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[Updated 2023]-The best Heaux Cosmetics Review

Heaux Cosmetic Review

“Midnight Romance shares the timeless experience of love through a fragrancen of sensuality and mystery.”

Every time someone follows their heart, it leads straight to the charming aroma that you release. Sometimes, that scent problem also can put a perfervid relationship out of you. There, Heaux Cosmetics Review has a secret to make you always fresh and attractive in the eyes of your partner during the time of being together during covid 19. 

In this piece, Injoy Review will provide you an utter and very deep overlook about Heaux Cosmetics Reviews 2021 for women that can not face the day without perfume because Heaux Cosmetic knows choosing our own mystique smell is always the best challenge decision. At the same time, this Heaux Cosmetics Review also provides a large number of Heaux Cosmetics coupon codes, Heaux Cosmetics special offers, and Heaux Cosmetics valuable gifts. 

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New - Get 15 % Off on All Your Orders by just clicking code here

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  • Our Heaux Cosmetics Review ensures that Heaux brand is pheromone cosmetics – the best Heaux Cosmetics perfume to attract the opposite sex that can turn you into a sex goddess. So honest Heaux Cosmetics Review above is born for you. 

    1.Overview of Heaux Cosmetics

    Heaux Cosmetics Review

     Wearing perfumes smartly makes modern women feel reassured by boosting their self-confidence. The confident and bold beauty that radiates from the inside is what reflects the heart, thereby attracting people around to look at you. Heaux Cosmetic Review will help you get back your confidence.

     As its name suggests, some stunning range of Heaux Cosmetics like Heaux Cosmetics secret weapons and Heaux Cosmetics sexproof makeup, also the new Heaux Cosmetics collection will make you become more attractive every red-letter day. Heaux Cosmetics pheromone perfume range is made for sophisticated, seductive and intelligent women. 

    Our Heaux Cosmetics review also talks about an unmistakable fragrance can make your heterosexual subjects crazy about you, it also is a signature in an interview, in a meeting, or simply walking around, the scent that you reward yourself with to love yourself more every day. 

    Falling love isn’t by chance, it’s a series of chemical reactions in the body. The chemical reactions in perfumes are like anesthetics that will make you more sparkling and sweeter in any situation, capturing the hearts of other people. Honest Heaux Cosmetics review also shows that this is really a science of perfumery, it goes beyond theories or lies about scent. That is the decisive foundation for the effectiveness of Heaux Cosmetics’s perfume formula. 

    Let’s see if Heaux Cosmetic review can make you crazy like world stars or famous people who are hunting for it or not. 

      Another service:

    In addition to Heaux Cosmetics’s love potion, Heaux Cosmetic review also know that Heaux Cosmetics is also well-known for secret formulas to attract women. This range of products is specially issued to men that wish for a masculine, heady and cool scent. 

    Fragrance choices for men are less than women’s and are difficult to find. But with Heaux Cosmetics and our Heaux Cosmetic review here, all is ready for your romantic nights.

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    2.Your Heaux Cosmetics Promotions & Discounts

    New – Get 15 % Off on All Your Orders by just clicking code here

    New – Get 15 % Off on All Your Orders by just clicking code here

    Enjoy your best experince when saving 15% on all stuff here
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    30% Off site wide Save off best Heaux Cosmetics Discount

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  • Free Shipping on All USA Orders over $50

    Free Shipping on All USA Orders over $50

    Enjoy free shipping on All USA orders over $50 when shopping at Heaux Cosmetic store here
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    Save Up To 30% on All Your Orders

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  • Heaux Cosmetic review found top Heaux Cosmetics coupon codes at unbelievable prices.

    Heaux Cosmetic review gives you the best special offer – free USA shipping when you order stuff that is over $50. Remember to get more discount fees by using SEZZLE to pay for your lovely Heaux Cosmetics perfume.

