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[Updated 2023]- The best Keepcake Review

keepcake review

If you are looking for a tool to preserve your birthday cake or your wedding cake. Today, Keepcake review will help you find a product you really like.

Many couples are having a hard time finding a product that can wrap and preserve their wedding cake well before their big day. But most seem to give up when there is no such product on the market. Even you simply want to preserve your cake to prevent spoilage and want to save that cake for a future project. Most people think that they cannot find a product with such a feature in the market.

A keepcake wedding cake preserve, wedding cake top saver can throwing wedding cake after year, keepcake box, or freezer container. Have you ever ever wondered that can you get sick from eating a year-old? Keepcake review can strongly answer that it is possible, you can enjoy your cake even it is eating year-old. Nothing is impossible with the Keepcake.

If you are interested in a product like that, keep looking at what Keepcake review will provide for you about this amazing freezer. You also can find many Keepcake coupon codes, Keepcake special offers, and Keepcake discounts here.

1.Keepcake Overview

With the idea of serving the most wonderful and perfect experience for everyone’s wedding day. The happiness that Keepcake reviews will spread to everyone from Keepcake’s products is the attention to detail. From the very small details such as thinking about how you have to keep your wedding cake in the safest and most proper way, Keepcake has paid special attention to the products we see, the preservation products. The only cake on the market was born.

The product Keepcake review brings to you is truly beyond your imagination. Your cake will be sucked out of harmful airborne components that can damage the cake by Keepcake’s modern and advanced technology. Keepcake with really great and dedicated staff that will always answer and answer your questions in no time.

Super fast shipping is also Keepcake’s advantage when you just need to stay at home and wait, a cake protector will arrive immediately. What’s more, they also offer a full shipping discount. It must be a wonderful and unique thing that Keepcake review finds that Keepcake is doing really well

2.Your Keepcake Promotions & Discounts

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    3.Your Keepcake Featured Products

    Keepcake review

    Before bringing KeepCake’s unique vacuum pump technology to market, Keeepcake review know that Keepcake spent three years studying, testing, and improving it. The method we devised provides a prolonged freshness seal, allowing baked items to be stored in freezing conditions for up to a year.

    Keepcake review sees a special point that KeepCake produces a vacuum-sealed chamber in which to store your wedding, preventing the growth of bacteria and fungus, as well as the evaporation of water and other volatile compounds – these are the key ingredients that give baked products their scent, flavor, and moist texture.

    KeepCake is the first container intended to avoid freezer burn, preserve the cake from looking as lovely as it did on the wedding day, and prevent the fats in the cake from collecting tastes and aromas from other items in the freezer.

    1. Fight Freezer Burn

    Freezer burn is more than just a buildup of ice crystals on and in your frozen foods. Dehydration and oxidation occur as a result of air accessing the perishable food item, leaving it unpleasant. When you detect a freezer burn on your food, it implies it’s gone bad.

    KeepCake keeps the item within the container from coming into direct contact with the air in the freezer, preventing freezer burn on the outside of the cake.

    2.No Absorption of Tastes and Odors

    Fatty substances, such as butter, are frequently included in baked products. Butter is an important component in cakes, particularly wedding cakes. These fatty components contribute to the item’s attractive flavor, but they also have a propensity to absorb other smells when exposed to them.

    Because many refrigerators recycle air between the refrigerated and frozen sections, unpleasant tastes and scents – such as those from onions and garlic – can be transferred to the baked item.

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    KeepCake provides a sealed environment that prevents unpleasant tastes and odors from contaminating what’s within.

    3.KeepCake Wedding Cake Preserver Results

    There are various vacuum-sealed options available, but none are as carefully engineered as KeepCake to maintain the vacuum seal chamber for a lengthy amount of time without collapsing on the perishable item and turning your cake into an unappealing lump.

    Freshly baked products may be stored in the freezer using the KeepCake container, which can be used and reused. Fresh baked bread and rolls, bagels, cupcakes, cakes, brownies, and baked donuts have all been stored and preserved well in our freezer testing. These baked products can be placed on the counter after defrosting in KeepCake.

    Keepcake review

    Keepcake review

    Keepcake review believes that KeepCake will make your first wedding anniversary unforgettably wonderful, from freezer to table. KeepCake contains a vacuum pump, cake stabilizing plate, memento compartment, and a gorgeous pedestal attachment for you to display your cake, all using modern technology to enhance a classic wedding tradition.

    The following is included:

    Decorative pedestal Keepsake compartment Vacuum pump Vacuum sealed lid Cake stabilizing base plate Vacuum pump

    KeepCake Classic and KeepCake Petite are the two sizes available.

    KeepCake Classic can accommodate an 8-inch-wide, 5.75-inch-tall decorated round cake or a 6-inch-square cake.

    KeepCake Petite can accommodate an 8-inch-wide, 4.5-inch-tall decorated round cake or a 6-inch-square cake.

    (without pedestal or memento compartment) Dimensions:

    10in diameter x 7.5in height KeepCake Classic

    KeepCake Petite is 10 inches in diameter and 5.75 inches tall.

