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Mecool Review – Newest Google Certified ATV Box

Mecool review

You can view a lot of TV channels broadcast, paid TV, Internet TV, Youtube, play games, listen to music, etc. if you have a 1c TV running Android or an Android TV Box paired with a TV screen.

Users may now watch Youtube on the big screen instead of straining their eyes to stare at the little phone screen using Android TV Box. You can also operate your TV Box with a voice box if you have a remote and the box includes the Google Assistant feature.

Meco Christmas sale

All those things will become easier when you come to Mecool that Mecool review will show you the detail now. Here Mecool review will provide you a full review about every range of Mecool official products from Mecool TV box, Mecool Km1, Mecool Android 10, Mecool Km9,…. and many Mecool comparisons to help you can choose the best order. Mecool review also helps you to contact the real Mecool official website, Mecool discount codes, the best Mecool coupons, or the place of Mecool company.

All things that you need to know before purchasing are in this article. Hope you enjoy it!

1.Mecool Overview

Mecool review really highly recommended this brand for you: MECOOL TV boxes have been enhancing people’s lives all around the world since 2015, with Google certification, Google Assistant, 4K HDR, Chromecast, Google Play, and other characteristics.

Their expanding, enthusiastic, and highly engaged client base loves MECOOL Android TV boxes because of the customer satisfaction, ease of use, and monetary quality. MECOOL Google certified TV box is the most popular Android TV box on the market.

when shopping here, Mecool review ensure that you will have the best buying experience because of the professionalism of that company, and you will be reviewed delicate consultation service from Mecool official store. MECOOL develops and manufactures its products in-house. The firm, which was founded in 1998 and specializes in Android STB software development and hardware design, was founded in 1998. We provide a reliable, cost-effective, and outstanding adaptable ODM/OEM service with our strong technical force and well-equipped testing equipment.

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    1.2021 MECOOL Netflix Certified Android TV Box KM2 Amazon Prime Video Youtube supported 2GB RAM 8GB ROM

    If you don’t know, Mecool review will tell you that Mecool Km2 is one of the rarest equipment that can be supported by Netflix. The MECOOL KM2 is a media player that runs on Android TV 10 and comes with the new Google reference design remote control. Aside from the MECOOL Android TV box’s traditional features, such as Google’s certified Android TV 10 OS, built-in Chromecast with Google TV, Google Assistant compatibility, 4K HDR, Prime Video, Youtube 4K, and so on. With an Android operating system, MECOOL KM2 features Netflix for TV built-in. Netflix 4K streaming is supported!

    mecool review

    The upgraded Amlogic S905X2-B solvent processor in the new Mecool KM2 lets Android TV be move about more freely, making it a considerably more powerful SoC than the Xiaomi Mi Box. This gadget has a bluetooth remote control as well as a microphone for utilizing Google Assistant. This device also has Chromecast for sending material from a smartphone, is Google Home compatible, and has full access to major streaming providers.

    Check Mecool shopping on Google Shop

    mecool review
    • The outstanding elements of a Mecool KM2 that mecool review will tell you today include:
    • SoC: Amlogic S905X2-B Quad Core 4x ARM-A53 @ 1.8GHz (64bit) / Mali-G31 MP2 / 12nm GPU.
    • System: Android TV 10 (32bit).
    • Components: RAM 2GB DDR4 / 8GB eMMC / Wifi ac + Bluetooth 4.2.
    • Ports: HDMI 2.1 / USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 / SPDIF / AV / AV / IR / microSD (up to 32GB)
    • Plus: BT + IR remote control with microphone / Manual / Adapter DC 12V 1A (12W).
    • Materials and dimensions: Plastic / LED Status / 112 x 112 x 24 mm / 250 gr.
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    2.MECOOL KM9 Pro ivi co- branding ATV Google Certified Android 10 TV Box 2GB RAM 16GB ROM

