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Advanta Tires Review – Must Read Before Buying

Advanta Tires Review

About Advanta Tires

This Advanta Tires review will let you know detailed information about Advanta Tires including typical features, operability, tire durability, advantages & disadvantages, and more.

U.S. Auto Force distributes the Advanta Tire brand of private label tires. We may use tires from this manufacturer for a broad variety of applications. Passenger, high-performance, and SUV/light vehicle/ Advanta trailer tires /commercial truck tires are their offerings.

Products created by Advanta Tire are of high quality and are developed to meet a variety of road situations. Who makes Advanta Tires? American Pacific Industries owns the brand Advanta or Argus Advanta. For almost 30 years, API has concentrated on making high-performance off-road tires.

Recently, American Pacific Industries has expanded its product line to include premium high-performance tires, extreme off-road tires, and conventional passenger vehicle tires, among other things. Zenna is API’s premium road tire line, X Comp and Gladiator are their off-road tire lines, and Argus Advanta is their general-purpose tire brand.

U.S. Auto Force is the only distributor of Advanta tire line, which includes anything from high-performance passenger vehicle tires to commercial truck tires. As a tiny tire firm with limited distribution, they compete in various tire markets and genres. Their eco-friendly tire production and some of the strongest warranties in the worldwide tire business allow them to compete in these areas.

Because of its off-road tire industry origins, Advanta places a high focus on durability and then advertises that durability with such great guarantees. Although Advanta is a relative unknown, their lineage is as solid as it gets. They believe in a tough-as-nails approach that is implemented with pride.

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Advanta Tires Review – Overview of Advanta Tires

Advanta Tires reviews

Advanta is a little-known brand that caters to a unique demographic. Manufacturer of passenger cars, light trucks, and commercial vehicle tires under the brand name Argus Advanta. Argus Advanta’s passenger and light truck tires are all basic all-seasons, and they are low-end all-seasons, which is weird. Discover Advanta Tires Review here:

1. Advanta A/T Tire Review

The Advanta A/T is the ultimate in sport utility vehicle performance. Maximizing performance in handling, braking, and acceleration is the goal of the vehicle’s design. The tread’s steel ensures durability and long tread life belted tread face.

Main Features:

  • Maximum Performance
  • Strong Braking: Dry and Wet Braking
  • Durable
  • High Traction

2. Advanta ST Radial Tire Review

All-season tires for trailers; the Argus Advanta ST Radial is designed for highway driving. There is no way this tire is designed to be mounted on light trucks since such vehicles’ weight and performance demands will be too great for it.

Only trailers may be used to transport it. The tire provides an all-weather grip by using an all-season compound and an optimal tread pattern. Dry, rainy, and cold weather grip are all improved by the symmetric pattern’s positioning of tread blocks.

Temperature stability is improved by the rubber flexibility of the tread, which enhances the grip in both summer and winter weather conditions. The circumferential grooves considerably enhance the wet weather traction by spreading water and slush from the footprint.

Main Features:

  • Special Trailer (ST) Tire – High Speed
  • Construction – Seal Belted
  • Advanced Tread Compound
  • Warranty
  • Resist Weather Cracking
  • Strength and Reliability
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3. Advanta HP Z-01 Tire Review

Advanta HP Z-01 Tire Review

Passenger cars and SUVs may benefit from the Advanta HP Z-01, a high-performance, year-round all-season tire. The tread design on this tire holds the road in dry, rainy, and snowy conditions, providing excellent all-season traction.

Because of the year-round road contact, the tire’s great stability and safety are ensured. Water and slush are drained from the underside of the tire footprint by the large tread grooves. The improved water dispersal and all-weather traction enhance the driver’s sense of security when driving.

The Advanta Tire model can run at great speeds. Its tread pattern maintains constant contact with the road, enhancing the vehicle’s ability to travel at high speeds. When traveling at high speeds, the tire’s internal structure protects the tire from deforming, which can be dangerous to both the tire and the driver.

Another benefit of the tire’s performance is its exceptional directional driving stability. The bigger road contact patch helps to stabilize the tire and improves its performance by increasing its resistance to driving pressure.

Main Features:

  • Traction in any weather
  • a high rate of speed
  • improved capacity to turn in a circle
  • To maintain a stable environment,
  • Reduced levels of traffic noise

4. Advanta ATX-750 Tire Review

This tire is designed for SUVs and light vehicles and is suitable for use in all weather conditions. This Advanta SUV Tire model comes with a treadwear warranty of 50,000 miles from the date of purchase. All-weather traction is enhanced thanks to the tire.

Using an all-season compound and a precise tread pattern, the vehicle’s traction on the road surface is improved in all weather conditions. Rubber’s capacity to operate in both hot and cold climates is enhanced by adding stronger compound components.

Advanta ATX-750 Tire Review

Sipping in the tread region provides additional biting edges for a good grip on road and terrain surfaces. Water and slush are dispersed from the footprint during the on-road performance, resulting in superior hydroplaning resistance. The tire was awarded the three mountain peaks and snowflake insignia for its outstanding performance in the winter months.

Main Features:

  • Traction on all surfaces
  • Traction in any weather
  • The capacity to fine-tune the process

Advanta Tire Promotions and Discounts

U.S. Auto Force distributes the Advanta Tire brand of private label tires. We may use tires from this manufacturer for a broad variety of applications. Passenger, high-performance, and SUV/light vehicle/trailer/commercial truck tires are their offerings.

