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Windows 11: Useful Tips, Tricks & Features You Must Know About

Window 11

Released in October 2022, Windows 11 is the latest version of the iconic operating system. Like with any significant updates, a lot has changed. Some features have gone, while others have been added or improved. Microsoft has integrated some clever tricks this year to help users benefit from a more intuitive experience. Today, we’ll show you the most valuable features this new operating system brings to the table. 

Snap Layouts

Sometimes you are forced to go back and forth from one window to another. This creates a tedious process that makes you lose track of what you’re doing. Thankfully, on Windows 11, you can now use the snap layout feature.

This feature lets you optimize your screen space the way you see fit. For instance, you can have up to four tabs displaying at the same time on Edge. This allows you to write, read or watch any of the tabs in your layout without having to switch from one to another. It’s handy when researching for work, a school project, or simply if you want to compare merchants.

Windows Widgets

Microsoft has been modifying the Windows desktop menu for a while now, looking for ways to optimize the content displayed. Windows widgets offer a customizable layout that can display the weather or news. It’s a convenient tool if you wish to stay up to date on what happens in the world.

With Windows 11, you can now manage your widgets easily by pinning or unpinning what interests you and resizing the tabs to see what you want first. The recommendations appearing in this menu can be tailored to you. However, this implies that you’ll have to be signed into your Microsoft account.

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Sync Clipboards Across Devices

Sometimes you may need to copy something on your computer to your phone for payment or to send the information to someone. Before, you only had options like either having a service like Dropbox with a shared file, sending yourself an email, or copying the text by hand.

Thankfully, you can now sync your clipboard with your Android smartphone. With a simple CTRL+C, you can add what you need to your clipboard and paste the content on your smartphone. Also, you can pin items you’ll use regularly, so you don’t have to look for them whenever you need them.

Better Edge Browser Integration

After the termination of Internet Explorer, a new page was created for Microsoft and Windows users with Edge. Bill Gates’s company ditched its code to opt for a chromium-based browser, and at the time, the decision seemed questionable, given that Google Chrome exists.

However, in practice, it proves an excellent idea, as it allowed for new features like a customizable home page, a built-in screenshot tool, and the collection feature to better organize web pages. These features create a more intuitive layout but also improve page loading, which is essential for everyday browsing, playing online at a VIP casino Canada or searching for the newest recipes.

Teams Integration

Suppose you use teams to communicate with your work colleagues. For Windows 11, Microsoft has worked on integrating the chat system with a more intuitive layout than before. It now offers a floating window that will display all your conversations in a more convenient way.

Teams usually serve a professional use, and it’s popular for school projects, where big groups have to communicate without people interrupting each other. You can make video calls, audio calls or just text your co-workers on a whim with this new lighter layout, which proves handy when you need to share your screen and use other apps on your computer.

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Natively Runs Android Apps

Windows has the edge over other operating systems, mainly for its versatility. If you have the required tech knowledge, you can basically do almost everything with Windows; even running apps that are not meant for Windows. Windows 11 goes one step towards accessibility by making Android apps run natively on your computer.

It’s a great idea that can be useful if an app you need is only available on Android or if you prefer to use the optimized version of an app, like your mail app. However, this system is relatively new, and it’s particularly demanding, so you’ll need a good configuration to run this subsystem.

Xbox Gaming Enhancements

Windows is great to work with, but it’s even better to play games. The Windows 11 update brings essential enhancements to the Xbox Gaming app with optimizations for windowed games, HDR calibration tools, and a new controller bar.

Games running in a window will now display a significantly reduced latency with the variable refresh rate and auto HDR. It also brings graphical enhancements with DirectX 12. Additionally, the Xbox Gaming app will display info in other apps like Edge so that you can launch your recently played games from there.


Windows 11 continues in the footsteps of the previous updates with an emphasis on accessibility and cross-platforming. Everything is designed to make the experience more seamless between your computer and your smartphone. However, this time around, Microsoft has done a better job at optimizing its system and has cleaned up a few teething issues users pointed out with Windows 10.

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