    You can also get bigger discounts when shopping on special occasions like Black Friday or anniversary sales, new product launch sales of Heaux Cosmetics, and remember to follow tightly to Heaux Cosmetics review here to update the new one.

    You also can see more coupons or another related products of Injoy Review here.

    3.Your Heaux Cosmetics Featured Products

    Smart women are always looking for the best, brightest, and trendiest brands. If you want to enjoy the nobility and luxury by owning a product line that exudes the aura of your whole being, come to the Heaux Cosmetics review right now. 

    Heaux Cosmetics review here, we will experience all the flavors and sensations of using the products before deciding to buy them without having to worry about the quality or consider whether it is suitable for you or not.

    Heaux Cosmetics review has 4 main sections for 4 main product lines: The Habitue Provocateur, The Liquid Finesse, Tantric Lip Gel, and 24 Hour Sexproof liner.

    1.The Habitué Provocateur

    Cosmetics for the confidence and control you really need for fondling and petting your lovely night and for your successful daily life working. Sometimes the key to a wonderful life isn’t money or love, it’s a Secret Weapon. Our Secret Weapons are the strongest pheromone formulas legally available. With the criteria of filtering and honestly synthesizing about the product, you can refer to Heaux Cosmetics secret weapons reviews in the series of Heaux Cosmetic review below to understand more about this product line.

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    Launched a new edition of obituary provocateur, just switched up the bottle and called it the lust edition. It is red frosted glass. They also have an original with white color, but you can get either one with the same price. 

    Most famous in the perfume product line on the market. Proportional to the ads or product introduction videos on youtube, TikTok or Instagram, this perfume line deserves our recognition for its outstanding quality. Heaux Cosmetics review ensures this is really an angel that saves your personality, it is suitable for strong girls, with a seductive scent. But don’t worry it’s an overpowering smell because powering smell will reduce through 30 minutes then retain the good smell for your whole day. 

    It gives very positive feedback in increasing male sex hormones, increasing engagement in fun with your partner in a subtle and passionate way.  AndrosteNOL has been shown to increase testosterone levels in men by 150% (Astrid Jutte study). This increase in testosterone may cause feelings of arousal in men if a woman is present. Heaux Cosmetic review said that once a man smells copulins on a woman she is deemed to be more attractive.

    Habitue-Provocateur-Lust-Edition of Heaux Cosmetics Review

    2. Heaux cosmetics liquid finesse review

    Liquid Finesse is oxytocin which is the hormone that creates deeper and long-lasting connections between lovers, friends, and strangers. Find out exactly how powerful the love aka cuddle hormone can truly be. Available on Heaux Cosmetics review in the Secret Weapon collection. Liquid Finesse reviews above will help you understand this Heaux Cosmetics product.

    Imagine tense situations during interviews or competitions or even awkward moments between you and your relationships. Liquid Finesse in Heaux Cosmetic review opinions will really help you solve this problem thanks to scents that have the ability to reduce stress, improve persuasion and your ability to emotionally connect with people around, even when you are in contact with complete strangers

    Heaux Cosmetics Review found that this is definitely a perfume product suitable for the gentle and pure muse. It has a rather light, faint, and pleasant smell. This fragrance has also been tested by the EU and is said to have the ability to reduce pressure and create a feeling of relaxation for users. European Union Approved. This means it’s absent of 1400 toxic chemicals banned by the EU. For perspective, there are only 30 banned in the USA and 600 in Canada

    Heaux Cosmetic review sees that it can be harmoniously combined with other fragrances to create diversity in your style. Good skin adaptability, no harm to the skin. Just need 2 spritzes, it already is enough amount. The cap is very sturdy. So when you put it in your bag, the top will not fall open.

    Leave him at large the better to apprehend him. a bottle of body scent that is pure and evocative enough can wrap a person’s mind better than anything. If you are looking for a weapon that softens all the guys’ hearts slowly but deeply, choose it. 

