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typecase review

If you find it annoying to always have to carry big and heavy computers to work or to meetings. Then this Typecase review is really for you. The idea of iPad with the tablet is not just a dream more with typecase flexbook keyboard case manual that Typecase review will show you now.

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1.Overview of Typecase

The iPad has been used as a laptop replacement since it can be transformed into a portable computer with the addition of a suitable keyboard, such as those found in the Typecase line. You can have a personal computer that you can take with you wherever you go if you combine the device and accessories.

Its primary goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to read your e-mail and surf the internet. However, you can play games on the Apple device, including ones that require a keyboard.

Typecase has full options that you did wish, Folio typecase touch, Typecase, and also typecase touch which range from Ipad 8th/7th gen, Ipad Pro 11, or iPad Pro 12.9. With the keyboard, support is among the many that may enhance your iPad experience.

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    3.Your Typecase Featured Products

    1.Typecase flexbook touch

    One thing that’s unbelievable is that you can turn your ipad into a computer in the blink of an eye and vice versa. This is made very simple by a unique idea: you just need a cover containing the keyboard and attach it to the ipad, your ipad will be able to operate immediately like a computer.

    Typecase review describes it as a “7-in-1 keyboard case.” Despite this, the box can only provide you with six use-cases, and even those are a stretch. The ability to display the screen to someone sitting next to you and device protection aren’t actually distinct options.

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    Precision Trackpad – Experience iPad in a whole new way with multi-gesture controls that redefine productivity; edit documents, browse the web, and create presentations with lightning speed.

    The Flexbook Touch’s trackpad is incredibly responsive, appropriately sized and positioned, and changeable.

    Typecase review also realized that there’s also a leather loop on the Flexbook Touch to put an Apple Pencil through to keep it in place, which works surprisingly well. Returning to the keyboard, each key is lit by LED lights on the rear, controlled by specific keyboard buttons.

    The keyboard is equally as robust as the rest of the casing has all of the keys you’d expect in a typical QWERTY layout, and has a satisfying push. Even the keys may be simply replaced!

    Type fast and precisely on a laptop-style keyboard with a complete row of iPadOS shortcuts and laser-etched keys that let a 10-color RGB LED illumination show through.

    7 Use Modes – A unique 360° hinge (20,000-cycle stress tested) allows you to use iPad for a variety of tasks, from making notes to viewing movies to using it in tablet mode.

    Intelligent Functions – Premium hard-shell construction covers all corners of your iPad; auto/sleep wake activates when keypad case is actually opened to save battery capacity; Apple Pencil holder keeps it from being misplaced or in the way.

    There have all features that you need: ease of use, battery life, value for money, build quality, compatibility, customer support, overall satisfaction, ergonomic, design,…

    typecase review
    • 7 in 1 Design
    • 360 Hinge – dual axis rotatable, 100% steel, 20 000 cycle stress test
    • Brighter: 10 color backlight with 3 brightness modes
    • Fasster: 3x-faster than on-scree board key
    • Longer: 90 days non backlit typing, rechangeble
    • Easier: standard àn familiar 78 key-layout
    typecase review

    type case flexbook touch

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    4.Your Typecase Review

    One of the core factors for Typecase review to evaluate the true value of a product is the feedback from their customers on most of today’s information networks. All are available here in our Typecase review. The typecase review has carefully reviewed and selected these values to give you an overview of the authenticity of what the founder stated and the truth after the customer has made a purchase. 

    The Typecase review evaluate these products as a value for money product that is effective and increases their quality of life as advertised. All are 5 start feedback, you can fully believe in perfect system and service, also products of Typecase

    Injoy review does not guarantee authenticity, however, you should consult before deciding to buy.

    Let’s take a look at some Typecase review 5 stars on their website:


    [ Update Apr/10/20 ]
    No change in review. I’ve been able use this case daily without fail. Only 2 minor issues I have:
    1. I can’t set the color to one color that I choose permanently
    2. There is no ‘white’ color as an option
    Other than this, it’s a fantastic case

    I bought this case when it had one review of 5-stars, so it was a bit of a risk. So far after a month of usage, it’s been outstanding. It’s not perfect, but it’s really close.


    July 5- update. I was so in love that I decided to get a second one for my sister birthday. I received the new keyboard on time. I decided to charge it before to I’ve ir to her and the keyboard is not working at all. Charged several hrs and the keyboard don’t turn on, the lights either and so nothing. Something curious is that some parts of the new keyboard are darker than the one that I got before. And have some additional grips that my keyboard don’t have. Attached pictures. I’m returning the second one that I got since is not waiting at all.

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    I got 4 different keyboards and this one is the winner! Is the only one that include touch and is just perfect. The only thing that I was a little complaint is that I believe that I got a keyboard that someone else used before (like a return item) I’m not 100% sure but when I did opened the box looks like that and for the price I was expecting something totally new however is so good keyboard that I even care to send it back. I just keep it. Is an excelente keyboard and I exactly what I needed.

    Shara Simpson

    This Typecase Flexbook is exactly what I was hoping it would be when I ordered it. I wanted to be able to use my iPad Air as a computer rather than replacing my 10 year old laptop, and after adding the Microsoft office suite from the App Store and buying this case I’m all set! It has 360 degree rotation, backlit keyboard with touchpad and a stylus holder, and the pink/rose gold color matches my iPad Air perfectly.

