with the S8, I was able to edit and export design files, although not as smooth as using a computer, while still making other browser tabs more sluggish and laggy.

This year’s DeX Mode still supports connecting to a secondary monitor to expand the experience to a larger screen, supporting resolutions up to fullHD and running less lag, much hotter than before. It’s great, isn’t it!

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The experience of editing images with applications such as Photoshop or Lightroom mobile version is still quite good, although not as good and smooth as the version for iPad.

In addition, some operations that are simple on the web, but when used with the browser on Android also become more cumbersome, time consuming and less flexible. Of course, you can’t be too demanding with the Android version. This is acceptable.

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How’s the battery life?

With a nicer and sharper display, it takes more battery power in my opinion, but surprisingly:

I try to use the need to listen to music with Apple Music, watch Youtube videos, stream movies via Netflix, browse the web via Samsung Internet, Brave and Chrome every 1.5 – 2 hours from about 9:30 am, until 5 pm the device still has about 1.5 hours. 25% battery. Screen time is about 4 hours. If used with such needs, it will take about 8-10 pm to recharge and the device will reach about 6-7 am on the screen. Indeed, this is a commendable point for Samsung when they optimize the performance of such a good machine.

How much better is this year’s keyboard set?

 Tab S7

One of the things that made me choose to buy the Tab S7 last year instead of the iPad was because it came with a 2-piece keyboard case. The kickstand is convenient to use from the table, while the keyboard is bouncing, the feel of the hand, the journey is quite deep, significantly better than most laptops around $1000

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This year, Tab S8 Ultra still has the same keyboard cover, but has been upgraded with LED backlighting, a larger smoother trackpad, stronger magnet joints, not as loose as before. However, the key travel is shorter and the typing feeling is flatter, not too exciting for me personally.

In addition, the surface coating of the keyboard has also changed with a smoother, flatter texture. Personally, I don’t like it because it is more dirty and doesn’t look as luxurious as the imitation leather.

Something I don’t like

Overall, I find the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra to be very good. However, the machine still has a few points that everyone should know before buying.

The first is the weight when combined with the keyboard cover. The Tab S8 Ultra weighs just over 700g, but combined with accessories will weigh up to 1.4kg, not inferior to carrying a laptop of the same size. If you think that buying Tab S8 is more compact than a laptop, think again. Wherever you go, you must have a backpack or large bag to fit.


For those who like the super big screen, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is an extremely worthy choice to consider. The initial price is expensive, but if you order early, you will receive a high-value gift set with a keyboard case – which for me is a “must-have” if I have decided to buy this machine.

As for the association that prioritizes compactness and flexibility, you should reconsider, choose the Tab S8 or S8+ model with a smaller screen but most features remain the same, still get a keyboard cover, still have quality tall screen, lots of high-end software technology, and the versatile S Pen.

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