    You will not be disappointed even though the price of this product is said to be quite expensive. Heaux Cosmetics review thinks it is worth paying, it will give you more than what you pay.


    3.Tantric Lip Gel 

    A lipstick fanatic will not be able to ignore Tantric Lip Gel. This is also one of the best-selling products of Heaux Cosmetics not only because of its quality but also because of its luxurious and youthful color.  Come with a special product in the series of  Heaux Cosmetics sexproof makeup reviews below.

    If you are struggling to figure out a way to handle lipsticks that are easy to fade, have uneven color, difficult to apply on your lips, then Heaux Cosmetics Review here give you another best – Tantric Lip Gel is a great choice with 12 hours of durability, no fading, quick to dry and comes with a built-in applicator which helps you really easy to use. Despite being in gel form, this lipstick doesn’t feel heavy on the lips, too glossy or too melted. 

    But carefully, the Kaolin contained in lip gel may not be suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

    Heaux Cosmetics Review warned that people may be allergic to certain ingredients. Therefore, be wise to accurately assess your skin to get the best experience.

    Heaux Cosmetics Review gives you some step that you should know to apply this product by a perfect way, which suggested by the founder:

    ♦ Make sure your lips are not cracked or the stain will be uneven

    ♦ Make beyond any doubt your lips are not broken or the recolor will be uneven

    ♦ Apply a lean layer and completely coat your lips

    ♦ Permit a few minutes to let dry at that point wipe off any abundance 

    ♦ Can be utilized as a base beneath lipstick or sparkle 

    ♦ Can be connected as regularly as craved to heighten color

    ♦ Any other item connected on the best of Tantric Lip Gel may influence the enduring control of the stain.

    ♦ For a push free application, line the zone around your mouth with petroleum jam to dodge recoloring amid the application

    Tantric Lip Gel

    4.24 Hour Sexproof liner

    Heaux Cosmetics with 24-Hour Anti-Sex Primer helps you solve all the troubles of using eyeliner before. As the name suggests, it lasts for 24 hours, with a completely different function with a built-in brush applicator that makes it possible to get a more refined and perfect line than ever with just one stroke. It is not a pencil eyeliner and a removable applicator. This Heaux Cosmetic review will make it clear for you.

    Your eyes are a reflection of your emotions and sensuality. If you are still not satisfied with moody, lifeless eyes, choosing a reputable makeup tool, used by every star and model is the right thought. This Sexproof Liner is caviar black and highly pigmented. It is quite smooth and sharp and is the highlight for your eyes to be bigger, more charming, sexy, and emotional.  Heaux Cosmetic review highly recommends it for you.

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    Heaux Cosmetics review has even said that in some cases, this eyeliner is still in place after their night of sleep.

    In addition, Injoy Review introduces you to beauty care related products that you may be interested in here.

    4.Your Heaux Cosmetics Reviews 

    One of the core factors to evaluate the true value of a product is the feedback from their customers on most of today’s information networks. All have here in our Heaux Cosmetic review. Heaux Cosmetics review has carefully reviewed and selected these values to give you an overview of the authenticity of what the founder stated and the truth after the customer has made a purchase. 

    Heaux Cosmetics review evaluate these products as a value for money product that is effective and increases their quality of life as advertised. In addition, there are still some disadvantages that can be pointed out of the product such as a bit high price for some products or there is little packaging to go with when shipping and some people have other tastes in scents. 

    But Heaux Cosmetics review still undeniable that the products of Heaux Cosmetics have captured most of the requirements and tastes of the market today.

    Injoy review does not guarantee authenticity, however, you should consult before deciding to buy.

    Let’s take a look at some Heaux Cosmetics Review 5 stars on their website:

    Anaïs on Sep 19, 2020

    Beach- and lake-proof without any smearing. You can even sleep in it. Will definitely rebuy, the best eyeliner I’ve ever had <3

    Jenna on Sep 17, 2020

    longest lasting eyeliner I’ve ever used. Great texture and easy to use. Got absolutely fckd and then showered afterwards with it still on and had smudged a bit but was still very much in its form and with a little qtip clean up looked like nothing had happened. I wish I could post the pic I took. brush is nothing special but who cares.

