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[Updated 2023] – Oxford Steels Review & Coupon

Oxford Steels Review

Safety Shoes – An accessory that seemed to be very rough and only used to protect the feet, but now it has been redesigned to be extremely fashionable, and you can absolutely wear it because of the elegant beauty it brings.

Famous in this way of making shoes is Oxford Steel, with an Oxford-style design, the shoes, in addition to having a protective function, also bring a polite and neat appearance to their owner. So what is so special about Oxford Steels shoes that make so many people love them? Let’s evaluate this brand together through the article Oxford Steels Review below.

About Oxford Steels

Oxford Steels is a brand that makes safety shoes but has a very fashionable design. Their motto is to make handmade leather shoes that are safe, of good quality, beautiful to look at, and especially comfortable for customers to wear. Oxford Steels sells high-quality steel toe shoes with flair, they are committed to providing quality work shoes that are beautiful and affordable. In addition, Oxford Steels also sells on the online platform and you can complete an order and have it delivered to your door. With a team of enthusiastic and professional consultants, Oxford Steels is a great place for you to choose to buy shoes.

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    As one of the pioneers of making safety shoes but looking elegant, Oxford Steels is considered to be a trend that many people are looking for. The Oxford Steels Review below will answer your questions about these unique shoes.

    Oxford Steels discount

    Oxford Steels Overview

    Oxford Steels Review

    Oxford Steels manufactures safety shoes but they look very fashionable and elegant. With materials made of leather, there are many different designs, simple but extremely attractive. The Oxford Steels basic shoes feature a sewn lace-up at the bottom of the upper for a classic feel. Oxford shoes use a closed lacing system, the laces of the two uppers will be sewn together, these are two indispensable features in the production of this shoe line. Although there are now many different designs of Oxford shoes, what sets the Oxford Steels apart is their excellent protection.

    About the founding story of Oxford Steels, the fateful meeting of 3 students from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte created this great shoe brand. All graduated in the field of mechanical engineering, all three engineers have a strong passion for manufacturing. This is partly what makes a great safety shoe brand like Oxford Steels what it is now.

    So where did the idea of ​​creating Oxford Steels come from? Paul, one of the three engineers above, on a trip to central Mexico for work, he discovered a company that manufactures oxford-style shoes that adhere to the safety standards of a pair of safety shoes. Realizing the potential of this product line, Paul immediately contacted and had a negotiation with the shoe manufacturer, Proxon. The negotiation was successful and from there, the Oxford Steels dream was born, bringing these sophisticated but extremely safe shoes to America.

    Paul later returned to America and was soon reunited with his two companions, Jacob and Nick. Jacob quickly came up with his idea, he wanted to design a pair of shoes that customers could wear both as formal shoes at work and as protective shoes in the factory. And Nick takes on the role of management as well as all stages of operating, meeting customers, manufacturing plants, …

    With the unremitting efforts of all three engineers, in 2017, Oxford Steels was born to provide versatile work shoes that are both beautiful and safe, specially handcrafted for hardworking Americans. Oxford Steels review is the supplier of the highest quality safety shoes to the US market and does it well!

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    Oxford Steels New Collection

    Men’s Steel Toe Dress Shoes

    Men's Steel Toe Dress Shoes

    Men who shop for Oxford Steels shoes can check out 6 collections:

    • Grand
    • Becks
    • CEO
    • Pilot
    • Wallace
    • Volta

    Oxford Steel men’s shoes are designed in the style of oxford shoes. All products are made with leather material, and a simple but attractive design, some models have lace sewn on the bottom of the shoe. These are two indispensable features in the production of this line of shoes, although there are now many different designs of Oxford shoes.

    With a simple design consisting of two rows of straps on the instep, Oxford Steels shoes still give users a sense of sophistication and nobility. Besides, with excellent protective materials, Oxford Steels shoes will protect your feet during work. With good materials, Oxford Steels shoes will always bring comfort to customers even if they wear them all day.

    However, because of the nature of protective shoes, Oxford Steels does not have too many beautiful designs to serve customers more. Hopefully, in the near future, Oxford Steels will launch more quality product models to bring the best experience to users.

    Grand – Oxford Steels Review

    Grand – Oxford Steels Review

    As one of the newly launched shoe models, with all-leather material. Grand is a shoe that is being loved by many young people. One of the thick designs is simple but very effective when being loved and used by men because of the monotonous design that it brings. This Grand Oxford Steels line is composed of two front and back leather parts that are stitched together. It is this simple design that brings elegance to men when using it. With a smooth design, no strings, instead two very fashionable straps. 