Products created by Advanta Tire are of high quality and are developed to meet a variety of road situations. If you want to get the best discounts and promotions on Advanta Tire, you can visit

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Advanta Tire Review

According to some reviews and actual tests from people who have experienced this type of tire, the Advanta Tires does not really work well in snowy weather, the tire life is average and the noise level is affected cockpit. However, with a relatively cheap price and easy access, Advanta Tires is also an option for those on a tight budget.

Advanta Tire Review by

Rob WilliamsI am so very happy to do business with simple tires, their salesman was very excellent and helped me with what I needed, received my tires. You should try, I think.

Matt WamboldQuiet ride, handle quite good on a dry or wet road, hope it can work well in snow soon!

Edward Excellent item. Not just for the price, this is genuinely a really impressive tire overall and better in the dry.

Adolfo SardiGreat Tire for the price. Excellent handling and performance…

Advanta makes tires for those who want long-lasting performance but do not want to pay as much as they would for a well-known brand with a similar reputation. The warranty and hardness of the Advanta tires appear to be genuine, but their performance, particularly in the snow, looks to be missing practically everywhere.

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A lack of testing resources or ties with more established manufacturers might account for this. A disadvantage, in any event, although not as big as one might think given that tires are cheaper than their rivals are. Advanta, on the other hand, does not provide a vast variety of tires, with most of their inventory consisting of all-season tires.

Not even all-season tires that are truly performance-oriented are available. All-season tires with a good guarantee and a higher-than-average level of hardness are all they have to choose from. There is hardly much to select from, yet that’s all some people care about.

Randy WatsonLabelled an all season tires but snow traction is poor at best. Dry reaction is good but ride quality suffered.Made by a Chinese company…
EdwardExcellent buy. Not just for the price, this is genuinely a really impressive tire overall and better in the dry.
Adolfo SardiGreat Tire for the price.. Excellent handling and performance…

Advanta HPZ-01 Reviews



SKUN1157975-99SeasonAll SeasonSidewallBSW: Black Side Wall
TypePassengerAspect Ratio65Size185/65R14
Load RangeSLBrandAdvantaLoad Index86
Tread Depth10/32PerformanceTouringUTQG420AA
Treadlife45,000 milesSection Width185MPNER700110
Run FlatNoModelER700Speed RatingH
Rebate AvailableNoRim Diameter14Overall Diameter23.5
Advanta ER700 all_ Season Radial Tire-205/55R16 101H

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What are the Features and Technologies of Advanta Tire?

In this Advanta Tires Review, we can conclude that Advanta Tires has a hard time with technology. Some Westerners believe that because their tires are so inexpensive, they do not require a slew of extra features. On the other hand, many tire manufacturers create tires at a big discount, and these lower-priced tires function just as well and last about as long.

For their basic all-season tires, Advanta appears to focus on providing a little more reinforcement. In addition, even when compared to their contemporaries in the low capability all-season tire categories, they are at the bottom of the barrel in terms of capability.

The company’s research and development skills are not readily available; however, its tires are not manufactured at an outsourced plant based on the Advanta Tires Prices. None of the tire compositions or performance-enhancing technologies offered by Advanta are noteworthy. Even the most basic design of the tires appears straightforward.

Is it worth it to get Advanta Tires?

Are Advanta Tires any good? In this Advanta Tire Review, we have researched that Advanta Tires provide a good range of tires. Tire responsiveness is ensured by providing high traction and stopping power in dry situations while also performing admirably in wet ones. Advanta Tires provide a low-noise advantage.

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Properly worn tires. You should go with Advanta Tires if you live in a dry environment or during the summer. Then is the price of Advanta Tires worth it? It seems worth a go, in my opinion.

You can also find Advanta tires near me to check the nearest stores that sell Advanta tires and offer services. Some stores you can refer to United Tire & Service of Willow Grove, America’s Tire & Auto Corporation, USA Special Tires Corp 2,…

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Advanta Tires Review – Where to Buy Advanta Tires?

Official and private retailers are also available, according to the Advanta Tires Review. Advanta Tires are widely available, therefore finding and replacing this sort of tire is not too difficult. Additionally, you may look for Advanta Tires for sale on sites like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, where you are likely to get a bargain.

Price $116.99 for 235/40R19 Advanta HP Z01 98Y XL Tire at Walmart you can check

Advanta Tires FAQs

1. Who makes Advanta Tires?

API (American Pacific Industries) is the company that makes Advanta tires. Even though they are one of the largest tire suppliers in the United States, they are mainly unknown, not a good indicator.

2. Where are Advanta tires made?

API is named because it has various important plants around the Pacific region. The most important facilities are in the United States, China, and India. Their Chinese firm is one of the primary reasons these tires are so inexpensive.

3. Is there any Warranty for Advanta Tires?

The Advanta Tires Warranty is the company’s most important asset. The warranties they offer include a range of forty-thousand to sixty-thousand miles of mileage. This company is one of a kind because of its “100% replacement policy,” which is exactly what it says.

If one of their tires breaks during the warranty time, even if the wear rate is higher than expected for the miles, they will provide you with a replacement tire. The only requirements are that the tires were correctly mounted and inflated to the correct PSI level.

However, the guarantee only extends to those who purchased the tires in the first place. It is a terrific policy compared to the original American Pacific Industries’ Gladiator off-road tire series or the later X Comp tires. Still, it is not quite the same as the warranty behind these tires.

Contact Advanta Tires

After reading this Advanta Tires review, if you want to get in touch with Advanta Tires, you can contact them through the following methods, as there is no Advanta Tire phone number mentioned on the websites:

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