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[Updated 2023] – Lionhart Tires Review

Lionhart Tires review

Are Lionhart tires any good? This is one of the questions asked by many car users today. We will share with you about the brand and quality of Lionhart tires through the article Lionhart Tires Review below. Let’s find out together.

About Lionhart Tires Review

Lionhart Tires have brought all the latest innovation, technology, overall performance, special fitment, cosmetics, and price together. We’ve done this to provide the best possible value in a real SUV, UHP, and Off-Road Tire portfolio for distributors, retailers, and end-users alike. As a result, we now offer a complete line of tires for all vehicles, including passenger, light truck, performance, and trailer tires.

Lionhart Tires have met every single European standard. These same tires are the optimum fitment for the top European Sports Cars OE. In addition, Lionhart Tires offers sizes that many other tire manufacturers don’t currently offer. Lionhart Tires is at the forefront of the tire industry because of this. We are constantly establishing new wholesale and retail distribution marketplaces.

Lionhart tire review

“Strength, Courage, and Leadership” are the attributes of the lion. The same can be stated about the Lionhart Tires brand as a whole. From the mighty “lionhart lionclaw tires review” to our newest and most innovative attachments. When it comes to opening new markets and opportunities, Lionhart Tires is setting the pace. While doing so, we remain Bold and Confident in our determination to see our vision through to completion.

Our company is a one-stop-shop. We can build your business with our stable, high-quality, competitively priced, comprehensive array of tire solutions. Lionhart Tires intends to stay in business for a long time. At Lionhart Tires, we’ve laid the foundation for long-term success. Please spend some time learning about this well-known yet modest tire company. A purchase of Lionhart Tires may be the best move you’ve ever made. So, let’s get started with our Lionhart Tires Review.

Stability Feature of the Lionhart Tires – Lionhart Tires Review

Overall rating of lionhart tires review: Quality tires for the price range, quiet, smooth and quite good grip both in sunny weather and in rain and light snow. Lionhart’s tires also provide driver comfort with a decent level of smoothness in the price range. Tire wear is quite good in this price range.

Lionhart tires review

In this Lionhart Tires Review, we will be discussing stability. In terms of steering and stability, the same holds. Cheap tires will do just fine for ordinary driving, but they’ll lose their traction if you push them much further. Wet traction, on the other hand, is typically even worse. 

Lionhart is a new low-cost brand that promises outstanding performance at low pricing in an attempt to win over customers. As a result, it’s impossible to know exactly where the tires are made and where to buy lionhart tires because the firm won’t say (hint: China). 

To be clear, this does not necessarily imply poor tire quality. Many other Chinese tire producers experienced the same thing, and many of them used the same facilities to make their tires. And I’m quite sure that Lionhart is the same.

Are lionhart tires good quality? In a nutshell, it depends on what you want from your next set of wheels. I’d rather spend an extra $100 and have peace of mind by purchasing tires made by Cooper Tire or General Tire. However, to save money on your next set of tires, we’ve identified which Lionhart tires are worth the money. Here are the five greatest Lionhart tires, each designed for a specific type of car.

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Lionhart Tires Review – Various Tires and their Pros and Cons

1) The LionClaw HT 

The LionClaw HT is an affordable tire for SUV and truck owners. The tire performs well in both dry and wet weather conditions.

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According to our Lionhart Tires Review, It’s a good tire, but it’s not ideal for driving in wet or snowy conditions. On the plus side, Lionhart provides an impressive 40,000-mile treadwear warranty. Here are the pros and cons of the lionhart lionclaw ht tires review.


  • Traveling at a safe speed 
  • resistance to hydroplaning 
  • Lionhart offers a 40,000-mile warranty on tread wear 
  • LT-metric sizing is available.


  • Better snow traction is needed.
  • For the category, it’s not responsive enough.
  • Adhesiveness to wet surfaces

Reviews from Customers:

I suggested to my brother about ordering tires online. Well my brother ordered these for his Town and Country Van. I had already researched the product online with YouTube and recommended them. Nice quality, and durable product he said when he rode on them. He loves the tread pattern.
Excellent buy!
” – Amazon Customer – Lionhart Tires Review

Very nice tire great price arrived on time 👍” – Donald J. Neahusan – Lionhart Tires Review

2) Lionhart LH Five Review

Lionhart tires review

High-performance automobile enthusiasts love the lionhart tires lh-five high performance. The tire’s dry traction is excellent, and it responds quickly to steering inputs and has short stopping distances. However, the category’s wet traction is lacking, and the tread life is also lacking. Another issue that some owners have reported is the tire’s noise when worn down. On the bright side, Lionhart offers a treadwear warranty of 30,000 km.


  • Dry road traction and handling are excellent.
  • Several sizes are available.
  • Low-cost makes you buy lionhart tires
  • A 30,000-mile treadwear warranty is offered by Lionhart Tire & Rubber.


  • Limited traction in the wet
  • Treadlife isn’t noteworthy.
  • Wear and tear make a sound.

