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Your Elegant Bar Review 2023 – Best Custom Cabinet Humidors Solution

Your Elegant Bar Review

In this Your Elegant Bar review article, we are going to find out who is exactly Your Elegant Bar and why they are called the best Best Custom Cabinet Humidors Solution that you should not skip.

1. Overview of Your Elegant Bar

Your Elegant Bar was founded in 2016 in Troy, Michigan. They are a reliable retailer specializing in cigar humidors, and cabinets catering to the needs of individual cigar collectors, as well as lounges, restaurants, clubs, bars, retail shops, and others.
They even distribute both premium and affordable storage solutions throughout the USA.
And this Elegant bar review will reveal their background as well as the service they provide. Let’s dive right in!

According to the Elegant Bar information on their website you can easily find it on their about us webpage. Their products have superior build and unique design, are made of the finest material, can be mentioned Spanish Cedar, Mahogany, and more.

Some other humidors and accessories are made by them with high quality.
This is the most stunning part, you can order a custom product from Elegant Bar by making a demand to them and their expert craftsmen and designers work closely with you to understand exactly and deeply what you are looking for and then provide you the best item.
That makes cigar lovers truly love Elegant Bar because they can bring the best fit for their inspiration.

Another service:
They also provide are cleaning solutions for homes, offices, and commercials, this one can be a great implement to understand more about their clients and what they really want than making the best offer to them.

Today, Your Elegant Bar has become a leading manufacturer and distributor of cigar cabinets, humidors, humidifiers, smoke detectors, and many other cigar accessories.
With a network of different warehouses in Florida, California, and Texas, it’s easy for them to reach their customers quickly and efficiently.

The most important thing that Your Elegant Bar focuses on is creating the right humidity to preserve the best cigars. That is why they have created a collection of the best humidifiers to meet the diverse and demanding needs of cigar enthusiasts.

Customers range from casual smokers to professional collectors, all of whom share a passion for new, perennial cigars. One thing that customers feel very satisfied with is that Your Elegant Bar always tries to listen to its customers and appreciate their contributions to improve the best product quality possible. This is considered a 10 of quality.

2. Your Elegant Bar Promotions & Discounts

Below there are some coupons and deals that Injoy review has tried before, we don’t guarantee the working status of these deals for now, but you can give them a try. And give us feedback if it’s working or not. Also, check the Your Elegant Bar Review to make sure you got the best products you want. Below are some of the Your Elegant Coupon and review, you can check them and give them a try to save money when shopping there.

Free Shipping Deal For Orders Over $49 At The Elegant Bar

Free Shipping Deal For Orders Over $49 At The Elegant Bar

Don't forget to search and use discount codes to save money when shopping online for Your Elegant Bar products. Discount codes for Your Elegant Bar will be found on many reputable websites. You can easily find them with just a few clicks. In particular, you can save a lot on big sales occasions depending on the time frame that the supplier offers.
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    Get $400 OFF at Your Elegant Bar with Bermuda Cigar Humidor Cabinet | 4,000 Cigars

    Get $400 OFF at Your Elegant Bar with Bermuda Cigar Humidor Cabinet | 4,000 Cigars

    Get $400 off for Bermuda Cigar Humidor Cabinet | 4,000 Cigars (You Save 16%)
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  • 3.Your Elegant Bar Featured Products

    The Best Cabinet Humidor

    If you are looking for the best humidor for your cigar standards and needs, Your Elegant Bar has you covered. Whether you’re looking for a cigar cabinet for your home or for commercial display, you’ll find what you need below. They offer high-quality pre-made cigar cabinet humidifiers that they can ship to you right away if you need something as quickly as possible. Orders will be processed quickly.

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    If you want a detailed and top-notch humidifier design, you will need to wait at least a few weeks depending on the specifics.

    If you like it’s Spanish Cedar, Your Elegant will build your cigar cabinet with that beautiful wood. If you want to follow the growing trend of using a temperature-controlled humidifier instead of the traditional humidity approach, they are ready to work with you on that too.

    Featured items:

    Commercial Cigar Humidor Lockers

    Our cigar lockers are fine furniture pieces that only not hold your cigars safely and securely but also elevate the appeal of any space, be it a home or business.

    You can easily find and choose high-quality cigar cabinets at Your Elegant Bar.

