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SuperATV XT Warrior Tire Review

SuperATV XT Warrior Tire Review

About SuperATV 

In the field of automobile manufacturing, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) have been capturing an increasing number of headlines during the past few decades. The days are long gone when vehicles were only intended for use in the workplace or to move people from one location to another. People today are looking for ways to improve these cars so that they can use them for leisure purposes.

In our SuperATV XT warrior tire review, we have exhibited that back in the day, there was not a lot of help available from the aftermarket for vehicles of this type. Either you make do with some of the factory’s pre-made enhancements, or you devise your own. SuperATV is one of the performance enhancements that have thankfully been available since the aftermarket business began selling them.

SuperATV is a manufacturer that focuses on producing parts and accessories for all-terrain vehicles (ATVs and UTVs). Their debut product, the 2″ Polaris Sportsman EZ Install raise kit, was such a huge hit that it catapulted the firm to the position of being one of the most in-demand companies for ATV components upgrading. The dissemination of these components caused a revolution in the industry and contributed to the development of the means by which these automobiles were improved.

All Terrain Aggressive Tires – SuperATV XT Warrior Tire Review

SuperATV XT Warrior Tire Review

The SuperATV XT Warrior tire, manufactured by SuperATV, is the next step forward in the development of Warrior Tire technology. XT Warriors are designed to provide your UTV with great grip and an astounding amount of bite so that it can navigate the roughest terrain possible. Thanks to the revolutionary tapered pyramid lugs, you’ll have more control, speed, and enjoyment on the world’s most challenging terrain, which provides a secure grip in every environment.

Now located in a massive facility, SuperATV is home to some of the industry’s most cutting-edge tools and pieces of technology. They are able to produce accurate pieces that are a perfect match for the car by using lasers and welding machines. These parts can be installed in their original positions without requiring any substantial alterations to be made to the environment.

We discovered in the SuperATV XT Warrior tire review that in addition, they have a specialized testing facility where each component is put through its paces to determine whether or not it satisfies the requirements. They can make things that their rivals cannot match because they create everything on their own within the company.

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Design features of SuperATV XT Warrior Tire – Review

SuperATV XT Warrior Tire

We have established our review on extensive research about the SuperATV XT Warrior tire. These tires provide traction where others fall short! To guarantee the best possible traction with the XT Warrior Tires, we loaded them up with a variety of characteristics. Because of the 1-inch tread depth and patent-pending tapering pyramid tread pattern, these tires are able to grab the ground like hundreds of fingers.

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These tires are kept free of debris thanks to the ejector ribs located between the lugs. Even when the pressure is low and the camber is incorrect, the 8-ply design and aramid belt make the tire flexible while maintaining its stability. Because of siped lugs, the tire is designed to grip the road within a millimeter of its surface area.

Some more features of this SuperATV XT Warrior tire include:

  • Built-in protection for the rims
  • Effortless running
  • A tread pattern in the shape of a V offers superior grip in practically any environment, including wet and slippery ground.
  • A compound of rubber that has been deliberately developed to operate exceptionally well
  • They are specifically tailored to provide optimum cleaning and traction.
  • The aramid belt structure provides both rigidity and flexibility.

Offerings of SuperATV XT Warrior Tire – review

In the SuperATV XT Warrior tire review, we have found that two types of rubber compounds can be used to make XT Warrior Tires: sticky and standard. This sticky material has lugs that are incredibly flexible and extremely adaptable, making them ideal for gripping onto rough terrain. You should use the company’s standard compound on high-speed trails since it grips the ground better than any other UTV tire.

SuperATV XT Warrior Tire

Mud Slingers are deep, and the wide trenches are paired with additional notches across the tread to provide you with more traction to push through muck and help continuously clear heavy mud from the tire. Mud Slingers can be found on some tires. The Earth Diggers are equipped with big blocks with alternating mud scoops that dig hard into loose dirt, sand, or sticky mud, allowing them to navigate difficult terrain.

The inner tread ribs have also been designed into an alternating pattern to lessen the amount of noise produced and enhance the overall handling. Specifically, the number of ribs has been changed between three and two at random intervals. This one has a distinct advantage over others in the thick muck because of the side cleats.

