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Otani Truck Tires Review – Must Read Before Buying

Truck tires

Otani Truck Tires Review is one of the most well-known tire brands. Has been and is being trusted by many car owners and auto repair shops. Because with a variety of models and tire models suitable for many types of vehicles. Otani is the leading tire brand in the Golden Temple country, trusted by many world famous car manufacturers. Let’s find out this tire brand through the article below.

About Otani Tires

OTANI is a significant maker of Truck Bus Radial and Bias Tires in southeast Asia. These tires are designed for various uses, including on- and off-road, long-haul, and mixed driving situations. OTANI believes in employing better technology and industrial methods to enhance customer satisfaction.

Otani Tire Co. Limited, a Thai manufacturer of several types of commercial bias tubes, tires, flaps, and pre-cure tread for a retread, founded the OTANI trademark. In 2008, the business began manufacturing 45/65-45 tires, the largest tires that tire manufacturers in Thailand and Southeast Asia could create. 

Otani Radials Ltd was established in 2010 as a greenfield project to produce truck and bus radial tires, becoming one of the top radial production units a reality. 

The project began with a state-of-the-art facility outfitted with the most advanced production equipment and cutting-edge technology and an astounding yearly capacity of 1.5 Million tires. Otani tires made in Thailand are the best if you want to get amazing tires for your truck. Is otani a good tire? Well, let’s discuss:

Otani Truck Tires Review – Overview

Let’s begin our Otani Truck Tires Review with it’s overview. Since its inception in the 1980s, OTANI Tyre Co. Ltd. has been a prominent manufacturer of Agricultural, Off-Roading, and Commercial Bias Tires in the Southeast Asian region. OTANI expanded its product line to include T.B.R. after making significant strides in these areas to serve its clients better.

What makes Otani Superior?

Where are otani tires made? OTANI tires are manufactured in Thailand, where the company has a long history of exceeding customers’ expectations with high-quality products and top-notch service. Retreading several times using OTANI tires is an option for clients who want to lower their cost per kilometer and take advantage of the tires’ extended lifespan. Due to its growing recognition, OTANI has acquired several well-known and reliable Otani tire manufacturers and currently sells on six continents.

Otani Truck Tires Review

The Importance of Research and Development – Otani Truck Tires Review

OTANI places a high priority on research and development, and as a consequence, it develops treads that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of different markets. It spends millions of dollars each year on R&D to ensure that its product line is always improving. 

Are otani tires good quality? Yes, according to our Otani Truck Tires Review research, it is a part of their procedure to produce the best quality tires to maintain their name in the market. 

As part of its quality control procedure, which includes thorough testing such as 100 percent X-ray inspection, the company is happy to produce 2500 tires per day, with an expansion goal of 5000 tires per day by 2016.

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Relationship with the Client 

OTANI serves the consumers meticulously and recognizes that it would also reap similar rewards from its customers. Customers worldwide consistently praise OTANI’s performance, dependability, and long-mileage benefits. 

Finally, OTANI places a high value on after-sales support, hosting Product Knowledge Seminars worldwide to teach clients how to maintain their tires optimally for maximum performance.

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Various Tire Lines – Otani Truck Tires Review

Since its inception in the 1980s, OTANI Tyre Co. Ltd. has been a prominent manufacturer of Agricultural, Off-Roading, and Commercial Bias Tires in the Southeast Asian region. OTANI expanded its product line to include T.B.R. after making significant strides in these areas to serve its clients better. Let’s discuss the features of the various Tire lines from Otani Truck Tires in our Otani Truck Tires Review:


otani ek1000
  • The asymmetric tire pattern provides excellent traction in both dry and rainy situations.
  • Unmatched high-speed comfort performance with a special tread compound.
  • Low-Noise Groove Design makes it possible to function without producing any noise.


  • Tread design that increases load-carrying capability and durability.
  • The strengthened casing provides business transportation with the high endurance it requires.
  • In all weather conditions, large tread blocks provide excellent traction.

OH-101 Super

  • To provide longer tread life, closed and solid shoulder ribs counteract uneven wear, 
  • Straight circumferential grooves effectively drain water to ensure high road grip.
  • Superior mobility is made possible by a well-designed footprint and sipe arrangement.


  • Shock-absorbing shoulders protect against collisions and improve grip.
  • Special Low-Temperature Compound and Uneven Wear Resistance Design
  • A wide and deep tread provides a long service life


  • The Model has a longer life expectancy with its closed shoulder rib design.
  • Circumferential grooves help remove water more quickly, which improves the vehicle’s traction.
  • Improved stability and excellent handling are the hallmarks of this tread pattern.
SizeNumber of tiresMaximum load (kg)Thorn depth (mm)
16 PR
16 PR
18 PR
(S) 3.075
(S) 3.150
(S) 3.550

Otani Truck Tires Review – Expansion to the U.S.

Otani Truck Tires Review

Thailand’s Otani Tire Company Ltd. plans to increase its footprint in North America as it ramps up production at a radial tire facility it opened in the region in 2013. Otani Tire’s managing director and marketing/sales director, Ekachai Limpichotipong, and Orawan Limpichotipong met with Tire Business at the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas to discuss the company’s future.