    mecool review

    MECOOL KM9 PRO ivi MECOOL KM9 PRO ivi MECOOL KM9 PRO The Google Certified TV Box is a new device developed by MECOCOL and ivi.
    When you purchase this product line, you will receive three months of free ivi Russia membership.
    You may also enjoy a unique streaming service on the Russian market, Hollywood pro leagues, and ivi sports with top-rated events at the same time (UEFA tournaments, La Liga, Serie Matches).
    Furthermore, Mecool Km9 supports Youtube, Google Play Store, Google Music, Google Movies, Google Play, and other similar services. Play games and watch movies like never before on a Google-certified TV box with the latest Amlogic S905X2 CPU.

    Devices with built-in voice remote controls allow you to search for movies or applications using only your voice; affordable smart TV boxes that can connect to other devices to improve the user experience
    Google Home voice control is supported.
    2GB 16GB/4GB 32GB Android 10.0 Pie System
    Stream your smartphone movies, images, or games to a bigger screen with Google Cast and 4K HDR support.
    Bluetooth 4.0 and USB 3.0 allow data to be transferred rapidly and without being trapped.
    Provide OTA updates on a regular basis.

    mecool review
    • Some Specifications of Android TV Box Mecool KM9 that mecool review collects for you:
    • Brand: Mecool
    • Model: TV Box KM9
    • Operating System: Android 8.1
    • CPU: Amlogic S905X2
    • Core: Quad Core
    • RAM: 4G LPDDR4
    • ROM: 32GB
    • Expansion capacity: 128G

    TV often “turns into” Smart TV after only 3 steps, the story is like a joke with Android TV Box Mecool KM9. With outstanding features, just having a regular TV or an old PC monitor combined with Mecool KM9, users have enjoyed enjoying the most perfect moments like a Smart TV, don’t be afraid to try!

    3.2021 MECOOL Newest Android TV 10 Box KM6 Deluxe Edition Powered by Amlogic S905X4 AV1 supported

    mecool review

    Another good product that Mecool review brings for you today is the MECOOL KM6 S905X4 is the first Android TV Box to run on the new Android TV 10 operating system. The KM6 comes with a strong setup that includes an AMlogic S905X4 Cortex A55 chip CPU, 2GB RAM, and 16GB ROM. Intelligent voice search on the Integrated Voice Remote improves the user experience.

    Additionally, the Google Chrome Cast function on the KM6 allows you to instantly transfer images and movies from your phone screen to your TV, which features the latest CPU S905X4, RAM 4GB DDR4, and Wifi 6 2T2R for performance optimization. quicker than prior Wifi standards, with several enhancements in aesthetics and product packaging, and superior to earlier KM Serial lines such as the KM1, KM3, KM9, KM8…

    • EXCLUSIVE: The Android TV Box KM6 will allow you to utilize programs that Android Box TVs without Google’s certificate cannot, such as Chrome Cast and Youtube 4K.
    • 4GB RAM memory, 32GB or 64GB eMMC ROM internal memory for greater performance, which can be used to store software and bad games, music, and view movies offline…
      – Fantastic setup, highly powerful with the latest Amlogic S905X4 chip processor, completely supports high-end 4K UHD video, strong 64bit CPU paired with Cortex A55 Quad Core, 4K graphics processing is superior to nearly all products on the market.
    • Voice Remote allows voice search and has the latest Wifi 6 with two bands of 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
    mecool review

    4.Some comparations

    Mecool review also will give you a little cooperation for you to compare and choose what types of Mecool that is the best for you.

    Because most Android TV Boxes run Android and cheap 1c Boxes have functions that can equate to pricey Android TV Boxes, it’s tough to say how to buy Android TV Boxes properly. However, there will be a significant difference between the inexpensive and expensive boxes in order to provide the best experience to users. You should determine ANY MONEY OF IT before purchasing a Box. Expect to pay a fair amount of money, but the quality, performance, and features are on par with or better than those found in million-dollar TV boxes. It’s critical that I spend this money; will the contents of the Box satisfy me? How does it compare other boxes in the same price range?