Why buy Specialized Offroad Tire? – SuperATV XT Warrior tire Review

SuperATV XT Warrior Tire

When we were making this SuperATV XT Warrior tire review, we had to learn about the offroad tires and what kind of tires fit our vehicle’s requirements. Do our needs include a smooth or rugged ride on offroad terrains?

The answer is in their crossovers, SUVs, and even wagons. An increasing number of individuals are choosing to spend their vacations getting closer to nature and further away from civilization’s prepared and paved surfaces. This trend is growing at a faster rate than ever before. Choosing the right tires is the most important thing you can do if you want to have a good time off the beaten path and hit the trails confidently. Although there are several things to think about when planning to drive off the beaten path, choosing the right tires is important.

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Off-road tires are meant to take the damage from pounding through rocks while simultaneously keeping a grip on mud and loose sediment. These tires have tread patterns that are blocky and heavy-duty, and their sidewalls are built to resist punctures. Off-road tires can differ between retaining traction in tricky situations and spending hours trying to get unstuck, this is not a reason to throw caution to the wind while exploring, but it is something to keep in mind.

SuperATV XT Warrior Tire is one of Warrior Tire’s technology-led products. The SuperATV XT Warrior Tire is built to take your bike through the worst terrain you can find with superb grip and impressive bite.

The need for Offroad tires Like SuperATV XT Warrior

SuperATV XT Warrior Tire

In difficult off-road circumstances, your vehicle will be far more capable of navigating the terrain with aggressive off-road tires than it would be with regular all-season tires; nevertheless, there are certain drawbacks. Off-road tires generate more road noise than all-season tires, wear out more quickly than all-season tires when driven on paved surfaces, and are not compatible with all vehicles.

SuperATV XT Tire Review shows that the vast majority of off-road tires are designed to fit pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles, and crossovers. These tires are especially useful for four-wheel-drive trucks, all-wheel-drive cars, and other automobiles equipped with built-in traction systems. Only a few tire manufacturers produce all-terrain tire options for smaller passenger vehicles, including sedans, hatchbacks, and wagons; however, as the market continues to expand, the availability of these tires will most certainly follow behind.

Consumer Review – SuperATV XT Warrior Tire Review

The Warriors feel like they’ll be a fantastic tire! When riding on a hardpack, the handling is predictable and smooth. Even though they’re somewhat heavy, the 34-inch tires don’t demand a lot of steering effort because of their substantial sidewall (This could partly be due to the 1″ of preload I took out, but the tire itself feels like it absorbs better as well).

SuperATV XT Warrior Tire

To test this, I put them through their paces in some heavy wash sand and found that they outperformed the Pro Armors in the soft stuff. I attribute this to the deeper tread and the lug’s paddle-like design at the top. In terms of acceleration and engine load, I lost approximately 200 rpm in shift out, and it just seems a little bit slower on the butt dyno, but that has to be expected when adding so much spinning mass to the engine.

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Only a few hundred feet of asphalt and a mile of hardpack/gravel separate me from an open riding area, but I noticed some early signs of wear on the top section of the lug already. I may have to learn to keep my foot out of it on the hard pack to help extend its life a bit. The soft compound doesn’t like wheel spin on hardpack much. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing—just enough time to remove the hairs and obtain a first impression. So far, I’m pleased with my purchase. To get to the rocks, it’s likely they’ll have to wait until next weekend.

Contact – SuperATV

SuperATV XT Warrior Tire

To conclude our SuperATV XT Warrior tire review, we must praise the build quality of the tire and the rubber compound used in making it at the price point of $350 – $500 for such a huge tire. SuperATV customer service is top-notch, and they always make sure to provide the best services and quality possible.

The original purchaser is covered under warranty for all SuperATV products. All warranty claims require a receipt or other proof of purchase. Items must be returned within thirty days of the warranty form being submitted; please get in touch with the Returns and Warranty Department if an extension is required.

The customer is responsible for returning the item to SuperATV and providing SuperATV with tracking information for the shipment. Please keep till a member of the SuperATV staff has been in touch with you.


Toll-Free Phone: 855.743.3427

Phone: 812.574.7777

Text: 318.666.3419

Retail Contact: [email protected]

HR Fax #: 812.274.0665

Warranty Email: [email protected]

Warranty Phone: 855.728.8256

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