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Scandinavian Fashion: Clothing for Surviving the Swedish Winter

Scandinavian Fashion

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Do you want to visit Sweden or anywhere in the Scandi region anytime soon? You need more than light clothing to survive the weather. You can check to get an insight into the general Nordic weather. 

In this article, I will reveal the kinds of clothing that befit the Nordic region’s weather, especially in Sweden. Swedish clothing, Swedish shoes, and Swedish fabrics are the best protector in the winter. 

Scandinavian Fashion

The Nordic region is a region that consists of a variety of cultures. So, Scandinavian fashion is a blend of all the fashion senses from Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, and Norway. 

There are styles, trends, and influences coming from all over Scandinavia and the Nordic region. 

Simple Dressing 

Scandinavian fashion plays so much emphasis on simplicity. They’ve got the best simple but classy dress sense. Very much a part of their cultural roots, the Scandinavians know you don’t need to shout to be heard. They’re the masters of achieving a strong and obvious fashion identity using minimalist pieces. 

From a simple coat, paired with some black tights and a blouse, or a casual dress with a small statement accessory this chic and modern fashion trend usually results in an effortlessly cool look.

Timeless Fashion Choices

The Scandic people derive pleasure and satisfaction from a sustainable approach to living and this is reflected in many of their fashion choices.

They wear clothes that are eco-friendly, simple, and classy. Generally, they wear clothes that transcend time and tides.

Saved by Layers 

Because of the weather, Scandinavians have mastered the use of layering for both practicality and style. You can switch it up depending on your taste, but the common combination is wearing a blouse under a cardigan, a t-shirt under a dress or a sweater under a trench coat. 

Be ready to wear layers like a bulb of onions if you want to rock Scandinavian fashion.

Mix and Match 

Scandinavian Fashion: Clothing for Surviving the Swedish Winter

If there’s anything the Scandinavian people are good at, it is their ability to mix and match various colors and styles. Every piece contributes to a meaningful whole.

In Scandinavian fashion, you can match your blazer with its corresponding pants, or be paired with a summer morning skirt. Likewise, a simple white tee might look great with five different combinations of clothing.

Quality over Quantity 

Scandinavian fashion designers care about quality materials and designs that can stand the test of time.

This probably ties into their commitment to sustainable fashion, as well as their culture of not being wasteful, and appreciating what they have. It’s also incredibly important when they’re mixing and matching their outfits, and valuing a functional aspect, not just a designer look.

So, if you’re shopping for a Scandic outfit, it’s a good idea to balance your budget with a piece that is good quality rather than a large quantity without quality.

Clothing for Surviving the Swedish Winter

Sweden is one of the coldest places during winter in the Nordic region. You may have heard of the killing and draining cold in winter, there’s no cause for alarm. Putting on the right clothing at the right time can minimize the cold for you if you can follow the tips below:

Observe the three-layer system

Scandinavian Fashion: Clothing for Surviving the Swedish Winter

Layering is all about dressing in a way to layer air between garment fabrics. It’s a balance where the layers are not too loose and not very tight.

Layer up in Three 

Merino wool should be the closest material to your skin because even if it gets wet it maintains its warmth and insulation properties.

The second layer should be a thicker wool sweater followed by a top layer/outer shell with wind-breaking/wind-stopping qualities like Gore-Tex. 

To layer your legs for warmth, wear wool long underwear under wind-breaking shell pants, though extreme weather conditions may call for a third layer.

Wear a Hat

Wearing a hat keeps your head warm. The cold could penetrate into your body from your head and wearing a hat helps to prevent this. That’s why it’s common to see Swedish people wearing hats, especially in public.

Wear Boots

You don’t need slippers or some revealing footwear to survive the cold in Sweden. If you don’t want to get caught up in the brewing cold in the winter, nice boots will prevent you from catching a cold, especially from your feet.

Wear a Raincoat or Jacket 

A large raincoat or jacket can insulate you from the cold and help you perform well during winter activities.

A raincoat can keep you warm when you are outdoors without losing your fashion sense. So, if you wish to visit any of the Nordic regions, especially Sweden, get a raincoat or monster jacket.

Wear Hand-knitted Socks 

When you expose your feet to cold it can ruin your day and only footwear can’t insulate you. Only well-insulated shoes with good socks can do the magic. 

Wearing boots, layering up, a hat, wearing a large raincoat, and hand-knitted socks will help you survive the winter in Sweden. You now know that you don’t need to panic or be scared of visiting the Nordic region.

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