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Tips for you to take care of your hair properly you may not know

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Beautiful hair is always the desire of us women, but not everyone knows how to properly care for their hair to get the perfect beauty for their hair. Maxxhair tells you how to take care of your hair to get long and smooth hair that you may not know.

Wash your hair properly

Comb your hair before shampooing

It is essential to brush your hair before shampooing, this can reduce a large amount of hair breakage during shampooing so as not to damage your hair, it also makes the washing process easier. when there is no need to pull or tug at the hair so that they do not tangle together.

Use warm and cool water to wash your hair

First, use warm water to rinse your hair. This step helps the hair roots to expand, which will easily absorb the good nutrients contained in the shampoo and conditioner, and more easily remove the dirt from the hair roots, warm water helps increase blood circulation under the scalp effectively. thereby helping to keep the hair healthy. Then use cool water to continue washing and rinsing your hair. This thin layer of water will stay on the hair to prevent hair from becoming dry and split ends, bringing shine to the hair even when the hair is completely dry.

Foam for shampoo

Before putting shampoo on your hair, add a little water and create foam for the shampoo, then proceed to wash your hair. This way helps you to protect the sensitive scalp very effectively because shampoo when put directly on the sensitive scalp can have an adverse effect on the scalp, moreover the amount of shampoo at this time will be unevenly divided. on the entire scalp, many places, few places so it will not be able to completely clean your entire scalp. This step is simple, but most people skip it. Please pay more attention.

Wash the roots before the ends

wash your hair

The hair root is the place where excess oil and dirt remain on the scalp, so in the process of washing your hair, wash the roots first to remove excess oil and dirt, then proceed to wash the ends of your hair. Note, do not rub the ends of the hair because that will cause the hair to suffer a lot of friction, causing damage, and will break a lot.

Absorb water to dry hair before using conditioner

Before applying the conditioner step on your hair, you should soak it in until your hair is dry and then incubate, this step helps the nutrients in the conditioner easily absorb deep into the hair from the roots to the ends, because when the hair is still wet, Water will wash away the conditioner faster, making the nutrient penetration time shorter. Note that you should incubate the conditioner on your hair for at least 10-15 minutes so that the nutrients in the conditioner help you have smoother hair. Do not rush to rinse your hair when the conditioner has not been incubated for enough time.

Scalp massage during shampooing

Scalp massage is a way to keep hair roots healthy because it is pumped with the necessary blood flow. While washing, you should lower your head a little, then wash and gently massage the scalp to increase blood circulation under the scalp, better circulation will easily penetrate the nutrients in the shampoo and conditioner.

Blow dry your hair and blow dry your hair

After washing your hair, use a soft cotton towel to dry your hair gently, absolutely do not wipe vigorously to create friction that causes hair damage and breakage. After drying your hair about 60%, use a hairdryer to completely dry your hair. If it is not winter, you should use the cool mode of the hairdryer to dry your hair and limit the use of the hot setting of the dryer.

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Protect hair

Avoid hair exposure to the sun

You should make a habit of wearing a hat or covering your hair before going out, so don’t let your hair be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, causing your hair to be damaged, dry, and split, even changing color. yellow.

Don’t tie your hair too tight

If you have a habit of often tying your hair too tightly, it will cause the hair in the tie to form a fold, which can cause unwanted hair loss because the hair is continuously pulled strongly from the hair root, leading to the ability to absorb nutrients. The quality of the hair roots gradually weakens. Hair will gradually fall out continuously. If a ponytail is your favorite, choose elastics that are gentle and don’t tie your hands too tightly.

Limit chemicals

As a woman, everyone wants to make their hair red like a hobby of shopping. Everyone knows that colored hair is styled to bring modern and luxurious beauty to each person, but the advice for you is not to abuse them indiscriminately, give your hair time. The rest period to recover after each chemical use is at least 1-2 months.

Brush your hair properly

Choosing the right hairbrush

You should choose combs with fine teeth and made from horns or choose a scalp massage comb to make the combing process easier. Do not choose a plastic comb to comb your hair because plastic will create a lot of friction for the hair, making the hair dry and brittle.

Do not use a dirty comb to brush your hair

Make sure your comb is clean before you use it to brush your hair. During the combing process, the dead skin cells on the scalp will follow the comb and drift away, along with the excess oil on the scalp will stick to the comb. If you use a dirty comb to brush your hair, you are putting dead skin and excess oil from the previous brush into your current clean hair. So, use a soft brush to clean the comb before combing your hair.

Comb from the ends of the hair

You absolutely should not comb your hair from the roots straight down, this way does not help smooth hair, even makes the hair more tangled and broken, Please brush your hair gently from the ends of the hair first. When the ends of the hair are smooth, proceed to brush them evenly towards the roots. Finally, the hair is smooth and combed straight from the roots to the ends of the hair once overall.

Do not brush when your hair is wet

Wet hair will be 3 times weaker than dry hair. If you comb your hair at this time, it will cause your hair to break, break, and fall out, so you should not brush your hair right after you wash it. Wait until your hair is completely dry before slowly combing it properly.

Suitable brushing frequency

Do not brush your hair too much as it will damage your hair. Just brush your hair twice a day, in the morning after waking up and at night before going to bed. Brushing will help the necessary amount of oil for the scalp to be combed evenly from the roots to the ends of the hair to help your hair shine and not dry or split ends.

Choose the right pillow

It sounds like this is not important, but it contributes a lot to hair damage if you choose the wrong type of pillow. Choose a pillow with a soft silk cover that will minimize the amount of friction for your hair during sleep, which helps your hair to limit breakage very effectively. You should also not lie on the pillow too high to make the blood circulation on the scalp less.

Scalp massage

Massaging your scalp every now and then can be essential and great for healthy hair follicles. This way helps blood circulation under the scalp circulate better, the hair follicles are pumped with enough blood will be healthier, giving you strong, long hair, limiting breakage.

Use your 10 fingers to run through the hair then do gentle press and release movements over the entire scalp. Do it for 5-10 minutes each time. Repeat 4-5 times per day preferably.

Press your hairline often

Regular pressing of hair roots about once a month not only removes dry, frizzy hair ends but also helps to stimulate long hair growth. Apply this effective method immediately.

Choose the right shampoo

Choosing the right shampoo for your scalp is also an important factor in keeping your hair strong and smooth. Depending on your dry scalp or oily scalp, you should choose the right shampoo for you. The right shampoo does not depend on the price, but on its ingredients that match your scalp’s qualities is the most important thing.

Hair mask

There are many types of hair masks from nature that will quickly give you smooth, shiny, long, silky hair, stimulate hair to grow long and thick, reduce hair loss. As long as you work hard to incubate your hair every day. 2-3 times a week with some ingredients such as Banana, avocado, aloe vera, strawberry, grapefruit essential oil, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar… These are natural ingredients, so it will be very safe for the scalp and help your hair look more beautiful every day.

Hopefully, our sharing will help you better understand how to take care of your hair in the right way to bring back perfect beautiful hair. We wish you success in applying our methods.

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