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Pomp’s Tire Review – Must Read Before Buying

Pomps tire review

Since 1939, Pomp’s Tire Service has been providing tires and service to satisfied customers throughout the Midwest. Pomp’s Tire is reviewd focus on building strong customer relationships and providing the highest quality of workmanship on each and every job they perform. This Pomp’s Tire review will let you know detailed information about Pomp’s Tire including the service, advantages & disadvantages, and more. Let’s find out together.

About Pomp’s Tire

Andre “Sparky” Pomprowitz launched a commercial and passenger wholesale enterprise on Roosevelt Street in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in 1939 with the help of his brother-in-law. When a fire destroyed the entire factory and all of the stock in 1942, he continued to expand under Pomprowitz Tire Company.

The Pomprowitz Appliance Company was renovated and merged with Pomprowitz. In 1942, Sparky left the firm to his brothers Joe and John, who ran it until Sparky’s return in 1944. In 1952, Pomp’s Tire became Pomp’s Recap Service, Inc., and the firm was renamed. On Cedar Street in Green Bay East, the company relocated.

Sparky died in 1964, and Roger Wochinske took over the business on January 1, 1965, after Sparky’s death. Shawano, Wisconsin, got its first outlet store that year. Pomp’s Tire has expanded to 120 locations in 11 different states, one wheel manufacturing facility, and three OE (original equipment manufacturer) factories. Nearly 2100 people currently work for Pomp’s Tire, spread out over the company’s entire span.

Although it is still a family-run business, Pomp’s Tire can now handle a wide range of tire-related needs, from boat trailers to earthmoving equipment, retail, wholesale, commercial, and 24-hour over-the-road truck tire service. Here in this Pomp’s tire review, you will get all information about Pomp’s Tire.

Pomp’s Tire Review – Overview of Pomp’s Tire

Pomp’s Tire Review

Customers in ten northern states have relied on Pomp’s Tire Servicing since 1939 for an auto repair, fleet service, tires, and wheels. Over 120 locations throughout Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Missouri, South Dakota, and North Dakota serve our customers. To get a quotation on auto repair or new tires, stop by Pomp’s Tire Service location or schedule an appointment online. Commercial tires are available for your car, truck, or SUV.

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What are the Best Practices to Buy Wheels from Pomp’s Tire?

In this Pomp’s tire review, we will help you know the basics of buying a wheel from Pomp’s Tires. Among the many cities served by Pomp’s Tire in the Midwest are WI, Green Bay, Minneapolis, and Chicago.

You can use the wheel buying guide below to help you narrow down your options before you begin shopping for a new set of wheels. If you have any questions during your investigation, you can contact them online.

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Alloy Wheels:

Pomp’s Tires Wheels made of aluminum, magnesium, or steel have less weight and better handling than steel or aluminum wheels. In addition to improving braking reaction, these wheels improve cornering and steering precision.

Steel Wheels:

Steel wheels must be used to reduce the vehicle’s center of gravity. Due to their weight, steel wheels are ideal for driving in snow or on rough terrain, but they have a limited range of other qualities.


Decorative chrome can be applied to both steel and alloy wheels. It is common for drivers that care about their appearance to seek attractive chrome wheels. While chrome wheels are known for their shiny durability, mirrored shine, and strength, they must be cleaned and maintained regularly to keep their visual attractiveness intact.

What Manufacturing Process does Pomp’s Tire Use for Wheels and Rims?

In this Pomp’s tire review, we will shed light on the processes that Pomp’s Tires use to make Rims and Wheels. Below you will find three procedures:

Cast Wheels

Aluminum wheels are made by pouring molten aluminum into a mold and shaping it into the desired shape. Gravity or pressure casting is used to create the wheel’s shape.

Machined Wheels

Aluminum is poured into a mold and shaped by heating, spinning, and precise pressurization to make machined wheels.

Forged Wheels

The forging process takes a piece of metal and shapes the wheel through great heat and pressure. The final product is a light, thick, and robust wheel.

Considerations When Purchasing a Wheel from Pomp’s Tire

We will discuss the procedures that one must follow when purchasing from Pomp’s Tire in this Pomp’s Tire Review. It’s important to consider the vehicle’s features and ride quality while choosing the right wheels. Take into account the following factors while selecting wheels for your vehicle:

  • Size: Wheel and Tire size and weight significantly impact performance. If you’re thinking about getting a bigger set of wheels, make sure you know how big your car can take them before purchasing.
  • Weighing: The weight of the wheels affects how well a vehicle performs. Lighter wheels are better for maneuverability and braking, whereas heavier wheels are worse for braking distance and handling.
  • Terrain: How often do you drive on different types of terrain? It would be best to choose a vehicle’s wheels based on the vehicle’s principal purpose.