    Keepcake review hope that you will really enjoy and love Keepcake more after reading what Keepcake review provided.

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    4.Your Keepcake Review

    One of the core factors to evaluate the true value of a product is the feedback from its customers on most of today’s information networks. All have here in our Keepcake review. Keepcake review has carefully reviewed and selected these values to give you an overview of the authenticity of what the founder stated and the truth after the customer has made a purchase. 

    Keepcake review evaluate these products as a value for money product that is effective and increases their quality of life as advertised.

    But Keepcake review still undeniable that the products of Keepcake have captured most of the requirements and tastes of the market today.

    Injoy review does not guarantee authenticity, however, you should consult before deciding to buy.

    Let’s take a look at some Keepcake review 5 stars on their website:

    Kathleen KeenoyHappy customer

    Love the packaging as I’m giving it at a bridal shower. Item looks well made

    Olga DeschampsGreat

    So far so good. Easy to use. Won’t know how fresh it kept cake until a year from now

    anis PriddyExcellent customer service

    My order was a “rush order” due to last minute wedding decisions. I had issues with getting the order placed and left a message with the company. I received a personal call from the owner. She was able to get the problem fixed and added free shipping as a perk! Then when delivery “on time” became an issue she was willing to have the Keep Cake keeper personally delivered to the recipient! It all worked out and the order made it in time for our son’s wedding!
    Excellent customer service!

    JMWedding Cake Keeper

    Great size for wedding cake leftovers. However, I found the vacuum seal function very tricky to use. The tool does not latch on the lid easily. You have to get it exactly right to work. Also, I found it quite pricey for what the item is, but you do receive two different sizes! I can’t rate much further at this time as we still will be waiting 11 months to re-open and celebrate for our first anniversary, but overall is a sturdy item and already holding up well in our deep freezer. Hoping it really does work! Otherwise great company, easy to order and fast delivery.

    ana Beasley

    Love it!

    JENNIFER RUSSELLLove the idea

    Can’t wait to use this hopefully it really does work.

    Cynthia DismoreLove it!`

    Bought this for my daughter’s top tier wedding cake. Works great!

    Sharon Parks

    I am going to give it to my son for a wedding gift, on Nov6-2021

    Amazing company!

    I had a couple questions about my order and Erika from customer service was great to work with she was very prompt in answering my questions and taking care of my order for me. The product arrived very quickly, it was packaged great, and is exactly as described! My wedding is in July 2021 so I haven’t used the product yet but I am very excited about it and will probly do a couple short tests before the wedding.
    I highly recommend this company!

    Elena Johnson

    Wedding is not until February 2022, but was so excited to buy this for my daughter and her to be husband. We hope and pray it works like you say . Fingers crossed . Shipping was amazing. Delivered exactly in the time as stated . Nice doing business with Keep Cake .

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    Louise SchollGreatest thing to save cake

    My future daughter-in-law loves this. The wedding is in October and she was going to wrap the cake in aluminum foil, but was super excited when I gave her this.

    Sandra Cipollone“KeepCake” is a “keeper”!!!

    I have not used it yet but I have no doubt it will work!!! Giving to my daughter as a wedding gift.

    Sharon HarrisKeep cake

    Love it will order more stuff from your company

    Brianna JoubenKeep Cake

    I bought this for a friend for her engagement and I can’t wait to give it to her. This is the perfect gift for a soon to be married couple for a wedding day gift. I am all about useful gifting and I am most excited about the fact that it can be reused time and time again. Packaging is adorable and the product itself is well made and made to last.

    Lori WilliamsSeptember 26

    So far it’s awesome will know more next year in our anniversary

    LenaGreat Concept

    A gift for my sisters wedding but would love to offer to all my cake clients. It’s a great idea and is much prettier than traditional cake preserving methods. As a veteran cake artist and bakery owner I second a previous review that stated maybe making a smaller version. Traditionally the top tier is between 4-6″ diameter. A keep Cake the right size would look great and take up less space in a couples freezer

    Belinda VaughanSo far so good

    I won’t fully know how well this product works until the 1st Anniversary. But I love the concept! I will definitely purchase for all future bridal shower because it’s a unique and practical gift!

    udy AllenPerfect Size

    Best thing ever! Cake fits in perfectly and sealed up tight!

    Franicia MatthewsI can‘t wait to use it

    I ordered this for my upcoming wedding I’m so excited to use this to keep our cake for our 1st anniversary

    Donna StantonCake Keeper

    Can’t wait to use! Great idea!

    Kelly McWilliamsBest idea in years

    I think the keepcake is one of the best wedding related products ever created. Saving the top tier has never been easier. The only suggestions I would give when you create a 2nd version are to make a smaller one available (most top tiers are only 5″) and to have some kind of gripping mechanism on the top so that it would be easier to pull it out of the airtight base.

    Megan KaiserKeepCake is a Knockout!

    We are totally pleased with our purchase of KeepCake. I’m sad we didn’t have this for when we were married in 2011! Our cake was a gross disaster and this would have preserved it and kept it looking as gorgeous as our wedding day.

