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[Updated 2023] – Top 8 most popular tires today

best car tires

As the only part of your car that comes in direct contact with the road surface, your tires are also the most susceptible to wear and tear no matter how careful you are. Therefore, choosing the right tires is quite important. Because if you use unsuitable, poor quality tires, it can lead to unexpected dangers. However, choosing the right tires is not easy for car owners. Because there are so many different types and brands on the market. In this article, InjoyReview will share with you the experience of choosing to buy car tires along with the top 8 most popular tires today.

Experience in choosing to buy car tires

Choose the right tire for your travel and operating needs

Tire manufacturers have designed a variety of tires with different technologies and features. Aim to serve the mobility needs of car owners on different roads. Such as streets, off-roads, highways, etc. 

If the vehicle owner’s transportation needs are usually in the city. Then you should choose tires that meet the following basic criteria: High durability, small braking distance, ability to withstand sliding pressure and good surface contact. 

Best car tires

If your car owner often drives on the highway, choose tires with the right braking distance on both smooth and dry roads. In addition, it is recommended to choose tires with low noise and vibration to bring comfort to the occupants of the vehicle. Of course, it is also necessary to make sure that the traction of the tires is working properly.

On complex terrain, car owners should choose tires with a large contact area. A tip for car owners is to deflate the tires when traveling on complicated terrain.

This helps to increase the contact area of ​​the tire, through which the tire grips the road better. As for the muddy, muddy roads, you should choose a tire with a large tread plate. This is a special type used for walking on muddy roads. 

Choose the right speed ratio

On each tire, the manufacturer provides technical specifications for users to easily choose the appropriate tire. In addition to operating needs, speed ratio is also a consideration in tire selection. 

When you look at the side surface of the tire, you can see letters like H, T, V, Y, W, Z, etc. These letters specify how fast the tire is allowed to go. maximum.

In which, with “H” is 240 km/h, “T” is 200 km/h and “V, Y, W, Z” is capable of maintaining at speeds of 239 – 299km/h. 

Tire size

In terms of tire size, you should choose a tire that matches the tire size that the manufacturer prescribes for that vehicle. Do not arbitrarily replace, increase or decrease the tire size because it is easy to affect when running long distances.

To choose the right type of car tire, you should consult the experts of the car manufacturer. 

For example, the tire specification for the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport model is 265/60R18. This parameter is understood as follows: The width of the tire surface is 265, the ratio of the tire wall height to the width of the tire tank is 60 and the rim diameter is R18. 

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Tire characteristics

Next, when choosing car tires , one more thing you should know is the following characteristics:

  • Maximum load that the tire can carry, including people and items on the vehicle.
  •  The stopping distance of the vehicle when the brake is applied to stop the vehicle.
  • Tires are equipped with fuel-saving features.
  • In the event of a sudden puncture, the tire can still be used safely.

Tire life

tire life

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a tire is the life of the tire. Often users can only determine the tire condition based on tread wear, tread wear, …

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, you should change the tire when the vehicle has traveled more than 50,000 km. However, factors such as terrain, weather and altitude can also alter tire life. 

Therefore, after about the 30,000 km mark, you should check your car’s tires so that you can promptly replace them, ensuring safety during use.

Tire brand

The last thing you need to pay attention to is the tire brand. You should learn tires of famous brands such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirell, …

Because these are brands that have been tested over time and trusted by many customers. 

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Top 8 best car tires on the market today

Bridgestone Special Tires

bridgestone tires

Bridgestone is the number one car tire brand in the land of the rising sun, Japan. This is also one of the three brands of car tires with the largest consumption in the market today.

Thanks to its special tread design, good grip, low friction, … Bridgestone has won the hearts of many consumers. 

In addition, Bridgestone tires also apply many advanced techniques in the automotive tire industry. Typically, Runflat technology allows the car to run a certain distance even when the tire is deflated or punctured. 

Eco-friendly technology, zinc exhaust tires increase the friction and durability of the tire. Ensure the vehicle moves smoothly on many terrains as well as achieve the best speed and load.

Bridgestone tires are also quite diverse in size. Fits a variety of vehicles such as hatchbacks, convertibles, sports cars, passenger cars, pickup trucks,…

Famous car tires from Bridgestone brands such as: Ecopia Bridgestone, Techno Bridgestone, Turanza Bridgestone, Dueler Bridgestone, Potenza Bridgestone, B-Series Bridgestone, … Bridgestone are priced at 40 – 500 USD depending on diameter and origin. of each tire.

13 inch rims30 – 50$
14 inch rims42 – 84$
15 inch rims50 – 160$
16 inch rims72 – 240$
17 inch rims100 – 260$
18 inch rims125 – 400$

Michelin Tires

Michelin tires are among the most expensive car tires on the market today. With many modern features and high durability, Michelin is favored by a large number of car owners. 

Tires are manufactured by Michelin, a leading manufacturer of motorcycle and automobile tires in France. Thanks to the continuous improvement and innovation efforts in quality and design.

Best Michelin Tire

Which Michelin tires have a dense network of production plants in more than 170 countries and regions worldwide. 

Similar to Bridgestone, Michelin tires are also applied with advanced tire manufacturing technologies. Typically, the Double Wave Sipes technology helps to increase the stiffness of the tread.

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To optimize durability, limit tire wear while maintaining the necessary traction. In addition, the Infini Coil technology helps prolong the life of the tire. RainDrop Sipes technology increases grip and tire life. 