Promotions and Discounts – Pomp’s Tire

In this Pomp’s Tire Review, we will discuss the Promotions and Discounts of Pomp’s Tire. When comparing pricing, shop around on several different websites. Add-ons, such as shipping and sales taxes, should be considered.

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Keep in mind that Pomp’s Tire prices of tires vary depending on the brand, type, and size; larger tires will cost more. Find out what it would cost to ship & replace tires at a Pomp’s Tire near me or even at your house to discover your true cost. Free delivery is available from some shops and manufacturers. When shopping from Pomp’s Tire, you will find tons of Discount coupons.

  1. Goodyear CC – $150 Rebate
  2. Goodyear – NPP2 – $75 Rebate
  3. Bridgestone CFNA – $100 – Reward
  4. Bridgestone CFNA – $120 – Reward
  5. Alignment Coupon
  6. Pomp’s Card

Check other deals and discounts at Injoyreview

What is a Pomp’s Card? Should you use it?

pomp's tire review

The Pomp’s Tire Credit Card is available at Pomp’s Tire Service. The Pomp’s Tire Service credit card offers a low APR, Tire and special service discounts, etc. All $149 or more purchases qualify for CFNA’s substantial credit limits and special financing. There are thousands of Pomp’s Tire Review Service outlets across the country where you can use your Pomp’s Tire Service credit card.

  • Requirement of One Time Payment
  • Affordable monthly installments
  • Financing for promotion

What is a Pomp’s Good Year Service Card?

You’ll receive special offers and discounts when you sign up for a Pomp’s Tire Service Goodyear credit card. More than 6,100 stores accept the Goodyear Credit Card, and online account management is available for your convenience. There are many perks available to Goodyear cardholders:

  • Acceptance across the country
  • Offers and savings that aren’t available anywhere else.
  • Select sets of four tires that are eligible for an additional rebate.
  • Offers a mail-in rebates
  • Access to banknotes via automated teller machine
  • Online account administration is available 24/7

A smart investment is a specialized credit card for tire purchases, vehicle maintenance, and emergency repairs. All Goodyear and Pomp’s Tire Service stores accept the Goodyear credit card.

Pomp’s Commercial Tire – Overview

Pomp’s Tire Review 2

Pomp’s Tire Commercial tires are made specifically for commercial vehicles and are engineered to function at their best on each vehicle’s four wheels, including the front and rear axles. Tires for commercial vehicles cover a lot of ground.

They must be long-lasting, safe, and enjoyable to drive, all at a reasonable price. At Pomp’s Tire, they offer the best commercial tires in the upper Midwest. If you’re in the upper Midwest, you’ll be able to find a site close to you. Choose from several tire brands and sizes in Pomp’s Tire’s catalog to find the best fit for your needs.

As a business partner, they collaborate with you to develop tire systems and cost-saving strategies. You can choose from a wide range of commercial tires from Bridgestone, Firestone, and Goodyear to MICHELIN, Hankook, and Yokohama. Consider your options by looking at tires on the web, or give us a call to arrange a fitting. Determine what kind of Tire will work best for your drivers’ needs and the weather conditions they confront.

  • Ample Traveling
  • Improved Stability
  • Longevity
  • Efficiency
  • Durability
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If you’re looking for commercial tires, the friendly and educated Pomp’s Tire staff can assist you in making the right choice. They’ll help you choose the best commercial tire for your needs, ensuring that you get the best value for your money. Pomp’s Tire’s sturdier tires will bolster your fleet. Stop by your local Pomp’s Tire when you’re ready for the greatest commercial tires around.

Pomp’s Tire Service: Contact Information

We will conclude our Pomp’s Tire Service Review by giving you the necessary details to contact Pomp’s Tire Services. Trucks, farm equipment, industrial equipment—whatever you use them for—need to run well. We at Pomp’s Tire locations understand the value of keeping your business running smoothly as much as possible.

So we conduct preventative maintenance for fleets and offer 24-hour tire service for vehicles. You may count on our truck mechanics and specialists for a wide range of commercial services, such as electrical maintenance, brake repair, diesel engine repair, truck alignments (certain locations), and Tire retreading. To make an appointment or learn more about tires, stop by or call a Pomp’s Tire shop near you today.

Website: Pomp’

Fill out a Form: https://commercial.Pomp’

Contact Number: 618-286-7400


Pomp’s Tire Service


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