    What were the grounds for purchasing the first Box, perhaps for the sole purpose of use?

    This is a crucial criterion because it will help us decide how much to spend.

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    Users of TV boxes frequently utilize it for the following purposes:

    • Watching TV, listening to music, and watching Youtube are all examples of basic entertainment (choosing models in the cheap and mid-range segment is good to watch)
    • Serving games and installing specialized software (need to choose models in the mid-range and high-end segments)
    • AndroidTV is used to watch Netflix in high definition or DVB-T2 TV.

    4. Your Mecool review

    One of the core factors for Mecool review to evaluate the true value of a product is the feedback from their customers on most of today’s information networks. All are available here in our Mecool review. Mecool review has carefully reviewed and selected these values to give you an overview of the authenticity of what the founder stated and the truth after the customer has made a purchase. 

    Mecool review evaluates these products as a value for money product that is perfect as advertised. All are 5 start feedback, you can fully believe in perfect system and service, also products of Mecool store.

    Injoy review does not guarantee authenticity, however, you should consult before deciding to buy.

    Let’s take a look at some Mecool review 5 stars on their website:

    Moussa Obscur

    I’m passionate about tech products and Reviewing it, with more than 7 years of experience in dealing with electronic devices, smartphones, smartwatches, TV boxes, computer equipment, and others.

    I have had my share of defective TV boxes from China, as well as squirrely operating systems, and poor performance. I am happy to say that this box is none of those. This box is simply outstanding. The picture is as good as my Shield in 4k 60fps, and it plays all my 4k test videos flawlessly.

    Very solidly built, and has a snappy response. I have tested some of the newer s905x2 boxes like the A95 Plus, A95 Max, T95Q, and Beelink Mini, and I can say this box is my favorite amongst all of them. It also loads all of my IPTV apps, and most of the apps I have in my library on Google Play.

    I give my highest recommendation to this TV box as well as the seller. Buy it, you will not be disappointed (except for maybe it has an IR remote).


    I have had my share of defective TV boxes from China, as well as squirrely operating systems, and poor performance. I am happy to say that this box is none of those. This box is simply outstanding. The picture is as good as my Shield in 4k 60fps, and it plays all my 4k test videos flawlessly.

    Very solidly built, and has a snappy response. I have tested some of the newer s905x2 boxes like the A95 Plus, A95 Max, T95Q, and Beelink Mini, and I can say this box is my favorite amongst all of them. It also loads all of my IPTV apps, and most of the apps I have in my library on Google Play.

    I give my highest recommendation to this TV box as well as the seller. Buy it, you will not be disappointed (except for maybe it has an IR remote).

    Naga Ravi Sankar

    I love this android player.It is fast and super easy to setup. We can install all the apps directly from app store.I was using 2gb android player and it is very slow in response and decided to upgrade to new version.I was very happy with my decision.And also i love the bluetooth feature in this box where we can enjoy private listening at night times while others sleeping.I would definitely recommed this friends..

    This box is really great. Everything can run smoothly because it is better than my last box. I used this box for ten days and I was impressed.
    I took 2 minutes to set up and use the remote control that comes with it because it’s simple and straightforward. With the USB port, I insert my mini wireless keyboard, it’s more convenient to use. There is a voice control button on the remote control, you can press and hold it to open the application or weather like the Google home function.

    There are pre-installed application settings, I deleted the application that I know I won’t use immediately. Then go to the Google Play Store or Chrome to download what I need.
    I really look forward to learning and discovering more information about this box.
    I like the small MECOOL TV box.

    Bought as gift, and test drove it

    Very easy too use. The picture quality is outstanding. Also, apps you can easily get for it. However Prime Video, a no go. But Netflix and YouTube really good. Had a kodi like whatever on it that for me was useless. Other IPTV options much better.

