XForce 2024 review – Advantages and disadvantages after driving 1000km

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Evaluation of XForce 2024 after 1001km provides comments on the advantages and disadvantages of the XForce vehicle. The Mitsubishi XForce car is becoming the focus of the international auto market, surely making many people wonder before investing. So let’s see with Gotech how XForce performs in 1000km of operation.

XForce 2024 overview

The Mitsubishi XForce model has officially been launched in the Vietnamese market. The vehicle is imported as a completely built-up unit from Indonesia, comprising 4 variants: GLX, Exceed, Premium, and Ultimate. The GLX variant is priced at $25,500 USD, the Exceed variant is $27,200 USD, the Premium variant is $28,900 USD, and the price for the Ultimate variant has not yet been announced.

For its design, the 2024 Mitsubishi XForce continues the brand’s tradition without many changes from the XFC Concept version previously unveiled globally in the United States. The main concept remains a Smooth & Tough (Silky & Solid concept) design that delivers a sturdy yet modern appearance.

The interior space of the 2024 Mitsubishi XForce also does not use many decorative details. Just the door trim features hexagonal patterns, bringing a fresh, energetic touch to the interior. As an affordable vehicle, there are also no interior color options, mainly sticking to easy-to-maintain black with Mocha or plain black accent stitching on the seats.

The Mitsubishi XForce weighs over 2,600 pounds and has an output of 104 horsepower. When stepping on the gas, you can feel this is not quite a matching power for its sporty appearance, but has the nature of a nimble city car.

To better understand the technical specifications of the vehicle, you can check: 2024 Mitsubishi XForce Review

The reputable Indonesian auto review expert Moladin has evaluated the 2024 XForce on its pros and cons that buyers should be aware of on this model. This will be useful information for US consumers.


Modern design
XForce 2024 review has a sporty exterior with angular lines, sharp LED lights and 18-inch wheels. The car’s interior is also modernly designed with an 8-inch screen in front of the steering wheel, high-quality leather seats and mélange fabric on the areas of the center console.

Spacious interior
XForce 2024 has the largest size in the B-class crossover segment in Vietnam with a wheelbase of up to 2650mm and a rear compartment width of 82cm, also among the top among cars in the same class. Thanks to that, the interior compartment is comfortable for all 5 people. The middle seat of the rear seats is designed very flat, creating comfortable conditions when there are 3 people sitting.

Safety features
Evaluation of XForce 2024 has very good body stability when continuously cornering. The AYC system has 2 driving modes: Normal and Wet based on a series of sensors and calculations to help make cornering safe without losing control but still agile and flexible. In addition, advanced systems such as ABS anti-lock braking system, EBD electronic brake force distribution system, ESC electronic balance system, HAS slope departure assist system

Comfortable equipment
Mitsubishi XForce 2024 is equipped with many advanced comfort features such as an independent 2-zone automatic air conditioning system – with Nano Air conditioning vents for the rear seats, 6-way mechanical driver’s seat

Flexible driving performance
The 2024 Mitsubishi XForce is equipped with a 1.5L MIVEC engine that delivers 105 horsepower and 141Nm of torque. The vehicle has flexible and smooth driving performance, suitable for traffic conditions in Vietnam.


Review of the 2024 XForce – No sunroof

The biggest downside of the 2024 Mitsubishi XForce is the lack of a sunroof feature, completely contrasting with its competitors in the same segment. According to the Design Director of Mitsubishi Motors, removing the sunroof from the car is to keep it light, agile and fuel efficient. However, a sunroof is an attractive feature for young consumers nowadays.


The advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) with features such as front collision warning, lane departure warning, blind spot detection, drowsiness detection, hill descent control, night vision, driving assistance system, is only available on the top two premium variants – Premium and Ultimate.

The ADAS on the 2024 XForce is still incomplete compared to its competitors in the segment. More advanced features such as adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking and traffic jam assist are missing. This limits the appeal of the XForce as a modern, tech-savvy vehicle for younger drivers.


Specifically, the Mitsubishi XForce is equipped with an engine similar to that used in the Xpander MPV. However, this engine has been refined for the XForce to have better performance.

In terms of engine performance, the 2024 XForce review finds it “lacking” compared to some competitors. Its 1.5L engine produces 105 horsepower, on par with the gasoline-powered Toyota Yaris Cross, but less than the 115 horsepower Hyundai Creta, 121 horsepower Honda HR-V, and 121 horsepower hybrid Yaris Cross.

Features like automatic headlights, front collision warning and alert for vehicle departure will only be available on the range-topping Ultimate variant. Overall the XForce engine trails some peers in basic torque and power levels. Further refinement could make it more compelling against segment rivals.

Other drawbacks

Specifically, the Premium variant exported to Vietnam is missing some premium features. The 8-speaker audio system is reduced to only 6 speakers. Meanwhile, Mitsubishi claims the Dynamic Sound Yamaha Premium 8-speaker system delivers a surround sound feeling like being at a live concert.

Additionally, the Premium trim lacks features such as automatic headlights, powered tailgate, front collision warning and alert for vehicle departure. The removal of these advanced driver assist and convenience features limits the appeal of the range-topping Premium variant for domestic Vietnamese consumers compared to the international specification.

Overall, while the 2024 XForce shows promise as a capable family SUV, its engine performance, incomplete safety tech and missing features on the local Premium model fall short of matching equivalents from rival brands in this competitive segment. Mitsubishi will need to address these shortcomings to better compete in Vietnam.

Top Comments:

Lalaland – Mitsubishi used to be highly praised for the durability of its transmissions and impressive driving performance. However, the design was criticized as being too simplistic, single-tone, and outdated looking.

However, with the new generations of the Xpander and Xforce, Mitsubishi has significantly improved both interior and exterior design, bringing a more modern and striking appearance. This shows that Mitsubishi also listens to feedback. The only issue is that Mitsubishi lacks frequent new model introductions. The newly introduced Outlander with more powerful engine and beautiful design was not brought to market, while the Pajero still uses the old unchanged design. Engines remain faithful to the long-serving basic 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine.

Xeluk – You don’t have to think about the underpinnings of Japanese cars, but they are cars produced for a large market. In terms of mechanical engineering, Japan is also good, although not as good as Germany, but it is still at the top compared to other countries.

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