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The 10 best-selling refrigerators 2023

best-selling refrigerators

Refrigerator is a very common device in every family, it helps to preserve foods for a longer time and keep them more hygienic. Let’s take a look at the top 10 best-selling refrigerators today with Injoy review.

1. Samsung Inverter refrigerator 208 liters RT20HAR8DBU/SV

The first place on this list is the Samsung Inverter Refrigerator 208 liters RT20HAR8DBU/SV, which is designed in a compact, solid design with luxurious black color that stands out in your family’s kitchen space.

This refrigerator is equipped with an activated carbon filter Deodorizer to help prevent unpleasant odors from mold, bacteria, … making the air in the refrigerator always fresh.

More specifically, with Digital Inverter Technology, it will help the cabinet operate stably, cool effectively but still save power consumption for your family.

2. Samsung Inverter refrigerator 236 liters RT22M4032BY/SV

Second place is the Samsung Inverter 236-liter Refrigerator RT22M4032BY/SV with a sturdy, minimalist design that will bring harmony to the kitchen space.

This product is installed with dome cooling technology to help cool quickly, spreading cold air evenly throughout the refrigerator, helping food everywhere in the refrigerator stay fresh.

In particular, you can store more food with the large capacity Big box moisturizing vegetable compartment without thinking too much.

3. Panasonic Inverter refrigerator 170 liters NR-BA190PPVN

Panasonic Inverter refrigerator 170 liters NR-BA190PPVN
Panasonic Inverter refrigerator 170 liters NR-BA190PPVN

3rd place is the Panasonic Inverter Refrigerator 170 liter NR-BA190PPVN equipped with Inverter technology capable of maintaining stable cooling, the compressor operates smoothly, makes less noise and saves electricity. consumption capacity.

In addition, this refrigerator is equipped with Ag Clean technology with Ag + silver crystal that effectively removes up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria and deodorizes, so you can use it with peace of mind without fear of being harmed. smell with other foods.

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In addition, this product is equipped with Panorama cooling technology that will help cold air spread evenly throughout the compartments, so that the food will be kept fresh evenly.

4. Panasonic Inverter refrigerator 322 liters NR-BC360QKVN

4th place is the Panasonic Inverter 322-liter Refrigerator NR-BC360QKVN installed with the new generation Prime Fresh+ soft-freezer compartment with a temperature of -3 degrees Celsius to help fresh food be frozen quickly without freezing and fresh. up to 7 days new.

In addition, with the Econavi sensor, your refrigerator will be effectively energy-saving thanks to its ability to recognize habits and ambient temperature, including: Door opening sensor, internal temperature sensor, sensor. outside temperature.

Along with that, the humidifying vegetable compartment helps maintain a stable temperature and ideal humidity to the entire space, preventing moisture from escaping to help the food in your cabinet always keep the freshest and best taste.

5. Panasonic Inverter refrigerator 234 liters NR-BL263PKVN

5th place is the Panasonic Inverter Refrigerator 234 liters NR-BL263PKVN, the exterior design is a durable powder coating combined with luxurious black colors to create accents in your home.

This refrigerator is designed with a separate container that will minimize the mixing of odors with other foods when stored in the freezer, which many people always have to worry about.

In addition, with Ag Clean technology, it will help you remove odors effectively and optimally to keep food fresh and safe.

6. Samsung Inverter refrigerator 208 liters RT19M300BGS/SV

6th place is the Samsung Inverter Refrigerator 208 liters RT19M300BGS/SV with silver gray color adding a modern look to your home.

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In addition, with Digital Inverter technology, it is able to control the operation of the compressor to avoid waste, saving up to 50% of power consumption.

More specifically, this product is integrated with an activated carbon deodorizing filter to help you eliminate unpleasant odors in the refrigerator while avoiding food odors.

7. AQR-T219FA(PB) 186 liter Aqua Inverter Refrigerator

7th place is the 186-liter Aqua Inverter Refrigerator AQR-T219FA(PB) with a powder-coated metal shell design combined with modern black colors to create luxury in your home.

In addition, this refrigerator is also equipped with an advanced inverter technology called Twin Inverter that not only helps the cabinet operate smoothly and reliably, but also saves electricity for your family.

More specifically, with Nano Fresh Ag + antibacterial technology, it will separate micro-sized silver molecules to help prevent bacteria and minimize the phenomenon of mold or odor-causing bacteria.

8. Panasonic Inverter 188 liter Refrigerator NR-BA229PKVN (51 reviews)

8th place is the Panasonic Inverter Refrigerator 188 liters NR-BA229PKVN which owns Ag Clean technology to help release Ag + ions with antibacterial effect and remove odors effectively.

In addition, this refrigerator is also integrated with the Econavi sensor system to sense the temperature or frequency of opening the door, the volume of food, … to ensure that the food is preserved fresh but still saves money. Electrical Power.

You can comfortably put and store a lot of food inside the cabinet thanks to the shelf made of good tempered glass.

9. Panasonic Inverter Refrigerator 255 liters NR-BV280QSVN

The 9th place is the Panasonic Inverter Refrigerator 255 liter NR-BV280QSVN with elegant gray color along with the freezer design below to help your family not have to bend over and over when taking food in the cooler.

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In addition, this refrigerator is also equipped with Panorama cooling technology that will help bring cold air to blow quickly and evenly to all corners of the compartment, keeping food fresh.

10. LG Inverter 315 liter refrigerator GN-M315BL

The last position is the LG Inverter 315 liter GN-M315BL refrigerator, which is designed in black color with a hidden handle to create a luxurious uniformity suitable for all interior spaces in the family.

In addition, this product is also equipped with Inverter technology to help bring quiet, durable operation and help save energy costs for your family.

More specifically, the multi-dimensional cooling system will bring cold air evenly to all spaces in the refrigerator, ensuring that the food in the refrigerator is always cooled in the best way.

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