    Main thing, you can use a vpn on it, no effort. Sideload any app. I put duckduckgo on it and with mini keyboard easy to browse the web. I also added a for in-house iM and telephone calling app. So texting, chatting and sending files could be done over lan. A good product for little money.

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     Great box for streaming

    I would have given this 5 stars if the remote that came with this device was a little more reliable. Wish that these companies would upgrade firmware more frequently.

    Miki Hues

    I love this

    And use it everyday

    I actually saw this on YouTube and had to get it

    No regrets in buying this item none whatsoever

    I would like to upgrade to the El model but we’ll get it in due time

    Great value for money, couldn’t ask for more

    Had some freezing problems initially with the latest stable Kodi release and couldn’t figure it out. But there are no problems whatsoever with the pre-installed version. Super smooth. Must be just a configuration or library or driver issue or something.

    Now that this is clear I must say this box is really good. Really a step up from my old NMT media player. I’m very happy with the purchase. Its absolutely smooth and stable and fantastic value for the money. Would recommend to anyone.

    5. Are Mecool Official worth it ?

    With honest Mecool review from customers and Injoy Review’s feelings, we consider Mecool official website to be a product you should try with factors such as safe product quality, fast shipping service, unique design.

    And especially, in this Mecool review, we also find great promotions and Mecool discount codes when you buy any product at Tactical world store and buy stuff buy coupon codes of our Mecool review

    Mecool review believe that this is one of the attractions that Mecool official website is doing so well. They want to thank their familiar customers and welcome new customers for the first time with meaningful gifts.

    6. Where to buy Mecool Official ?

    For any concerns, Welcome to send them message or contact us directly that Mecool already found for you with the below information:
    Telephone: 86-0755-27928980 (Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm PST)Email: [email protected]Address: No. 127, Chuangye Second Road, Bao’an District,ShenZhen, GuangDong Province, China

    7. Your Mecool Official FAQs

    Q: Do you offer warranty on your products?

    A:Yes, we offer a 1-year warranty against any quality defects on the android box (from the date of purchase).

    Q: If I don’t like your box may I return it for a refund?

    A:If it’s quality related, Yes, you can ask for a refund minus shipping costs if you return the box within 7 days of the delivery date. You are responsible for the return shipping costs. The packaging must be in mint condition, otherwise a restocking fee will be applied.

    Q: Are MECOOL ATV products Google certified?

    A:Yes, all of our products are certified with Google Assistant and Chromecast built-in.

    Q: Do all MECOOL ATV products support voice remote?

    A:Yes, they do.

    Q: If MECOOL Android TV box built-in bluetooth or not?

    A:Yes, they do.

    Q: Do the product support Bluetooth headphones?

    A:Yes, they do. 

    Q: What apps are pre-loaded on the products?

    A:Google Play, YouTube, Google music, Google game, etc.

    Q: Can it play 4K Netflix?

    A: Yes! MECOOL KM2 is a Netflix Certified Android TV Box, supports 4K from Netflix.
    The other model of MECOOL TV boxes don’t support 4K from Netflix, but support other apps, for example, YouTube 4K. The mobile version of Netflix can be installed via U disk, but the resolution is only SD.

    Q: Do your TV boxes play 3D movies

    A:Yes, our Android TV box support 3D movie, You can Play in KODI .

    Q: Is KODI installed or can it be installed?

    A:No, KODI isn’t installed. But, You can download KODI in the Playstore.  

    Q: If the boxes support OTA update or not?

    A:Yes, you could upgrade the latest version over and over again.

    Q: Will the box work if connected via an HDMI switch?

    A:Yes,it can work.

    8. Contact Mecool Official

    MECOOL is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy, and they will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the products and services you requested from them. From time to time, Mecool review believed that they would like to contact you about our products and services, as well as other content that may be of interest to you. 

    For any concerns, Welcome to send them a message or contact us directly that Mecool already found for you with the below information:

    Mecool website

    Mecool facebook

    Mecool Instagram

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