Reviews from Customers:

Perfect tire! Zero complaints” – Eychenne – Lionhart Tires Review

Best tires for that price!!! Very satisfied with the quality of the product! After i bought my first I bought two more! Nice investment” – Eddie – Lionhart Tires Review

Great purchase, very pleased on how smooth and quiet these tires ride!! Quick shipping and smooth transaction!! Definitely recommend” – Amazon Customer – Lionhart Tires Review

3) The Lionhart Lh-501 Review

The LH-501 is Lionhart’s greatest touring tire. On dry roads, the tire is quite quiet and stable. A treadwear lionhart tires warranty is also included, which is good for the price, But wet traction is worse than premium tires, and snow traction is practically non-existent. There’s also a lower tread life than you’d receive on a premium tire. Here are the pros and cons of Lionhar LH-501 as we’ve discovered in our Lionhart Tires Review:

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  • The travel was smooth and quiet.
  • Use of dry surfaces
  • Lionhart offers a 40,000-mile warranty on tread wear


  • The class average for wet traction is a long way off.
  • The lack of traction in the snow
  • The typical tread life.

Reviews from Customers:

Great quality for the price. Very happy with the set I purchased. Smooth ride and handles great in the rain. Large grooves to move water for better road contact. Good choice for people on a budget, and still want great quality” – Charles – Lionhart Tires Review

Nice tires – good price. Took longer this time to arrive (4 days longer), but got them installed the day they arrived. They are perfect for my Prius” – Delia Vasiliou – Lionhart Tires Review

Great tires,fantastic tread,installed on a 05 neon,good grip in the snow” – Rachel Thomas – Lionhart Tires Review

4) Lionhart LH-Ten Review

It’s the same performance as the LH-Five, but only for owners of sport utility vehicles. In terms of grip and traction, the handling on dry roads is excellent for the price. This is a very strong guarantee for the price, and Lionhart offers 30,000 miles of treadwear coverage. However, wet traction should be increased much further — stopping distances are too long as they are now. Despite the warranty, the tread life isn’t very good.


  • Exceptional value for the money spent.
  • Several sizes are available.
  • Low-cost
  • A 30,000-mile treadwear warranty is offered by Lionhart Tire & Rubber.
  • The ability to respond quickly to steering inputs


  • On wet surfaces, it doesn’t do anything
  • In the rain, braking distances are significantly longer.
  • Treadlife isn’t noteworthy.

5) The LionClaw MT Review

Lionhart tires review

Considering its low price, the LionClaw MT performs admirably on off-road terrain. Traction in mud and on rough surfaces is both good and adequate. Furthermore, the tire performs admirably in snowy conditions, as evidenced by this video. 

However, the LionClaw MT struggles in the real world due to its lack of understanding and traction compared to the premium alternatives. As a result, the ride isn’t smooth, and you can hear the tires. How long do lionhart tires last? As for the tires, they won’t last long either.


  • Mud traction is excellent.
  • Suitable for use on rough ground
  • Slogs through a thick layer of snow


  • Disastrous driving dynamics on the highway.
  • Inconveniently loud.
  • Treadlife

Advantages of Using Lionhart Tires

  1. Astonishingly Low Costs

Lionhart tires are some of the cheapest on the market. There are premium tires that cost three times as much as its products, yet they’re half the price in the middle and higher classes. For example, four tires from Lionhart’s ultra-high-performance tires cost roughly $400. 

It will cost you at least $1200 if you go with Michelin, Bridgestone, or Pirelli tires. So, yes, Lionhart is a great choice if you’re looking to save money on performance car tires in the future.

  1. Designed for the Gym

It’s hard to miss the aggressive appearance of most Lionhart tires. There are certain types with red Lionhart logos on the sidewalls, which adds a dash of color and flair to your vehicle. 

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Performance automobiles look even better when tires have a dynamic and directed tread pattern. Many customers have bought Lionhart tires for these reasons alone as seen in our Lionhart Tires Review. 

On dry roads, almost all Lionhart products will give excellent grip and traction. Vehicles made by this firm are safe to drive on dry surfaces, especially when it is hot out.

Do you have to Worry about Wet Traction when Using Lionhart Tires?

According to our Lionhart Tires Review and the Lionhart website, the company’s primary focus is on performance. Lionhart’s tire selection is designed with handling in mind. The price disparity between Lionhart’s products and its competitors is enormous with larger sizes. 

It’s not uncommon for cheap tires to have adequate traction on dry roads, but they tend to struggle on wet ones. Sadly, Lionhart’s tires are no exception to this rule. The tires will function well on wet pavement if you drive carefully. It’s true that if you drive them too hard, the tires will quickly reveal their limits.

Traction is limited at high speeds due to the lack of hydroplaning resistance and the inability to accelerate quickly. Lionhart tires require significantly longer braking distances than quality tires or even budget-oriented tires like Cooper Tire, General Tire, Hankook, Kumho, or Sumitomo.

Lionhart tires aren’t expected to last long. This tire’s typical wear life is half that of premium tires. To put it another way, touring tires should last for about 50,000 miles, while performance tires should last for 35,000 to 40,000 miles.

Lionhart Contact

To conclude our Lionhart Tires Review, we will tell you guys how you can contact Lionhart Tires. Lionhart Tires has blended the latest technology, innovation, unique fitment, overall performance, cosmetics, and price. Lionhart Tires now features a full selection of passenger, performance, light truck, and trailer tires to complement our Flagship (UHP, SUV, Off-Road) products.

Lionhart Tires have exceeded all European criteria. These identical tires are ideal for the greatest European Sports Cars OE fitments. Lionhart Tires also have sizes that many tire manufacturers currently do not supply. 

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