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What is Amazon Prime Day? Hunting HUGE Prime Day 2021

Amazon prime days

What is Amazon Prime Day, Prime Day is what day of the year? If you are a shopaholic, you can’t miss Prime Day on Amazon. To learn more about this shopping festival, let’s find out more details with Injoy Review through the article below.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon is the world’s number one e-commerce site founded in 1995 by Jeff Bezos. In addition to retailing all kinds of goods to users on all continents, Amazon also has many other services to attract participants and bring more convenience to its members.

Amazon Prime is one of them. This is an important business strategy that helps Amazon increase its competitiveness with many other media retailers. Simply put, Amazon Prime is an upgrade package for members who sign up for a VIP service package when shopping on Amazon.

What is Amazon Prime Day, what day of the year?

Are you a fan of online shopping sites? You’re expecting special discounts or promotions from the sites you use every day… Then there’s no reason why you should skip Prime Day. This is one of the best deals for Amazon customers.

Amazon Prime day 2021 will start in two days June 21-22, 2021 . Specific hours will be updated in more detail. So, in order not to miss it, follow up regularly to watch the deal at a great price.

amazon prime day

There is an annual Amazon holiday called Prime day

If you’ve ever heard of BlackFriday, one of the shopping events with thousands of products at extremely shocking prices, then surely Prime day will surprise you with many product deals that are always bought at a discount. from 40% to more than 70%. The special thing is that these items are all sold on Amazon, an e-commerce site with millions of products in each different category.

Although it cannot be said to completely meet all the needs of consumers, the presence of Prime day has partly solved the problem of anxiety when buying on Amazon’s site of many people about the price. of each product. So, more than ever, Prime day is always the online shopping event that most Amazon shoppers expect.

Prime day has now become Amazon’s annual shopping festival. The rapid growth of new members in the Amazon Prime package has confirmed that the decision to launch this event from Amazon is completely right. Prime day is held on the 20th anniversary of the establishment of a shopping site that provides goods and products on a global scale. At the same time, Prime day is aimed at increasing sales during the Summer months, a period of shopping that is bleak because many people’s income levels are made up of many factors that are reduced compared to other periods. other during the year.

Prime Day is the day that Amazon hopes will be the opening “Black Friday” of the year. However, this year due to the epidemic situation, the time has changed. Specifically, the Prime Day event in 2021 will take place on two consecutive days, June 21 and June 22, 2021. So, if you are a shopaholic on Amazon, quickly write this information down. Pay attention every day to be able to fully get the items you like. >>( Amazon Prime is an Amazon VIP membership subscription)

Accordingly, the time of Amazon Prime Day shopping festival will last more than one day, ie about 48 hours. In 2017, this event lasts until 30 hours (From 9am on 10/7/2017 to 3am on 12/7/2017). So this past Prime Day 2018 ran for 36 hours. Prime Day 2021 will take place within 48 hours on June 21-22, 2021

Prime day in recent years has more than 100 million products sold. In which best-selling products can be mentioned devices manufactured by Amazon such as: Amazon Fire TV Stick , Echo Dot , ….

What benefits does Amazon Prime bring to users?

Join the annual Amazon Prime Day


Join the Amazon Prime Day festival that takes place in July every year. This event can be seen as Amazon’s “Black Friday” mid-fall. This is your chance to freely shop for everything from Amazon at great prices and great promotions. However, this program is only available to Prime members in the US, UK, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, Spain, Japan, and Australia. In 2020, due to the epidemic situation, the time of Amazon Prime Day has changed and is later than every year. Until 2021, the epidemic situation is still ongoing, but this festival was launched in June to revive the shopping situation and create opportunities for retailers after a long difficult time.

Enjoy many utilities for free

You can freely access Amazon Prime’s library of movies, music videos, Prime Instant Video, or Prime Music to enjoy and watch movies online every day. Buying movie and TV show rights don’t come cheap, but it does help Amazon Prime attract more users. In addition, users can also store unlimited photos and borrow books for free from the Kindle Lending Library.

Note: Since Amazon Instant Video is not available through Google Play, Android users must install it themselves with the browser

Free delivery within 2 days
As an Amazon Prime member, you’ll enjoy free 2-day shipping (on purchases over $35) on tens of millions of items at Amazon. Through Prime Now, the goods you buy will be delivered the same day or within two hours in 29 cities in the United States. What’s more, Amazon also gives you an extra incentive by going to Prime Central and clicking “Invite a household member” to invite 4 other family members to use the fast shipping service.

Received an Amazon Prime Store Card internal credit card

If you’ve been an Amazon Prime member for six months or more, you can absolutely ask Amazon to give you an Amazon Prime Store Card internal credit card (linked to Synchorony Bank) to get 5% off every purchase. goods with this card on Amazon or deferred for a period of 6, 12 or 24 months with no recalculation. The reduced amount will be deducted directly from your card at the end of each month.

Received an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card international credit card

In addition to the above internal credit card, if you like, you can also ask Amazon to give you an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card international credit card (linked with Chase Bank) to receive a 5% reward for purchases on the Internet. Amazon or 1% to 2% on purchases elsewhere. You can immediately use the rewards points you have (unlimited and do not expire) for purchases on Amazon.

Owning quality goods during Amazon Prime Day is easy

electronic amazon discount

Amazon currently does not support direct delivery to many countries, so if you are not fluent in English, do not have a delivery address in the US, Visa/Master Card international payment cards, and understand the cumbersome shipping tariff policies However, it is very difficult to get the product you love from Amazon. Therefore, in order not to miss the opportunity to “get” quality products at a special price on the occasion of the popular Amazon Prime Day this June.

With some of the above information, hopefully you can understand more about the Amazon Prime Day program. If you have a need to buy goods from abroad regularly, the registration will bring you many outstanding benefits. To make it easier to access and own quality goods on Amazon, you can visit Wish you quickly get yourself your favorite great products at the most favorable prices.

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