    We have used this product for our daughter’s first birthday cake, to store bagels/muffins and any random cake we purchase or bake! We love how fresh the products remain! It is also fun to use with the storage area to keep little memory items. We have used it for birthday candles to transport them to wherever we were going! Such a fun and awesome product! I’m so happy we clicked to purchase! Thank you KeepCake!!!

    Aviva FriedmanThe best thing around

    I Bought this for a friend of mine- and she was beyond excited- she couldn’t wait and at the Bridal shower everyone was asking about it and what it was. The bride can’t wait to use it ! Great idea!

    Denielle GrayKeepCake

    My fiancé and I can’t wait to use our KeepCake to preserve our wedding cake! We love how compact it and are excited about the product!

    Lisa MazzucaA unique gift for the bride and groom!

    I did spoil the surprise by letting them know the gift I intended to bring to the reception. They were delighted and coordinated with the day-of wedding planner to put the KeepCake to use that very night! As the cake was being served, the top tier was safely stowed by catering staff for the couple during the event! Thank you for this smart and forward thinking product. I’m very happy with the purchase.

    Jennifer KipnisGift Giving

    I purchased this for my cousin’s upcoming wedding and she was excited to receive it! She said she had never seen anything like it and is thrilled to have this as a way to preserve her cake! It’s on my gifting list for a couple other brides I know too!

    Nicole Booker

    Haven’t used it yet. Waiting for my wedding day

    Casey T.KeepCake is an awesome gift!

    When I first heard about KeepCake, I knew I had to have it! My fiancé and I have always planned on saving our cake so after exploring DIY ways to do it that seemed questionable, we were thrilled to finally find a product that was made and proven to keep cake fresh! Now not only do we look forward to our wedding but really look forward to our first anniversary too!

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    Aimee F.Absolutely love it.

    BEST GIFT EVER! I’ve already purchased 3 of these for recent weddings and now KeepCake is my “go-to” gift! It’s unique, it’s nostalgic, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving because they can use it time and time again.

    Keepcake review hope that you can see those review and have your best decision.

    5.Are Keepcake worth it ?

    With honest Keepcake review from customers and Injoy Review’s feelings, we consider Keepcake to be a product you should try with factors such as safe product quality, fast shipping service, chic and trendy design, and secret science to attract others interest.

    And especially, in this Keepcake review, we also find great promotions and Keepcake discount codes when you buy any product at Keepcake and buy stuff buy coupon codes of our Keepcake review

    Keepcake review believe that this is one of the attractions that Keepcake is doing so well. They want to thank their familiar customers and welcome new customers for the first time with meaningful gifts.

    6.Where to buy Keepcake ?

    You can easily find Keepcake products that Keepcake review had found on their website at:

    Or check the Keepcake review on with many coupons and discounts before shopping at Keepcake.

    Another nice feature at Keepcake is the instant auto-reply and support feature.

    You can be guided to choose the right product when you visit: 

    7.Your Keepcake FAQ ?


    Our order processing takes between 2-4 business days. All of our orders are shipped via UPS ground and take up to 7 business days to be delivered. If you haven’t received your order after 11 business days, please contact us at [email protected].


    The maximum size decorated cake that will fit into KeepCake is 8″ wide and 5.5″ tall. 


    If your cake does not fit, don’t worry! You can trim the bottom of your wedding cake if it’s too tall. Alternatively you can choose to just put a slice of your wedding cake into KeepCake.

    Please note, in order to create a proper seal, it’s important to leave space between the vacuum valve and the top of the cake. If the valve makes contact with the cake, the vacuum pump will not be able to successfully pull the surrounding oxygen from within the container.

    In other words, if the vacuum valve is smushed into the cake, the valve will be clogged up and therefor the pump won’t be able to suction the air.


    Any open KeepCake product is non-refundable. Unopened products can be returned before the 30-day time period with a $10.00 restocking fee. For more information, e-mail us at [email protected].

    Click here to review our entire refund policy.


    If you find that the trigger of the pump is hard to pull at first, adding a drop of cooking oil into the nozzle of the pump will help lubricate the internal gasket.


    You will know when the air is sucked out when you feel resistance as you are pulling the trigger of the pump. As you pull the trigger, you will also notice the top of the lid will concave slightly inward.

    You should not be able to remove the cover if Keepcake is airtight. 


    For best results, defrost the cake in the refrigerator for 24 hours prior to consuming. 

    Please remember to pull the red valve to release the suction of the container as soon as you remove the cake from the freezer before allowing your cake to defrost.


    To order replacement parts, please e-mail us at [email protected].


    KeepCake can fit up to a 6″ square cake. If your cake is larger than that, you may want to consider saving just a slice of your cake in the container. 


    Anything the couple would like can be stored in the keepsake compartment however, it is not air tight. Examples of mementos include: love notes, a copy of the vows, pictures, cake forks, and spoons. Click here to view our free printable time capsule templates for you to enjoy. Warning, do not put anything that is pressurized or could explode into the container. 


    To learn how KeepCake works, check out our How It Works page here.

    8.Contact Keepcake

    Keepcake Facebook

    Keepcake Instagram

    Keeepcake Youtube

    Keeepcake Pinterest

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