    Lexiiie on Jul 25, 2021

    Ok, so BEWARE! LONG POST. This stuff is powerful. So I was going to chill with this guy I’ve known forever and I wanted to try out the perfume since I just got it in the mail. We’ve never had sex b4.. Listen, ok so I put it on for 30 mins in the car headed to see him. Let it air dry as it says I smelled it and thought oh no it stinks but kinda smelled good! Well I put some seduction by VS on top of it and it smelled amazing.

    It blended so well together that it was like a secret weapon. I wanted to cover the smell just in case he didn’t like it. So I get there and we are talking, laughing and having fun & at first I thought this stuff doesn’t work. Until.. he started kissing my hands and my face & rubbing me and saying I smelled so good! Well we got to business and guys!

    It boosts your sex drive we went 3 rounds last night this guy was saying he loved me and wanted me to be his gf and saying all kinds of things Long story short – I just asked him did he remember what he said to me last night & you guys he absolutely swears he doesn’t remember acting or saying these things. Ladies! It works! I WILL BUY MORE!! I put it in my wrist 1swipe , behind my ears & on top of my boobs . He couldn’t stay away! I will buy more!!!! You have a buyer 4L.

    Tenikia on Jul 22, 2021

    I was extremely hesitant about purchasing this product. After using this product it has taken the sex game to a different level with this guy I chill with. You can’t really explain the experience but it’s on a whole different level now.

    Lia on Jul 23, 2021

    I didn’t think much of this product, but I thought what do I have to lose? I have anxiety and panic a lot so I decided to try it to see if it made a difference. Within the hour of me trying it I felt so much more at peace after having a panic attack and felt like I, myself could open up more to how I was feeling. I’m surprised by this product and will continue to wear it!

    Libby on May 07, 2021

    Hey Lydia, I’m a former SW who started working a normal job at the beginning of covid. I use your products, I started wearing liquid finesse to work everyday a few months ago and noticed myself being calmer and people around me just generally being warmer to me and more willing to help me. I just got a promotion. I now have health insurance and a 401k which I never have had. Thank you, I do feel like this product helped me get there.

    5.Are Heaux Cosmetics worth it ?

    With honest Heaux Cosmetics review from customers and Injoy Review’s feelings, we consider Heaux Cosmetics to be a product you should try with factors such as safe product quality, fast shipping service, chic and trendy design, and secret formula to attract others through scent.

    And especially, in this Heaux Cosmetic review, we also find great promotions and Heaux Cosmetics discount codes when you buy any product at Heaux Cosmetic and buy stuff buy coupon codes of our Heaux Cosmetics review

    This is one of the attractions that Heaux Cosmetics is doing so well. They want to thank their familiar customers and welcome new customers for the first time with meaningful gifts.

    6.Where to buy Heaux Cosmetics ?

    You can easily find Heaux Cosmetics products on their website at:

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    Heaux Cosmetics website

    Or check the Heaux Cosmetics review on with many coupons and discounts before shopping at Heaux Cosmetics.

    Another nice feature at Heaux Cosmetics is the instant auto-reply and support feature.

    You can be guided to choose the right product when you visit: 

    7.Your Heaux Cosmetics FAQ ?

    Heaux Cosmetic review found that there are many same questions that you should also wonder about this products. Heaux Cosmetic review hopes that you can find some helpful information here:

    What is the definition of Sexproof?

    Our Sexproof products are long-wearing formulas to withstand moderate friction and bodily secretions including saliva, tears and others. Depending on the type of sex you have, durability may vary. But even pornstars agree our products are Sexproof!

    Is it also Waterproof?