    The sole of the shoe is made of thick rubber, creating a very comfortable feeling. Grand Oxford Steels shoes have 3 basic colors: Amber, black, and brown to help you confidently coordinate with the right clothes.

    In addition, the shoes are also polished to create more accents, very suitable for going to party, meet partners by the polite style that it brings. Moreover, there are many sizes to suit every customer’s foot.

    A new product, still in the style of a traditional Oxford, the Grand is a shoe that is loved by customers because of the convenience it brings. In addition to the youthful and simple design, it also has an extremely safe protection function for the wearer.

    The product is currently on sale, for only $137.70 for a pair of Grand Oxford Steels.

    CEO – Oxford Steels Review

    CEO – Oxford Steels Review

    As one of Oxford Steels’ most beloved shoes, the CEO Steel Toe is a shoe that lives up to its name. With a simple yet elegant design, this shoe is born for business people. The shoes have 2 basic colors, black and brown, designed according to Oxford shoe standards.

    A special feature that makes a difference is that these business shoes can be worn by workers in the factory. There is no one who does not like neatness and courtesy, CEO shoes not only give a man a sense of confidence but also bring absolute safety to customers.

    Because of its delicate and polite appearance, the CEO Steel Toe Shoe is highly appreciated on the shopping website and receives countless positive reviews from customers.

    Reviews from Customers:

    Fit as stated: the leather and workmanship is top quality!” – Sammi K. – Oxford Steels Review.

     “I purchased these and a pair of boots for my husband. Both fit amazing, he said they are super comfortable and the best part is they aren’t clunky or industrial looking so his shoes finally match his work attire. He’s safe to work in the lab, still looks fantastic, and to top it off, they feel great. Feels like a major win!” – Megan U. – Oxford Steels Review

    I work outside and they are comfortable and durable. I love them and I am looking to buy another pair soon” – Danelle P. – Oxford Steels Review

    Volta – Oxford Steels Review

    Volta - Oxford Steels Review

    Referring to Oxford Steels shoes, one cannot help but mention Volta. One of the best-selling shoes and received the most positive reviews from customers.

    With smooth leather material, along with sophisticated design lines, the Volta shoes are considered one of the best shoes of Oxford Steels. Still bearing the style of an Oxford shoe, but with innovative and decorative lines, the Volta is a shoe chosen by many young people.

    If only looking at the appearance, no one would think this is a protective shoe. Shoes can completely help you become more fashionable and polite at every party.

    In terms of feeling when wearing, this is always something that Oxford Steels is always interested in. Oxford Steels’ mission is to provide customers with shoes that are protective but beautiful and must feel comfortable all day long. It was the Volta shoes that met all of those factors, which made it a best-selling shoe and also received a lot of positive reviews from customers.

    Volta Reviews from Customers:

    Looking Sharp! Comfortable and classy aren’t usually found together in steel toes, but these puppies really shine!” – Rachel F. – Oxford Steels Review.

    I have always worked lace-up steel toes – transitioning from the field to the office but still needing a shoe I can step onsite with that complies with safety standards and looks great was what I was after – Oxford steel delivered both along with being surprisingly comfortable” – Chad H. – Oxford Steels Review.

    I have been working in professional roles (engineering and leadership) in manufacturing for 15 years and have always needed steel toes as a daily shoe, very challenging to find a dress shoe style, to begin with, and even harder to add comfort to that requirement and these shoes meet both. Awesome” – Jeremy S. – Oxford Steels Review.

    Women’s Safety Shoes

    Although Oxford shoes for men have a strong attraction because of their luxurious and aristocratic nature, the models of shoes for women are equally attractive, winning many women’s hearts. Women’s Oxford shoes are designed to be gentle, noble, luxurious, strong, and have a completely separate style.

    As a woman who wants to own the best products from Oxford Steels, you should not miss the following 2 collections:

    • Elise Steel Toe Boot
    • Icon Steel Toe Boot

    Women’s Oxford Steels shoes are shoes with a structure similar to traditional Oxford shoes, the designs are streamlined, adding gentleness, the characteristics of a luxurious lady.

    Around the beginning of the 19th century, the trend of women’s Oxford shoes became popular when the lines closely resembled the style of men’s shoes. And most notably, in the 40s and 50s of this century, women’s Oxford shoes were created from perfectly beautiful leather, with unique decorative details in the shoe body, shoe sole, and different colors compared to other women’s shoes. with men.

