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What Is the Best Computer Cleaning Vacuum?


Despite practicing various cleaning tips to keep your home dust-free, these unwanted particles enter the home from anywhere. It can make its way via a small space between the floor and the door, and mainly from shoe soles.

This not only affects the home or office surface but causes damage to electronic components, including your computer. To increase the shelf life of expensive computers, it’s good to use a computer cleaning vacuum. Keep reading to find which vacuum would be best for you.

Why Is Computer Cleaning Important?

Dust and dirt inside and outside the computer components can badly affect the system’s functioning. The monitor screen may get faded when not cleaned timely. USB ports clogged with dust can stop working and create problems in sending information and documents.

Accumulation of dust inside the components can cause heat damage that causes crashes and data loss. Excessive dust on the blades of the fan leads to noisy fans, friction, and overheating. Regular and thorough cleaning of the computer helps reduce fan noise.

Other than dust, other issues, such as heavy apps running in the background, can be responsible for a noisy fan. A number of helpful articles and guides are published online. You may read on to gain in-depth information on the relevant topic. 

Best Computer Vacuum Cleaners

Let’s take a look at the best vacuum cleaners for cleaning laptops and desktop computers.

  • Dealswin Rechargeable

As the name depicts itself, this is a rechargeable cleaning vacuum with a built-in rechargeable battery. So, you don’t need to indulge in annoying cord operations. This is a value-friendly vacuum cleaner with easy one-handed operation and ergonomic design.

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Dealswin includes several useful attachments and nozzles to better fit various cleaning scenarios. You can charge the built-in battery using a USB. You will get 1 hour of use out of one charge.

  • Brigii Mini

Brigii Y120 Pro provides effortless and quick computer cleaning. It comes with an 80 W motor that delivers great suction power to take out all the accumulated dust and dirt from objects. You can use it as an air atomizer or a hand pump.

This computer vacuum cleaner has over 2KPa suction force. The highly portable handheld gadget includes a washable and reusable HEPA filter. You can deep clean various components, such as the keyboard, using multiple nozzles.

  • Metro Vacuum MDV-1BA

This is a portable computer cleaning vacuum with an extremely powerful motor of 120 volts to blow 70 CFM. It comes with 4 micro-cleaning tools for highly professional cleaning. The paper bag can be disposed of when it gets filled.

Metro Vacuum MDV-1BA is equipped with a shoulder strap to ensure full convenience. It also has a 19” hose to simply access the components. Steel material is used in the making of this cleaning vacuum. Hence, it can be used as a blower in reverse.

  • Meco Computer Cleaner

Featuring a top-grade HEPA filter, Meco is a highly efficient dry and wet vacuum cleaner. It is available with different sorts of useful attachments like a multi-function brush and crevice nozzle. You can gently and safely clean sensitive equipment.   

The integrated HEPA filter disinfects and completely purifies the surrounding air. Keep in mind that filters should be properly cleaned and dried before you use them. The main drawback is that the integrated battery gets just half an hour of use with a single charging.

  • Handy Vac Rechargeable Vacuum
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Featuring a lightweight shape and a highly comfortable and ergonomically designed handle, Handy Vac is perfect for longer cleaning sessions. It has an integrated lithium battery that lasts for 1000+ charges. You can use it for about 50 minutes with one charge.

This vacuum is highly recommended for dual air outlets that allow quick heat dispersal while you use it. But, this computer vacuum cleaner is also noisy. It creates about 80 dB volume during use.

  • Ehoyal 2-in-1 Vacuum

Another pick in the list of best computer vacuum cleaners is Ehoyal 2-in-1, with a wide variety of exceptional features. It is extremely lightweight and has a battery that can be used for about 60 minutes per charge.

Ehoyal 2-in-1 is an enhanced USB computer cleanup vacuum cleaner that recharges the battery through a standard USB port. The hybrid design allows vacuuming as well as dispersing dust. It has suction and blowing operations.

Important Considerations

your computer

The key consideration when selecting a computer vacuum is static electricity. Another important factor is suction power. Pick a powerful vacuum that cleans the keyboard, CPU interior, and other peripherals without any damage.

Check the output and size of the motor as it highly affects the power. Make sure the vacuum has certain useful attachments and different nozzles. Also, look for an antistatic brush, handle, battery, and shoulder strap.


Vacuum cleaners specifically designed for computers are one of the ways to improve the lives of laptops and computers. The perfect vacuum is one that keeps every part of the computer dust free.

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The above-listed vacuums are carefully picked, ensuring their ability to gently blow dust whenever required. Don’t clean your computer with a standard vacuum cleaner, as it can cause damage.

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