Notes about car door latches can be forgotten

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Locking car doors helps prevent bad guys from breaking in when the car is stopped or temporarily parked and prevents children from accidentally opening the door without permission. Let’s take a look with Injoyreview at some important tips and notes about car door latches that you need to master.

Car owners can use many different ways to lock or open the door at their discretion.

Use the driver’s side door lock button

This button helps lock all doors. Drivers should lock the doors when the vehicle is temporarily stopped, this also helps prevent outsiders from illegally entering through the back doors.

Use the door lock button on each door

You can tell whether the door is locked or not through the red button on the door. If you see a red button, it means the door is not locked. If you don’t see the red button, the door is locked. This method can only lock each door individually.

Parents should guide their children how to open and lock the door through this car door unlock button so that when locked in the car accidentally or on purpose, they can open the door to escape.

Note, some cars are not equipped with a door lock button, the way to open it is to pull it twice.

Flip the lock lever inside the car door to prevent children from opening the door arbitrarily

If carrying children in the back seat, the car owner can prevent children from arbitrarily unlocking the door by flipping the lever inside the car’s wing. When this lever is pushed, children cannot open the inside door themselves even if the lock button is in the open position, but can only open the door from the outside.

This lock lever is located at the two rear doors and has a different design depending on each vehicle.

Automatic car lock

In addition, some vehicles are equipped with an automatic locking feature, such as unlocking when the vehicle shifts to another position such as shifting P, N or locking when the vehicle rolls away.

If the vehicle has this function, the driver should take advantage of it for both convenience and safety when using the vehicle.

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Answer from perplexity ai

Car door latches are critical safety features that should never be overlooked. Defective or malfunctioning door latches can lead to serious accidents and injuries if a door opens unexpectedly while driving[1][2]. Some key points about car door latches:

  • Faulty door latches are a serious auto defect that put people in genuine danger. Latch failures can occur due to design defects, improper installation, manufacturing faults, or mechanical breakdown[1].
  • If a door latch breaks at the wrong time, it could lead to a serious accident where occupants are ejected from the vehicle, resulting in severe crush injuries. Injury is more likely to be fatal if occupants are thrown from the car[2].
  • Common causes of door latch failure include a stuck, binding or rusted latch, a latch that was accidentally closed when the door was open, or a malfunctioning door handle or linkage[3].
  • Adjusting a misaligned door anchor or worn hinges may help if a door won’t close properly. But major repairs should be left to professionals[3].
  • Freezing temperatures and moisture can cause door locks to freeze solid and prevent opening or closing. Spraying with deicer or using hand sanitizer on the key can help melt the ice[3].

Never forget that vehicles with broken door latches could easily eject someone in an accident, especially if occupants are not wearing seat belts. Proper maintenance and prompt repair of any door latch issues is critical for vehicle safety.


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