    There are 3 levels of brightness for the keyboard and lots of colors to choose from. It’s very easy to type on and I haven’t seen any lag. The touchpad works perfectly. The satin matte finish doesn’t show fingerprints. It comes with a USB-C charging cord. The only (very small) issue for me is that it’s a little stiff when you are opening and swiveling. I’m very pleased and would definitely recommend to everyone.

    Nicole K Campbell

    I just got this keyboard today, and so far love the keyboard. The backlit colors are very nice, and the typing experience is great. However I am having trouble with the touchpad. First of all, there are a lot of accidental click. You cannot actually push the touchpad down, but you tap it. This causes a lot of accidents, and is annoying.

    Joe of my man issues though is scrolling. It seems like every two finger gesture is not working except for the two finger tap which takes you home. I cannot scroll with the touchpad, which is one of the main reasons I got it. I cannot Skype to delete emails or close apps either. Would love any suggestions anyone has on how to fix this problem. Other than the touchpad, I love it so far.

    The keyboard is really nice to type on. The keys have the right amount of give to make typing enjoyable. The main touchpad issue was resolved by switching to better wifi. It was a problem with the Bluetooth connectivity. The scrolling is still A little bit laggy, but that is a problem with iPadOS, not the keyboard.

    Contrary to some other reviews, I think the battery life is very good. I charge it every night with my iPad, and it has never gotten below 70% even with heavy use. I have to worry about the iPad dying more than the keyboard. I love it and it has been very useful so far.


    I really wanted to love this iPad case with keyboard and touchpad. But the trackpad is clunky and sometimes it wouldn’t properly follow what my finger does, it would get “stuck” then lurch. And the keyboard is extremely noisy and feels cheap. On the plus side it’s fairly lightweight compared to other iPad keyboards.

    I tried a few iPad keyboards, and in the end actually kept the lowest cost one! – I can’t find the brand name to share, but here is a link to the listing, hope it’s ok to include in a review: – – this particular case is overly heavy but very sturdy, and has a magnetic detachable keyboard which comes in super handy actually.

    Dan Couts

    Love this case! Very lightweight keyboard and gives you multiple ways to utilize the IPAD with it. Although lightweight seems sturdy. Battery life on keyboard great too. A little expensive but like they say you get what you pay for. Good purchase! Keyboard acts in real time no lag.

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    I’m happy I made this purchase. I was looking at this seller’s other iPad case with keyboard but WITHOUT a touchpad. This model, with the touch pad, seems new so did not have a lot of reviews. I’m happy I decided to buy this regardless of the lack of reviews. I’m very pleased with the functionality, compactness and quality so far.

    The keyboard connects via Bluetooth and seems to reconnect automatically with each session, even if the case is powered off. The backlight in the keys can be turned off to preserve battery. The touchpad works through the latest iPad OS assistive touch feature. The feature is new to me so I’m still trying to tweak the settings to my needs if possible. If not, I am completely happy with the default features.

    My only reason for rating 4 stars is I wish the case charged through the iPad smart connection. It requires a USB-C (included in the box). This is very minor since I have read that the battery life after a full charge is pretty long-lasting. I forget exactly how many days.

    I will try to update this review after a month or so since I have only had the case for a few days now.

    Mai Gallop

    This keyboard case seemed like a great idea and I really liked the idea of a touch pad. The main thing I didn’t like about the case is it adds a lot of bulk and weight to my iPad and the construction of the case seems flimsy. I don’t like the way the screen doesn’t sit flat above the keyboard and it feels like it would break if I used it every day.


    Seems great so far. Fits my iPad Pro 10.5 perfectly. I love the rose gold color. The trackpad will take some getting used to because it doesn’t actually click down but it’s very functional. These are just my unboxing thoughts, I’ll update after 1 month of use.

    5.Are Typecase worth it?

    With honest Typecase review from customers and Injoy Review’s feelings, we consider Typecase to be a product you should try with factors such as high quality, exquisite beauty, utilitarian function and the best service.

    And especially, in this Typecase review, we also find great promotions and Typecase discount codes when you buy any product at Tyecase and buy stuff buy coupon codes of our Typecase review

    This is one of the attractions that Typecase is doing so well. They want to thank their familiar customers and welcome new customers for the first time with meaningful gifts.

    6.Where to buy Typecase products?

    You can easily find Typecase products on their website at:

    Or check the Typecase flexbook touch review on with many coupons and discounts before shopping at Typecase

    Another nice feature at Typecase is the instant auto-reply and support feature.

    7.Your Typecase FAQ

    360 Keyboard: Bluetooth Connection

    How do I add and remove my iPad from the case?

    Folio Keyboard: Bluetooth Connection

    360 Keyboard: Backlight Adjustment

    Folio Keyboard: Backlight Adjustment

    You can also ask questions regarding Typecase’s products and packaging, shipping and other services through their main website.

    8.Contact Typecase

    If you have any problems with this product, please contact some places that Typecase review already found there:

    Typecase Instagram

    Typecase Pinterest

    Typecase Twitter

    Typecase facebook

    Typecase youtube

    Call Typecase :832-303-5080

    Mon-Fri: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
    Sat: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
    Sun: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

    Send them an email

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