Nakhonpathom District, Thailand’s Nakhonpathom District, west of Bangkok, is home to the company’s bias-ply facility, which has been in operation for 32 years and produces 2,500 units per day at full capacity. Otani Radial Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Zafco International, a Middle Eastern tire distributor, runs the facility. 

Therefore, Otani Radial Tire’s performance during the ramp-up phase is mostly committed to Zafco’s Armstrong brand. He said that when Otani’s capacity increases, it would be able to increase the manufacture of Otani-branded goods, allowing the family-owned business to begin growing its worldwide sales efforts.

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Before its expansion into consumer tires, the company’s primary concentration was on truck/bus, agricultural, and off-the-road (O.T.R.) tires. According to Otani’s website, the company debuted its consumer tire program in September of last year in its native market and now offers four tread patterns for automobiles, S.U.V.s, and light trucks

The U.S. distributor and importer of the Otani brand have been executing a slow launch of its brand over the past year or so, largely with its current client base, while it develops inventory and extends the size range.

F.T.S. is working with Otani to guarantee that the major sizes for the North American market have sufficient capacity before introducing the brand widely, according to Mr. Kuskin, and has required Otani to undertake quality assurance tests on accelerated endurance on several models.

Before beginning a more comprehensive deployment, the partners hope to produce about 75 passenger and 30 light vehicle tire sizes. Kiatichai Limpichotipong, who created Otani in 1986 and is now its president, was its first employee. In addition to his wife, Saeng-Arun Limpichotipong, who serves as vice president, the Limpichotipong family holds various executive posts.

Why Should you Buy the Otani Truck Tires? – Otani Truck Tires Review

Otani Truck Tires Review
  • Boost the vehicle’s off-road capabilities. The majority of truck tires are made with the off-roader in mind. The tires improve a truck’s stability and handling, which prevent it from becoming trapped in sand or muddy soils.
  • Increase the distance traveled. If you pull or haul anything with your truck, the tires that come with it may not last as long as you’d want. To withstand even the most punishing road conditions, truck tires are Engineered to be extremely durable. The tread on most truck tires lasts for at least 60,000 miles before needing replacement.
  • Boost the visual appeal of your truck. The tread pattern on truck tires is distinctive and aggressive, with a bigger contact patch than on the tires of most passenger cars. Thanks to the new tires, your truck now rides like a majestic beast.
  • No Tire Damage. Because of the design of truck tires, they are less likely to retain stones and are less vulnerable to damage from cuts, chips, and bruising. Good truck tires mean that you won’t have to stop to fix a flat when off-roading frequently.

Key Features to Look for When Buying from Otani Truck Tires

This Otani truck tires review will help you know the main features you need to check before buying the tires.


Your truck’s tires must be the correct size. To avoid harming your vehicle’s rims, it is best to stick with the original tire size. You may use your previous tires’ serial numbers to determine the correct tire size for your truck. Consult a car dealer or the manufacturer if the number isn’t visible and you need a larger one.

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Tread Design

The type of tire you require will dictate the design of the tread. When driving off-road, go for a tread pattern with a chunky appearance for optimal traction and durability in all weather situations. It would help if you chose a tire with symmetric treads, shallow grooves, and closely spaced gaps for highway or on-road driving.

Warranty – Otani Truck Tires Review

Our primary goal is to provide excellent after-sales support, and we are committed to doing so at all times. A warranty is a manufacturer’s quality guarantee that specifies the time they will replace defective items.

What is the scope of the warranty coverage?

The segments covered by the Otani Truck Tires Review guarantee include passenger car radiators (PCR), light truck radiators (LTR), light truck bias radiators (L.T.B.), truck do/bus radiators (T.B.R.), and truck bus bias radiators (T.B.B.).

How long is a limited warranty valid for, and what is covered?

From the date of supply directly or indirectly through the approved sales channels, Otani provides a five-year warranty (tubes and flaps are not covered). The following are the terms and conditions for claiming a tire. Only a claim for a damaged tire caused by material and artistry faults will be entertained.

What is not under the warranty of Otani?

  • The image has damaged the tires.
  • Treads on tires that have been used for longer than the original life expectancy.
  • These tires have been fixed, retread, and recovered by the manufacturer.
  • Defective brakes and shock absorbers; poor inflation; overloading; extensive off-road use; running flat; willful damage; and misalignment and wheel imbalance are all factors that can lead to tire damage.
  • Damage caused by curbs, potholes, stone drills, spin, or other road obstacles (cuts, punctures, snags, and bruising).
  • Ozone and weather cracking are also cited as possible causes of uneven wear.
  • This includes any damage caused by the buyer’s or the user’s actions that are not following the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines.

Contact Information

To conclude our Otani Truck Tires Review, we will provide you with the methods to contact Otani Tires


  • Jebel Ali Free Zone (South)
  • P.O.Box: 262176
  • Dubai, U.A.E.

Telephone: +971 4 886 2700

Fax: +971 4 886 2701


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