Because of the high cost, Michelin tires are mainly used for high-end cars. Michelin prices are in the range of 50 – 410$. Depending on the product code, diameter, and origin of each tire, there will be different prices. 

Continental car tires

Continental tires are products from Continental, the number one car tire company in Germany. Continental is considered one of the best tires on the market today.

Continental tire products have a unique tread structure. Helps the car maintain good traction in all weather conditions. Whether the road is dry or slippery, the grip of the tires remains unchanged.

Continental is suitable for traveling in the city due to its low noise level and high stability. The main disadvantage of these tires is that they are quite thin. Tires are very easy to damage if the driver is inexperienced in using them. 

Some of the famous car tires of the Continental tire brand are: Continental Extreme Winter Contact – Specialized winter tires, Continental CrossContact LX20 EcoPlus – Specialized truck tires, Continental ExtremeContact DW – Tires for traveling in extreme conditions , Continental ProContact EcoPlus – 4-season car tires.

Each Continental tire has a price ranging from 45 – 185$. The price depends on the diameter, product code and origin of each tire.

Goodyear car tires

It would be a huge omission if the list of the best car tires today is absent from Goodyear. This is the leading tire brand in the innovation of automotive tire technology. At the same time, Goodyear has been the exclusive tire supplier for NASCAR racing since 1999.

Goodyear tires are known for their durability and good grip on slippery roads. In addition, this tire also optimizes braking ability, supporting the vehicle to save fuel.

Goodyear tire lines with large sales on the market today are: Goodyear Assurance CS TripleTred All-Season, Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric All Season, Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure, Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2, Goodyear Assurance Tripletred All-Season, …

Dunlop car tires

Dunlop car tires

Dunlop, the world’s leading tire manufacturer, was founded in the 1880s. Initially, Dunlop was founded in England. But now the company has developed into a multinational corporation and is headquartered in the US.

Dunlop car tires have extremely good traction and high durability. Therefore, the tire products from this brand are very suitable for traveling on slippery roads. Tire products here are made using modern technologies. 

Every production process is strictly inspected. Dunlop tires are also integrated with modern automobile manufacturing technologies such as MT, JLB, NTEC, … Helping to produce products with perfect structure and high durability. 

With a history of development for hundreds of years, Dunlop automobile company now has a global network of manufacturing plants. Dunlop offers users many different tire lines. Some outstanding models such as: SP Touring T1, SP Sport LM704, SP Sport 300E, Monza 200R, …

Dunlop car tires cost from 40 – 550$ depending on the diameter of each tire.

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Pirelli car tires

Pirelli is one of the leading high-end car tire manufacturers from Italy. You can find this tire at any motorsports circuit around the world. Pirelli is currently one of the five largest tire brands in the world. 

After hundreds of years of development, Pirelli has confirmed its position as the main sponsor of the high-end F1 race.

In addition, Pirelli tires are also the first choice of many high-end supercar manufacturers. Notable are Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Bentley, Audi, Mclaren, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, … 

Tires with excellent traction, maximum friction reduction, extremely durable construction. As a result, the vehicle can easily move in the most difficult terrain. Even in slippery road conditions, rain and wind, you still keep the highest speed possible.

Pirelli brand tires are applied the most advanced technology. Such as noise reduction technology, temporary self-healing technology from the inside, … Ensure to bring customers the best and safest experience.

In addition, this tire company also focuses on investing heavily to produce the most impressive and classy designs. 

Despite being dubbed the “Monument” of tires for high-end supercar manufacturers. But Pirelli also has many other tire product lines suitable for many target groups. 

Yokohama car tires

Yokohama car tire

Yokohama is one of the famous tire manufacturers from Japan. With durable operation, Yokohama brings safety and peace of mind to all customers.

Yokohama tires have good traction in all weather conditions from dry to wet. Good performance makes the car go faster and smoother, and the durability of the tires is high.

The tread grooves are designed to reduce noise, users will feel the smoothness of driving.

Yokohama made a huge breakthrough when it applied orange peel essential oil to increase grip when the road was slippery. This is the leading technology in the tire industry and is an exclusive invention of the Yokohama brand.

All car tires from Yokohama are manufactured on modern technological equipment. At the same time is tested in a very strict manner. Make sure to bring the best quality products to the users. 

Some notable Yokohama tire product lines such as: Yokohama BluEarth AE01, Yokohama E780B, Yokohama G039, Yokohama RY818, Yokohama A348, Yokohama BluEarth AE-50, …

Yokohama tires are priced at 42 – 300$ depending on tire diameter, product model and origin of each tire. 

Maxxis car tires

Belonging to the segment of cheap car tires, Maxxis tires are chosen by many car owners.

Maxxis has conquered a large number of consumers thanks to its good quality, less wear and tear during use. The only downside of the tire is the limited traction because the tread is sparse.

Besides, if compared with high-end tires like Michelin or Bridgestone, the design of Maxxis is not as “quality”. 

Maxxis car tires are classified into many different types. Such as tubeless tires, tubeless tires, truck tires, pickup tires, off-road tires, … The price of Maxxis car tires is at 36 – 190$.


By practical experience, InjoyReview has shared with readers the tire selection experience along with the famous quality car tires today.

Hopefully, through the above article, readers have made a decision to choose which tire brand for their car. If you have a need to buy car tires, you should give priority to choosing reputable addresses to be able to receive good quality.

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