    Which products are Sexproof?

    Everything in the Sexproof Collection 

    Are your products tested on animals?

    Nope our products are cruelty free and always will be.

    I am not a heaux, can I still buy?

    Of course. Enjoy!

    Do they work?

    If you use as directed, 100% yes

    Why does my Liquid Finesse/Habitue Provacateur smell off?

    Our LF/HP products have a slight scent to them as they apheromon. To keep the efficacy and quality of our products we do not afragranence. If you receive your order and it has an off scent, that is completely normal. Once applied as directed, the smell will dissipate in 20-45 mins.

    Return Policy:  Returns are only applicable for defective or damaged goods ONLY. We will only issue a refund to the original form of payment used at the point of purchase. Original shipping charges are nonrefundable.

    What is back order?

    Back order means a product we normally have in stock is temporarily sold out and will be back very soon. We offer back ordering to cut down on panic buying culture with limited restocks. You can reserve an out of stock product at your leisure and never worry about missing a restock sale. Orders that contain a back order item will not ship until the item is back in stock.

    What is pre order?

    A pre order item means a product coming soon that you can order now to guarantee you will get one. Orders that contain a pre order item will not ship until the item is in stock.

    Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, to every country. Due to the contents of our products and COVID international orders may experience additional shipping delays until further notice. 

    What is Sezzle?

    Sezzle is a payment program where you can buy now and split the cost into 4 payments for your purchase. 

    Do you accept returns?

    No, for health/safety reasons and the additional threat of COVID we are not able to accept returns. If you would like to “return” please contact customer care for assistance.

    Can I cancel my order?

    No. Once your order is placed, it cannot be cancelled. 

    No exceptions will be made.

    We are happy to make changes to your order with the exception of shipping speed as long as it has not been marked fulfilled. Please contact customer care for assistance. 

    How fast is processing/ shipping?

    Due to our increased demand and COVID-19 related delays your order may take up to 2 weeks to process. When you place your order, your product is guaranteed. 

    Please keep in mind that shipping is separate from processing/fulfilling. For example, if you place an order and select Priority Shipping, the shipping is priority. Your order WILL NOT receive Priority before other orders. We fulfill in the order that they are received.

    Once we fulfill your order it will ship with USPS as Priority Mail. Once the post office receives it, they will get it to you in 1-4 business days depending on your location and any delays they may be having.

    We offer several shipping options for you to choose from. After your order ships you can expect it to arrive within 3-5 days if in the USA. 7-21 days if International. These shipping times may be affected due to COVID. If you have any questions about your order please email [email protected] 

    When will I hear back from customer service?.l

    Customer service is available 24 hours a day(by email ONLY at this time).

    Please allow 1-3 business days for a reply.

    Do you offer discounts?

    Yes! Be sure to subscribe to our email list for discounts and other Heaux Inc. updates and follow us on Tiktok, YouTube and Instagram for even more! Shipping is always free on continental US orders over $50.00

    I am an influencer and I would like to promote your products

    We do not do collaborations at this time but be sure to tag us in your videos and pictures of your order, so we can share your post!

    By those FAQ, Heaux Cosmetic review hopes you are all clear about some problems that you can struggle in.

    8.Contact Heaux Cosmetics

    Please allow between 1-2 Business Days for your tracking number to update once you receive your tracking number by email*.

    *Due to our increased demand (thank you TikTok!) and COVID-19 please allow up to 2 weeks for your tracking numbers to populate.

    If you have any problems with this product, please contact some places that Heaux Cosmetics review already found there:




    Email Customer Care 24 hours a day at [email protected]

    If you include your order number in the subject line, it will expedite the process.

    If your matter is urgent please also include it in the subject line.

    Please allow 1-3 business days for a reply. Thank you ahead of time.

    Return Address:

    Heaux Cosmetics

    453 S. Spring ST UNIT 630

    Los Angeles, CA 90013

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