    Then women’s Oxford Steels shoes are different from the traditional Oxford, let’s explore together through the Women’s Oxford Steels Review section below.

    Elise Steel Toe Boot Review

    Elise Steel Toe Boot Review

    Safety shoes are not only for men, women need them too. Elise Steel Toe Boot is the perfect choice for women who want to buy a pair of shoes to protect their feet. A pair of high-heeled safety shoes, made entirely of smooth leather, with a simple but soft Oxford standard design, with light details but still ensuring safety and comfort for the wearer.

    The shoes have 2 very vintage colors: Black and Oak so that women can easily coordinate with simple but elegant and attractive outfits.

    Elise Steel Toe Boot is always the best-selling women’s shoe of Oxford Steels, it is always rated 5 stars on its sales page, moreover, it also receives a lot of positive reviews from customers.

    The Elise is the best steel toe boot I’ve worn in my 35 years. The versatility of shoes is great, from the conference room to factory floor, hands did the best” – Paula Oxford Steels Review.

    These boots look great with my dress clothes and they required very little breaking in. I have been wearing them for six months and people still ask me where I got them” – Colleen L. – Oxford Steels Review.

    Great Boot! The shoe looks great and is definitely high quality. Fits a little snug, probably need to bump up a size. Otherwise, I’ll keep buying these again and again.” – Jason R. – Oxford Steels Review.

    “These shoes are more comfortable than any other high end dress shoe I own. My feet no longer hurt at the end of the day after walking across my 70K sqft concrete floor facility all day. I wear these out daily now, purchasing a few pairs for all around use. – Robert G.

    I usually wear dress shoes, black pants/chinos, and a nice polo for work, as I often meet with director-level individuals and office staff in their offices. However, when I need to visit an active job site, I switch to my work boots. I also keep an extra set of clothes in my car in case I get too sweaty or need to change for another meeting.

    My goal is to find dress shoes that are suitable for job sites, so I can wear them all day and only change into my work boots when I’m doing physical tasks or inspections. After searching on Google, I discovered Oxford Steels, which have the style I like, but I can’t find a store to try them on. I would appreciate feedback before I order a few pairs and return the ones that don’t fit properly.” – Robert B.

    Icon Steel Toe Boot Review

    Icon Steel Toe Boot Review

    As a newly launched product of Oxford Steels, Icon Steel Toe Boot brings with it a modern style. With a design quite similar to Chelsea Boot products, Icon Steel Toe Boot is completely made of smooth leather.

    Icon Steel Toe Boot is designed to hug the foot, ankle-high, with no strings, instead, two elastic sides make it easier to wear shoes. With vulcanized rubber material on both sides of the shoe, the toe is rounded, making the shoes both aesthetic and safe for your feet. The shoes also have a piece of crochet fabric at the back to make them easier to put on.

    As a modern-oriented product, but equally elegant and luxurious, Icon Steel Toe Boot is being sought after by many female customers and has winged compliments for it.

    If you want to check more reviews on Oxford Steels Shoes, check it out here below

    Oxford Steels Warranty 

    With the motto of dedicated customer service, Oxford Steels is committed to warranty all products with any defects in materials and workmanship for 6 months from the date of purchase. Oxford Steels will repair or replace free of charge; any part if their shoes are defective in material or workmanship.

    So what do you need to do to enjoy the warranty policy?

    It’s very simple, you just need to visit the Website: and then visit the Return & Exchange portal. There enter your order information, select a return reason “Damaged item” and follow the steps in the portal. You will receive an early response once an Oxford Steels staff member has assessed your request. Confirmation can take 2-3 days.

    Note that this warranty does NOT cover damage caused by customer misuse, abuse, alteration, or normal wear and tear.

    Oxford Steels Discounts

    Check Oxford Steels discount codes – Extra 20% Off (Site-wide) at

    Oxford Steels Discount Code: 20% Off - Update 2023

    Oxford Steels Discount Code: 20% Off - Update 2023

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  • Oxford Steels Contact

    If you have any questions not covered in this Oxford Steels Review, you can contact the company by:

    Email: [email protected]


    Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Oxford Steels experts via any of the following contact methods for assistance in finding the right pair of shoes.

    You can also visit the Oxford Steels social media pages to see interesting content about their shoes as well as choose a pair of shoes that you like.

    Oxford Steels Facebook

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