    18 Commercial Cigar Humidor Lockers | Frosted Glass
    18 Commercial Cigar Humidor Lockers | Frosted Glass
    Commercial Cigar Humidor Locker Wall Cabinet
    Commercial Cigar Humidor Locker Wall Cabinet
    48 Cigar Humidor Lockers | 2 Storage Compartments - Your Elegant Bar review
    48 Cigar Humidor Lockers | 2 Storage Compartments
    30 Commercial Cigar Humidor Locker - Your Elegant Bar review
    30 Commercial Cigar Humidor Locker

    Cigar Cooler Humidors for Sale

    Your Elegant Bar capabilities various Small Cabinet fashion humidors alongside a set of Cigar Cooler Humidor that you could use a third-celebration Humidifier in. The Whynter Cigar Cooler humidor choice will now no longer handiest have an in-built humidifier however actually have a cooling unit that maintains your cigars at an ideal temperature.

    If you’re retaining the humidor at room temperature then you should buy a small cupboard length wood humidor and set up a humidifier. The Cigar Oasis Magna & Plus 3. zero are maximum famous for this kind of use.

    Whynter Elite Touch Control Stainless Cigar Cooler Humidor 1.2 cu. ft. | 250 Cigars - Your Elegant Bar review
    Whynter Elite Touch Control Stainless Cigar Cooler Humidor 1.2 cu. ft. | 250 Cigars
    The Montegue Humidor Cabinet | 1,500 Cigars - Your Elegant Bar review
    The Montegue Humidor Cabinet | 1,500 Cigars

    Cigar Humidor Humidifiers

    Are you looking for a cigar humidifier for your walk-in humidifier or your cigar room? Deciding how to store and protect your cigars is not an easy one. The only important thing for you is probably that your cigars are well protected and that the buyers are happy with their purchases, after all, quality is irreplaceable and this ideal will be fulfilled and he’s sorry. That won’t be a regular customer.

    You need to trust your cigar humidifier as much as your customers need to trust you. If you need a cigar humidifier, you’ve come to the right place. everything they have to offer below and they are confident that you will find the perfect solution for your needs among the offers.

    Cigar humidifiers for table humidifiers from small cigars to large cigar cabinet humidifiers and walk-in humidifiers.PG solution, gel bottles, beads, and electric humidifiers. If you are unsure about the correct humidifier, please contact us.

    Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0 Humidifier | 10 to 60 cu. ft. - Your Elegant Bar review
    Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0 Humidifier | 10 to 60 cu. ft.

    Humidifresh High-Performance Cigar Humidifier | 20 to 80 cu. ft. - Your Elegant Bar review
    Humidifresh High-Performance Cigar Humidifier | 20 to 80 cu. ft.

    4. Your Elegant Bar Review

    We found 400+ Your Elegant Bar Reviews on their website:

    Not a good purchase if you want to stop smoking!
    I am very happy with my humidor. Sometimes I pass by and just open the door to smell the fantastic scent of the cigars in it. Definitely not going to help me stop smoking.
    Not sure that the six small humidifiers are sufficient to keep hygrometry at the right level but I added the Oasis Plus 3.0 which should help. Very good value-for-money purchase and very nice aesthetic too.

    Herve H.
    The Spartacus Cabinet Humidor Cherry Prestige Imports | 1000 Cigars

    Remington Humidor Great Humidor. Turn-Key. Great Price
    Aging my Cigars made easy. Paul S.The Remington Humidor Cabinet Prestige Imports | 2000 Cigars

    Excellent – Sean CJ
    I bought this for my cigar lounge in my shop. It’s well made, looks great, and keeps my cigars in perfect shape. I sealed the outlet with silicon to close the small gaps after installation. I’m using a humidi fresh in the bottom and it’s perfect. This is been a great addition and I would definitely buy again.

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    Brian S. – Review of Tower Olde Enligh Display Humidor Cabinet, Humidifresh High-performance Cigar Humidifer
    The tower cabinet is an excellent well-crafted humidor. The outside makes for an elegant piece of furniture, and the Spanish Cedar lined interior is ideal for storing a large cigar collection. As is common with this type of humidor there can be some humidity loss from the pre-cut slot for the electrical outlet strip.

    I did have to add something weather-stripped and clear caulking as the interior outlets do not fully seal the humidor. The humidifier took about 10 days of adjusting the humidistat to have the humidifier maintain a constant humidity of between 68-71 throughout the cabinet. Once all the adjustments were m

    Good Machine Justin.B

    Delivery was very quick. I received it within 3 days of placing the order. Easy to set up and work great. Very quite. I feel much better knowing there is an air purifier that can remove toxins and allergens from the air. I would recommend one of the experts at Ebar as they will listen to your needs and recommend the best option and educate you on the product as well.

    ade it does an excellent job maintaining the desired humidity throughout the cabinet. Overall very pleased with the purchased items and the customer service provided.

    Olde English Cigar Cabinet!!!❤️❤️❤️ – George P.
    First off!!! I called them in the middle of February asking if they had it in stock…they didn’t (which I expected)…I asked when would I have it by…they said the end of May…I said ok, let’s get this going and order it…I get a call middle of March saying it’s on its way…I was so excited. It arrived less than 10 days later, a month and a half early.

    It was packaged extremely well, took it out of the packaging…it perfect condition. This thing is a beast!!! I couldn’t say anything negative about it. I set it up and sealed the outlet, hooked up the lighting and Oasis 3.0 humidification system and let it run for 3 days. Everything read perfectly. Loaded up what I had and have been going broke since filling it up. It’s been holding 68-70% at 68-72 degrees consistent. This company is top notch and I was treated with respect and honesty. Can’t thank them enough.


    I have several different humidors from 25 to 100 count. I complained to my wife that I needed more space and started using humibags that I picked up from several cigar festivals that I previously attended. I did not know that this was supposed to be my Christmas gift because it arrived late due to shipping. Was I surprised when I saw this beautiful piece of furniture? It exceeded my expectations.

    Reading other reviews, I too made minor adjustments, weather stripping around the door, caulking at the electrical point, etc. I also added lighting just to show off when friends visit. Like some others, I wasn’t getting my desired level of humidity but I had an idea; to unstack the shelves to create more circulation.

    I contacted Ben, and he was more than accommodating by providing additional pegs, it almost worked instantly, well about a week. My humidor sits perfectly between 68%&70% in part thanks to the Humidfresh humidor that uses one gallon of distilled water, I had to refill once since January. I currently have approximately 400 cigars that smoke and taste perfect at every turn thanks to the Elegant Bar and Humidfresh units. Special shout out to my wife Tammy for the best Christmas gift ever.

    Highly RecommendedMatt.J

    This is a great cabinet combining very attractive aesthetics with lots of storage capacity. Opening the door reveals a wonderful cedar aroma. As other reviews have attested, it is a bit of a beast to move, but well worth it.

    I also highly recommend the Humidifresh humidifier unit. It holds a full gallon of distilled water, and the powerful fan had the cabinet fairly stable in the upper 60s RH within just a couple days.

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    Great Humidor !!!!Rex I.

    I took my time researching humidors. I finally landed at The Elegant Bar website. So many great reviews about customer service and products. I chose the Olde English 3500 cigar humidor due to all the great reviews. It was ordered and wow within 3 days FedEx gave me a call saying my humidor was being delivered. It arrived and the humidor was boxed really well. I unboxed it and wow what a beauty.

    Took me like 30 mins to have it up and running and within two days it was at the desired humidity of 68.5 % using the Magna 3.0. I like my cigars a little drier. It maintains the humidity really well. A great shout out to Ben for all his help and for personally calling me to discuss the purchase. You will never go wrong with Elegant Bar for your humidor needs !!! Thanks, Ben !!

    5. Are Your Elegant Bar worth it?

    This is a big question in Your Elegant Bar Review. This is a trusted company by many customers, you can find all the great reviews above.
    Although there are some not-good reviews from customers, that’s a normal thing for any brand. For all elements from quality, price, customer care, and shopping experience, Your Elegant Review is worth at least a trial from you. After then, you will have the answer to the question Are Your Elegant Bar worth it?

    6. Where to buy Your Elegant Bar?

    Your Elegant Bar has not sold items on Amazon yet. For the upcoming, if they have any news, we will update it on our website. At the current time, you can buy items from their local website, and don’t forget to grab some coupon codes above to get the best price and make sure you check all the Your Elegant Bar reviews before.

    7. Your Elegant Bar FAQ

    Q. What is the expected shipping time?

    A. Items typically ship within 2 business days after you place the order. Transit time varies from 2-6 business days. White-Glove Service will take extra 2-3 days.

    You will get the tracking info as soon as your order ships out.

    Q. Do we ship outside of the US?

    A. Yes. Please email [email protected] the item number and ship to the address to get the shipping quote. We ship humidors, lockers, wine coolers, and other items outside of the USA.

    Q. Can I get a call before the carrier comes out for delivery?

    A. We request all carriers carrying LTL/freight shipments to call our clients prior to delivery. Ground shipments do not get a call.

    Q. Is the product fully assembled?

    A. All products are fully assembled. You might have to move things into place for example the shelves in a cabinet other than that there is no assembly required.

    Q. What if my shipment is damaged?

    A. Once you place the order you will get an email from us describing how to handle damages. There will be no cost to you to replace the item, please refer to the email for details.

    Q. Do you have a referral/affiliate program?

    A. Yes, please click on this link to get more details.

    8. Contact Your Elegant Bar

    You can contact directly to Your Elegant Bar via their support email: [email protected]

    I have tested this email, and it normally takes 24 – 48 hours to get the response.

    If you want to receive faster support, you can reach them via Phone: +1 888 501 EBAR (3227)

    Or put some words in the form at Your Elegant Bar Contact

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